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[Traditional Chinese]Suggestions on translations of U30.5 Sisters of Parvos

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So many of the translation names had been released in that news. And I have some suggestions based on that.

First thing first, Kuva Hek had not been translated in that news, it's still "赤毒 Hek", which should be "赤毒 海克"


Battle your Sister’s mechanized Hound to acquire a new cutting-edge Companion and reveal her fatal sequence of Requiems.

the word "fatal" should mean that the specific sequence of Requiems is deadly for Sister, which I think "使她一擊斃命的鎮魂順序" is better than "她致命的鎮魂順序".
for the weapon "Diplos", I believe that it is an abbreviation of "Diplomat", which should be using the synonym of "外交官" to be translation, in stead of "敵對". Suggestions given: "縱橫"、"參贊"; as this is a dual pistol, and "Diplos" means double in Greek, the suffix "雙槍" is suitable for that.

for the pistol "Kompressa ", I think it is a variant of "Compress", which can consider to put the word "壓力" in its name

for the "Volca Syandana", I think it should be an abbreviation of "Volcano", which does not match with the current translation "熔芯", as it means meltdown/fuse; I suggest to use "爍熱" as Classical Chinese use the term "地爍" to describe Volcano.

for the "Harrow Crucis Helmet", "Crucis" means "Sign of the cross" or some related religion concepts. As you can see the cross on the face of this helmet too, I think "十字架" or related terms would be much better than the translation of "克制", as it means "restraint"/"self-control"

for the "Agendus", it means "agenda" in Latin, which I think "議程"/"議會" or some related terms would be better


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