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Are You Playing For Fun Or To Win?


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hi guys its Maine
and I wanna ask you a simple question.
do you use certain frames and weapons because theyre fun or because they are efficient?

I started asking me that question since the release of the seer and now vectis,
because I gotta say that I absolutelly ADORE the seer and grineer weaponry in general
I know its not paticualry "good" compared to the almighty soma,acrid,flux etc, but for me they are incredebly FUN to use.
So after reading a couple of "whats your favourite loadout"-threads
I noticed that all the high tier weapons were mentioned like soma,acrid,flux blablabla
and I simply dont get how you could call those your favourite(soma maybe)
so whats your fav? and more importantly WHY?
is it your fav because its entertaining to use or because it kills things more quickly?

for example I love the seer (and now brakk)
because Im a huge fan of revolvers-like weapons
and the grineer just have the most "OOPF" to them
(OOPTF meaning Power)

inb4 "Its my fav, because it lets me kill things faster hurrdurr" ^^


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I still use the dated Gorgon a lot and only built Soma for the mastery. It's really fun with a max fire rate. (bye bye ammo)
Flux is also fun in a sense, especially in the last event where you get to let those Elite Milkboxes have a taste of their own medicine XD

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Personally I love my Dread. If I wasn't leveling other things, I'd be using that. Now that my Vectis is out of the oven tho, it'll be hard to decide between the two...

For secondaries, I love the Ballistica. The Despair used to be my go to secondary until this was released.

I don't really have a favorite melee, there's things about everything I've played with that I like. 


As for a 'frame, I'd probably have to say Nova or Ember, although Nyx is climbing her way up. Nova for Wormhole, Ember for being Ember and it's always fun watching a mob gang up on one of their own with Nyx. Ash used to be a top contender for his stealth aspect, and he still comes out to play every now and then, but not much. Maybe when stealth gets reworked. 

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Fun, unless I am helping people do something like Lephantis when I will pick the optimal build to help make sure they get their Nekros drop.


I ran most of the last event in a Rush-Rhino using Soma or Synapse. Was fun overtaking Volt on the way to extraction.

This ^ when i am helping ppl. 

Usually for fun I use:



Dual Ichors

Usually run a sayrn frame cause i like shooting the shiny balls she puts on ppl.

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As you can't win warframe, there is no reason to ever play to win as that would be a rather futile attempt. I play for fun, that doesn't mean I'm never using super-efficient builds cause building those can be fun too, but often I go with what I feel is the most fun, even if it's not the most efficient way to get missions done in minimum time with maximum payout.

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I play to win in most games, but I use equipment I like, for example in Halo 4 I used the Covenant Carbine despite being the worst marksman rifle in the game and in Street Fighter 4 I only played Fei Long because I liked his design and the way he works, not because he was considered top-tier. Also the play 2 win mentality is different from tier-whoring.

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I always played for fun, less its a clan war, league match or scrim.

Thats why as soon as I built and lvld Acrid...I sold it. Go play Battlefield and start talking about DPS....they will laugh at you. DPS weaps rarely ever come out on top in an all out FPS. Use what you like, what caters to your playstyle.

If this game was 10x as hard, I would maybe retract part of my comment. But considering I have 3 secondaries that wipe the floor with 90% of this game....its a moot point. Hell alot of us have sentinels that can clear whole levels np.

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