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New Warframe Concept! Hephaestia: The Forgemaster


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i was watching some Skyrim lore videos on the Dwemer, and i had an idea, what about a frame based on a medieval blacksmith with a very like steampunk vibe to her. 


Hephaestia would be the Grineer Queens attempt at making a warframe subservient to them. The Queens went about commissioning the creation of a warframe that runs solely on kuva, like a steam engine. Hephaestia is a forgemaster that can support the team as well as "forge" extra loot from kills with her exalted weapon "Vulcan". Im thinking Hephaestia should not have shields, but rather, a pretty high armor rating, which sorta seems odd for a support frame. For her appearance, im thinking of a tall, feminine form with broad shoulders and what would appear like tool bags at her hips, making her form appear pear shaped. I do see her with a welders mask type head and a vent in the center of her chest, making a scarf around her neck with kuva fumes.

Vulcan and the 3rd ability

Vulcan, being Hephaestus' Roman name, shall be the name for Hephaestias exalted weapon, a large hammer seemingly made of crudely put together metal with fumes of kuva seeping from its molten head. This hammer, when summoned, increases Hephaestias armor rating and attracts enemy aggression within a radius, increasing the hammers damage by a small percent based on the enemies focused on her, capping at an extra 75% damage buff. Her third ability will be solely for her 4th, which buffs Vulcans' attack speed as well as giving it a blast radius, when her third ability is active along with her Vulcan, loot drops from enemies are increased as well as health and energy orb drop chances.

Teams love Hephaestia!

Hephaestias' first and second abilities will buff teammates and their weapons respectively. Her first, buffs the teams armor rating and shields highly at a slight cost to the teams movement speed. Her second ability buffs all weapons of the team and adds fire damage to melee within a radius. Nothing too fancy, fairly simple, but i feel, very effective.

Stats and her passive

Passive: Ammo drops that Hephaestia passes over and does not use become buffs to her energy efficiency, capping at an extra 55% efficiency.

Health: 600 (2500 at R30)

Shield: 0 (0 at R30)

Armor: 500 (800 at R30)

Energy: 200 (350 at R30)

Sprint Speed: 1.50*

* She is pretty fast, i know, however, the more armor she buffs herself with, the slower she moves, stopping at a minimum speed of 1.00

Where is she?

Im thinking her parts could drop from kuva siphon missions, from kuva guardians? Maybe give her a story quest that involves raiding the kuva fortress to face off against her, as she is the one who created kuva siphons? Im not too sure, but considering shes a Grineer creation, id like for parts of her to either drop from kuva guardians or from kuva fortress missions. 

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