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Stuck Eidolon Lures Bug?


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Hello, it's me again 👋


Just to report another bug, I don't know if this happens only to me though.

I am doing Eidolon hunt earlier, BUT had to get out after capturing Terry, cause all the other lures except 1-2 that follows normally are STUCK in their place.

I don't 'Hold Position' them, they are stuck, tried to make them 'Follow' few times but still stuck.

(the image/vid I put later (if I remember :3 ))


Thanks in advance


Edit 1 : - Just found out that the 'stuck' bug is caused by Magus Lockdown tether-lock 🤔 (I will test later when its night again)

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Posted (edited)

Tested the Magus Lockdown 'stuck', it does make the lures stuck from the tether-lock.

Well there is that, so I'll just make sure I'm not tether-locking the Lures in-case it stuck while in PoE

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