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Sepulcrum alt fire (secret change or bug?)


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I recently noticed that Sepulcrum's alt fire seems to have changed slightly.
When the weapon first came out you would change into lock-on mode with your alt fire button and could either fire with your normal fire button or change back out of the lock-on mode with alt fire.
But after picking the weapon back up again after some time i noticed that you could no longer change fire mode after locking on to 1 or more enemies.
The alt fire now changes the weapon into lock-on mode but can no longer change it back after having locked on,
it instead fires the homing rockets when pressing alt fire again and no longer with your normal fir button. 
This changes how one can use the alternate fire of Sepulcrum quite a bit and not in a good way. 
Maybe this change was intended but it's not listed in any patch notes and i could not find anything about it online so i'm wondering if it's just a bug or a feature. 
Regardless of what it is i would love to see it change back since it makes using Sepulcrums alternate fire rather annoying. 
Thank you in advance.

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Recently noticed this too after dusting it off. Really hoping it's a bug because it would suuuck if it was intended to be like it is right now.


Alt-fire was toggleable. Changing back to normal rounds by hitting altfire allowed you to shoot normally and cancel any marked targets. When in altfire mode, the primary fire button allowed you to shoot the rockets.


Alt-fire is toggleable. You can't change back to normal rounds after marking at least one target; you're forced to shoot the altfire. You can no longer use the primary fire button to shoot the missiles; you have to click altfire again.

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