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about the disappearance of the warframe I'm making



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1 hour ago, libowener said:

I made Nezha and Nezha P warframe at the same time, but when I just opened the maker to check, my Nezha P warframe disappeared

Hey Libow, you sure you made THE warframes and not some part of them?

Reminding that Warframes require you to craft the Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems before the complete frame can be crafted.

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Crafting Warframes requires 4 blueprints plus a resource of some kind. The blueprints will be the Warframe you want to build (Ash blueprint for example), then the Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptics. The latter 3 will need to be crafted individually (with a 12 hour build time) then you will be able to make your Warframe ( 72 hour build time.)

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