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Conclave rewards


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On 2021-06-27 at 10:58 PM, PiercingRhino said:

EDIT: Let me clear things up cause right now some of you are just starting to tick me off. I don't care what they do with conclave, if they fix it or not. I just want to get the rewards. My opinion on conclave doesnt matter, I will still play it still to get the rewards. My problem is that no one freaking plays it so how I am suppose to get standing. You say "well just recruit or ask friends"... AGAIN no one... wants to play it!! I went on recruit and got completely ignored. For those of you in this post here that want to preserve conclave for god knows what reason then fine lets play. On PC ig RoaringRhino send me an in game friend request. Cause you all like Conclave so much right?


So no one is ever on conclave. I want that cosmetics from conclave. All the sigils and skins are great but I can't get them cause no one ever plays conclave. Just how arcanes where moved to eidolons when LoR was removed. Can we also get that for conclave rewards? I all the sigils from conclave just have mad fashion frame potential. The weapon skins are also so nice. When I was on ps4 I was close to getting the celestial syandana but I never got enough matches going.

Bruh I just read your post and I dont know what made u so mad but there are ways to find matches. Just join the conclave discord.  Meet some ppl and play with them. If you really want to find a match it is not hard you just gotta put in a little effort when theres nobody in matchmaking.  And i can tell u right now that matchmaking works sometimes so you obviously aren't trying hard enough. 

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