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Deimos endless excavation bug


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There is a bug in the deimos endless bounty. Whenever the excavaor spawns south from Infested Seraglio the progress stops. Enemies stop spawning, excavator loses power and you cannot continue.

This happens with one specific excavator that can be seen on this pic: Warframe-Screenshot-2021-06-25-14-01-22-

All other excavators that spawn in this area do NOT halt the progress. Only this specific one.

It happened to me more than once and it was always when an excavator spawned there.

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Please look into this bug as it still persists and is really annoying... 

I just had it 3 times in a row, you start a bounty on deimos, are close to finishing it and just have to abandon if you get that specific excavator location as there won't be enemies spawning any more... Not even The flying 'nests' i guess you can call them which usually drop enemies won't drop any more but rather just fly around do nothing.


Edit: This is not only in the endless bounty but can appear on every bounty stage which rolls excavation

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