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Mastery rank 31 test ideas/thoughts/wants


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So for starters it should be harder than MR 30 test. I would hate if it is any easier and it doesn't makes sense to make it easier since it is the next rank up. 

There shouldn't be any restrictions unless it is to make the test harder, otherwise everything should be available (operator mode/ vehicles (k-drve/archwing/mechs)/gear wheel). 

Test idea

A timed gauntlet;

- have to run/jump through,

- then switch to vehicles like K-drive or archwing,

- then a series of consoles to hacks or stealth past enemies, 

- then a steel path level boss or harder to kill. 

This is good overall test to cover frame and vehicle maneuverability, dexterity to quickly hack or stealth and then finally being able to do all of that and kill the boss in the time limit. 


What would you want to see in this next MR test? 

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