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Arsenal Subdivision: Anodized and Stainless mods for playstyle variety


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So, one potential issue with the Galvanized mods is that they discourage swapping to other types of attack due to the stack mechanism. If you don't kill with the weapon slotted with your Galvanized mod, you lose the Galvanized stack bonus after a while.

Which isn't a dealbreaker; that's how sniper and melee combo stacks work, after all. However, like the man said, life is good—but it could be better.


Anodized and Stainless mods
The goal with Anodized and Stainless mods is to provide a similar bonus to Galvanized mods, but also provide an incentive to switch between gunplay, melee, and powers. Essentially, whereas Galvanized mods provide a stacking buff to the weapon you're currently using, Anodized mods would provide a lesser buff to that weapon (about half), while also providing a bonus to your powers—essentially, you split your bonus between the weapon your using and your powers. Stainless mods would do the same thing for melee.

Importantly, there would be Anodized and Stainless versions of melee mods, in addition to the selection of ranged Anodized/Stainless mods. The melee mods would be versions of "per combo multiplier" mods, e.g. Blood Rush, which split stack bonuses between melee buffs and powers (for Anodized  melee mods) and between melee buffs and ranged buffs (for Stainless melee mods).

Like Galvanized mods, these would be "either/or" mods—the Anodized and Stainless mods would be exclusive to each other, to Galvanized versions, and to base versions. You could only have one of them on a given weapon.

So for instance, Anodized Diffusion might be something like 110% Multishot; On Kill: +15% Multishot, +5% Power Efficiency, stacks up to 4x 

Stainless Diffusion could be 110% Multishot; +15% Multishot, stacks up to 4x, +5 seconds to Melee Combo Counter per kill

For melee, there might be Anodized Rush: +20% Melee Crit Chance and +5% Power Strength per combo multiplier

Or Stainless Wounds: +20% Melee Status Chance and +20% Primary/Secondary Status Chance per combo multiplier


I think these types of mods would provide more interesting gameplay. Those who want to focus on melee or ranged or powers can focus on that, but those who want to be double or triple threat can stagger Stainless and Anodized mods to keep rolling buffs that allow and even encourage switching up attack types.

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