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Very good , first congratulate you once again for this Magnificent game, I love , well 'm to the point , I would like to suggest an idea that occurred to me while playing , though you have no doubt thought about it , but I 'll tell the idea that came to my head , and it is with the emblems that go on the shoulders with the missions have you been rewarding , such as survival or latter you who have given , I have thought that you could create in order to encourage more players to the creation of emblems emblem such as expert called rifles, gun expert , expert powers to cure health expert I revive a massive number of times within powers could extend the skills of all Warframe characters such as inceneracion expert in freezing, in bewilderment, and others, also expert melee , another emblem could also be for killing a number of enemies , eg 50000 Infested expert in low and equal to Corpus and Griners . good idea I was hooked , I hope you can help , greetings and thank you very much for everything.


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