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Enemies Need More Abilities To Play Around With. Boring To Vs Enemies With Basic Attacks For The Majority.


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When I first started playing this game I ran into some enemies that could teleport to you, switch teleport you and do a simply knockdown, and ancient could take your energy and shield away making it a fearful foe.  I thought cool, its an ok start, can't wait till they add more abilities to enemies to make eneims more fearful and interesting to play against.

But 6months later and next to no additional abilities added to enemies. 

Enemies still bland and kind boring to go up against.  Especially now that guns are very powerful and melee kinda swept under the rug, just not that fun anymore.

Increasing enemy level gives them a little more HP and armor, but there damage gets to the point where you have to CC the enemy or play Trinity or rhino to not die.


What needs to happen is enemies need to be givin much more interesting abilities to play with, making us change the way we play the game. Simple example would be an enemy putting a shield around them blocking ranged attacks, making us have to get close and possibly use a melee weapon.

Or enemies that can disable are abilites if we get stuck by them for X amount of seconds, or ones that can cast iron skin and be immune to CC untill we break there armor. ect... these are just a few random items I sure DE can come up with better... well I hope so...

I know changes like these takes a lot of work to do, but I have not seem much evidence of them even thinking of going in such a direction yet.

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