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Squad Chat Bug After Several Void Games


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This is chat bug since Feb/March this year and hasn't been resolved for too long. It annoys the heck out of us and confuse anyone doesn't know about this.


There are couple ways to know if you or someone else is suffering from this bug. If the lobby is full but someone's name is missing on the squad chat list, then that missing name person is suffering the "isolation" bug. He won't able to read or say anything to squad members. But whisper works.


If a person join a lobby and see NO ONE at the squad chat list, that can also mean the person him/herself is having the bug, and possibility among with others.


To cause this bug, make or join a lobby with other players. Play orokin void or derelict void for more then 6-7 times, then next game on the squad chat player names won't appear. Isolating player's ability to communicate until an relog/restart has been made. Imagine a squad with everyone having this bug, talking to one or another to confirm something by typing /w and thier fullname is fustrating as hell.


Please DE investigate this long ongoing issue. This has killed us multiple times of our enjoyment.


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Yep have this issue , makes Vault runs a real hassle as you have no way to communicate with other players if you don't enable your mic when playing with randoms.


If everybody restarts the game it "might" fix it, but it will return after a short time.


The Chat in general TBH is a very buggy POS, it is one of the most infuriating things I have ever used in a game, sometimes I have to click on it 15-20 times before it will even let me type, then it puts you randomly back into the global chat & you get kicked because you thought you were typing in recruitment, and it also goes blank if its open when you click on the start map.


And of course you have no ability to interact with players without using commands, which is not always easy or even possible given some of the crazy names people have.

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