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Bug, Beast Mod: Scavenge


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Kubrow/Helminth Charger (Possibly Kavat) Animation Bug during the use of the Mod Scavenge.

Most noticeable instances is on Planet Uranus where a large majority of lockers will cause this to happen.
During the use of Scavenge the beast will begin scratching the right side of the locker instead of the front. It is also possible for the Beast to fall out of the map and is still possible to open select lockers as this happens. From most of my testing, from sabotage missions a large majority of the lockers on this planet/tile set open from the side, in a few cases its possible to be opened from behind. 

Minor instance on Corpus Tile Set, Lockers sitting in or on snow are possible to have a Beast fall through the ground. (Correctly opening from the front)

Personal Opinion, the area/trigger for activation of scavenge should be increased by 1-3 meters. Two reasons for this.
             Reason one, Corpus Tile Set Lockers have the ability to spawn with gaps in-between them (three lockers next to each other with gaps between them) were the Beast will not open                             locker one if they just opened locker three were the middle locker was opened by the player or failed to open with Scavenge first. 
             Reason two, Is In reference to image 4. A Beast will not open the left most lockers without the player moving in such a way to cause a Beast to move closer or be standing on top of                         said lockers.  

Image 1, Beast Inside of wall opening locker from the side.
Image 2, Beast Opening locker from the back.
Image 3. Corpus Lockers that Beast will fall through the ground while trying to open.
Image 4, Corpus Lockers where Beast AI will not walk to a lockers near a wall.




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