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Okay you seem to be struggling here...

If I do nothing will my Kuva Lich (not boss but get the thinking), be killed?

That is what Vanquish means. If you choose to Vanquish aka kill the Lich (which you will call boss and it isn't. Kuva Queens in The Sacrifice are Kuva or Grineer bosses) or if you don't choose in the time limit- the Lich will be executed, murdered, removed from existence, killed, destroyed... Vanquished.

It won't convert?

Already answered multiple (more than once) times above but; no. Converting a Lich makes it your ally for use as a Railjack crewmate however you only gain the Ephemera (pretty glow) if it had one. Weapon it carries will -not- be given. You must choose to Convert, Vanquish needs no action on your part.


So in future it helps if you read replies as repeating a question when answered, intended or not- can appear to be trolling or doing it on purpose to annoy others; you really don't want that. Secondly, please no more 'Kuva Boss', the game tells you it is a Lich as in undying evil being. Granum or Parvos Liches are coming very soon so try getting used to the term as asking for a Grineer or Kuva Boss makes some think; which one? The Sergeant, Lt. Lech Kril, Vor, Corrupted Vor, Tyl Regor... those are bosses. Hoping that helps...

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