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Birthday Party Ideas


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Complicated considering a 7 year old should even know about Warframe?

Perhaps just a cake with the Warframe logo big on top, a poster of his favorite frame on the wall and a Ben10 figure painted into some Operator outfit to go on the cake?

If he was older maybe could go with something more expensive, a good idea would be a Cake in the shape of the Lotus helmet with some of those Warframe sculptures near it and a big poster on the wall but i think a cake of that type and the sculptures might be a bit much for that age as he could break the sculptures.

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Someone also had the same problem on reddit. A lot of the responses were pretty jokey but there were some good ideas too.

But some ideas I can think of is you can try to get the Lotus Symbol on a cake and decorations, find out who their favorite warframe is and can put that frame's ability icons on different decorations, find out their favorite weapons in game and find nerf guns or plastic weapons that look similar so they can pretend. 

edit: also this may be obvious but they have a merch store too.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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