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Rank 9 Test


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So, I did the rank 9 test, and I was made painfully aware of the fact that, apparently, you don't aim where the screen is looking, but rather, on a flat plane in the direction your warframe is facing.


I suppose this isn't an issue if you try to backstab everything or go crazy with a melee weapon and a loki.


However, I was doing it with a nekros armed with a glaive, and was quite upset to learn I could neither soulpunch nor snipe any target that wasn't directly in front of my warframe.


Also, I'd like to suggest that perhaps the grineer used be changed slightly.


I did the mission twice(first time without the glaive--couldn't figure out why soulpunch was being weird), once before halloween update and once after.


The pumpkin heads on the grineer, although not absolutely vital, were quite helpful in this test, as it was easier to tell what direction they were facing. That's not always entirely clear with the default art when viewing them from a distance.


Could something to help simulate that be left for future players who attempt the r9 test?

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