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Can we finally fix Mirage's damage counter bug? Its been years...

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Me and my buds have been playing warframe for about 6 weeks now(loving it!), we're mastery rank 16 and were all hyper competitive.

I was up until about 2 days ago, playing Nezha, My friends are playing nuke frames like mesa, volt, saryn. After playing the game for the time we have already, its pretty obvious that theres not a real reason to play a tank and I'm really wanting to see big damage delt at the end screens. I realise "StAtS dOnT mAtTer" but we like ribbing each other after the game, and are hyper focused on finding the mobs the quickest etc which I think makes for especially efficient play.

I could keep up relatively well with my Kuva tonkor and nukor when playing Nezha, until I discovered Mirage.

Absolutely loving her, she has a fantastic nuke and her Mirages + damage skill eclipse should only increase my total damage right? 

Nope, when Mirage is active, damage done doesnt count towards the end counter. I can have 900 kills to everyones 60 in a hydron and have 30% of the damage. I dug around a little and found older posts (2017?) when this bug was present. Its still bugged. 

I know this is probably low on the bug ticket backlog, but its an annoyance. 


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