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K Drive Markers Missing in the Cambion Drift


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I cannot finish these races because there's no indicators on where to go. 

If one does show up, it only shows the next one, if it even does. 

This makes these races impossible to finish. 

Often, by the time I find the next marker. I have no time to go through it. Which means repeating the race over and over again, finishing one marker at a time. Listening to the same chastising dialogue over and over again about failure. 

This is not an issue elsewhere. As the races in the Orb Vallis. They preview multiple future points in succession. So it's possible to plan a route or know generally where to go. 

This is the only thing that has ever managed to make me rage quit out of Warframe. I hope this gets fixed, because this is unplayable in this state. 

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Every checkpoint appears one by one since the Gara prime update. This was not in the patch note but there is 99% chance it's not a bug since it fixed a well known exploit (the one allowing you to get infested K-drive parts by directly crossing the last gate with your archwing) 

I don't understand tho... Deimos races checkpoints are spaced enough so you have time to see where you need to go, even at the highest speed. Some on Fortuna are a bit more tense at such a speed and I guess that Grinding the void and Hematoma can be confusing if you never played those before, but nothing overwhelming.

Maybe don't use your Magus at first. Let yourself time to learn the race.

(and races in Plains ? there is no races there ) 

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I edited my original post. I thought there was races for the Plains. I was wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if they added them at a later point. So my mistake there. 

That said. 

I wish they would've just fixed the exploit with the Archwing instead of making these races unintentionally harder. I.E. Auto-Fail if you switch to Archwing or something. 

There is barely enough time to go through these checkpoints. I had just enough seconds to complete Dead Drop for Feverspine. I had 1-2 seconds to spare. When I did manage to actually win the race, I had initially thought I failed. 

I tried doing The Pride Before The Fall race, multiple times, and got frustrated because I had no idea where to go or what to do. There was nothing showing up on the minimap as a guide and I could spin around in circles and not see any markers in my field of view. Hence my original commentary about eventually quitting the game. 

I don't even have a Magus. I'm just using a regular K-Drive (Runway, Highbrow, Two-Sloops, and Fatboys) . It doesn't have any significant upgrades outside of speed, combo, and grind magnetic chance. I used exactly one forma on it to unlock the additional energy color. It's about as generic as you can get. 

Which is what I've used for the Fortuna races, and the Fortuna races do show multiple checkpoints. I just did that earlier today with Grinding the Void. I can finish that with almost a minute to spare. Easily. 

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Is there a setting I'm missing? Something I'm just doing wrong? 

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I looked at it this morning and it seems the checkpoint on the minimap are a bit bugged and struggle to appear ( it's the same, Fortuna or Deimos)

but you shouldn't need to take a look at the mini map, you can see checkpoints in the far distance. It's red and bright, you can't really miss it. So maybe your effect intensity is settle at the minimum or something like that.

Here is a video of the path for Pride before a fall 

I played extra safe without mods for the most vanilla experience. As you can see, checkpoints are farer fromeach other so you accumulate less time than you do on Fortuna. That make the beginnings less forgiving, but it's not as bad as some say it is. 

What I can advise you is : Stay simple. especially if you lack speed : tricks slow you down and don't count in the final score. Grind only when you need too.

In terms of a beginner build for racing : get Poppin' Vert (true double jump) and Pop top ( fast jump charge) for comfort, then speed mods (Nitro Boost, Vapor Trail, Extreme Velocity, maybe rail guard). Don't waste your endo or plat on perfect balance tho.



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