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Letting The Vectis Or Any Other Weapon Reload As Soon As Possible.



Just sharing something that would help people fire more shots per sec with the new Vectis sniper rifle, I feel that it applies more towards the Vectis because you have to reload after every shot.

As soon as you fire the weapon press the reload button to tell the game to reload the weapon at the soonest possible time, as the game itself seems have about 0.5 seconds of lag time before the game recognises that your current weapon's magazine is out of bullet, and have to auto-reload.

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I tried with speed trigger, it makes very little difference, still faster to manually press reload to me. With fast hands it shoots really fast.

Just my thoughts =X


It does make a difference actually. Even with speed trigger, if you don't pretty the reload button and keep spamming the trigger to reload instead, the empty "click" delay will stay the same as without speed trigger. However, if you use speed trigger and get used to pressing reload instead of the firing trigger, it will make a difference.


That's if you feel the need to put speed trigger of course. I personally wouldn't use a space for it. If I want firing rate for this weapon I'll go for Shred instead. That's my opinion obviously.

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