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Can we please "fix" the atlas mod rumbled?


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the problem with this mod is that it was balanced around conclave, which makes sense, and i thought DE would rebalance it based on pve, not just lazily add it, my suggestion is to give rumbled an absorption fase, just like rhino iron skin and nezha warding halo. another massive problem is how you get your rumbled armor, you get it by health, shield, armor, and strength mods, which is good on paper, but this makes the mod contradictory, just like rhino, you use this mod/ability to turn the armor into your primary way of staying alive, it also frees mod slots, and without those mods, the rumbled armor has absolutely no health. the movent penalty and the fact that you can't use your weapons i can undestand why it could stay for balance reasons, but honestly just pick one to stay. 

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