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Rail Jack - Veil Prox/Grineer - Bonus Dungeon


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In the grineer side of Railjack- Veil Prox the side objective dungeon is an orokin tower thingy...  When I slingshot into this dungeon there is usually a visual glitch/bug that happens.    Instead of playing the Slingshot landing animation I just get pushed forward, im invisable, and im still in archwing inside the dungeon AND also stuck to the floor or something I dont know...   

I figured out if I turn around and leave the dungeon and re-enter it will fix everything.   But it would be nice not to have to do that every time.


Slingshotting at doors is VERY inconsistant in Railjack.  

  • sometimes you get no diamond indicator that you are locked onto a door (because your not/cant)
  • if you do lock on theres only a few doors that actually let you trigger the landing animation,   most just slam you into the door.  
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