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Energy pads dropped with a hot key do not provide energy


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I recently mapped my restore pads to F1-F4. I have only noticed this problem with the energy pads, which I have bound to F1. When I drop a pad using my hot key, it pulses, has the animation and sound, but my warframe does not gain energy. When I drop the hot pad by pressing Q to bring up the gear wheel and scrolling to it, my warframe gains energy like normal.

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37 minutes ago, Kyneska said:

my warframe does not gain energy

Hm, I can't replicate that on my end.
Both via controller and keyboard hotkeys, the deployed Restores seemed to work fine.

Did you maybe have a "drain" ability running, i.e. one with a per-second Energy cost?
Because those generally turn off Energy gains from stuff like Energy Restores / Siphon / Vampire, Zenurik, and whatnot.

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