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New ideas for warframes

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Just figured I'd start a post for ideas for new Warframes just for fun. Was brainstorming ideas the other night and thought about a Warframe that can use abilities for stealth as well as combat the first ability being a grappling hook that you can use to grab the ceiling allowing you climb upward or repel lower while using your primary and secondary weapons. The secondary ability allowing you to grab enemies from above to perform a finisher pulling them from view of other enemies and suspending from the grappling hook. Third ability would be ensnare a trap like web that could be used to help crowd control enemies at choke points or to ensnare capture targets. The final ability being flail using the grappling hook/ web or chains to whip and grab enemies throwing them into walls floors ceiling doing damage more enemies gathered more damage. Ideas for weapons would be a twin sided spear for melee. twin wrist flame throwers and a primary compact bow that packs a punch shooting thermobaric arrows an arrow that releases a toxic gas alternate fire makes the gas explode more gas in the area bigger explosion. But that's one idea.

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