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One of the sites i visited had a nifty idea during halloween or christmas small icons would appear on screen

(during halloween pumpkin/witch/kettle/black cat etc)

and disappear after 10 seconds, they can appear in random location such as general discussion, news, offtopic etc...


Once you clicked on one of them they would give certain negative or positive effect, my idea would be:


During halloween if you manage to gather 5 pumpkins you could trade them in for platinum discount.

(5 pumpkins= 20%, 15 pumpkins= 50%, 25 pumpkins=75% discounts).


Other things could be: 1000 credits in game, or some experience. -1h off foundry production time, rare mode.


Negative effects: -1000 credits, Stalker will visit you during next mission, spin attacks may cause you to land on your face for a mission.

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