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Vectis Headshot Screenshot Challenge!


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Keep a steady aim Tenno, Vectis Headshot Screenshot Challenge is live!


Heres how to enter:


1) Equip the Vectis

2) Take a screenshot of your best enemy headshot

3) Post it to this thread

4) Include your best caption!



Only 1 submission per player

Screenshot with multiple players will be accepted

All players in the screenshot will win if chosen

Cannot win more than one prize if in multiple winning screenshots

Must use Vectis for head shot

Post must include a caption

No photoshop to enhance image

Only post submissions in this thread

You must include your alias in your submission post (doesn’t have to be in screenshot)

Do not reserve posts



Top 5 head shots will receive 1000 Platinum each!

*Winners will be chosen based on creativity.


The contest starts on Friday November 1st at 12PM EDT and closes Thursday November 7th at 12PM EST!


Remember: Do NOT reserve posts in this thread – they will be deleted.


Happy head shots Tenno!

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Added how winners are picked
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How does the caption have to work? Does it need to be in the image itself, or just in the post?

In the post.


I was wondering the same thing. How do you take a screenshot of you headshotting?

Because what I'm imagining is a bunch of people posting screenshots of them *aiming* their vectis.

OR their kills.

Aim at their head and shoot.  The caption is what will sell your photo.

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That was amazing, I wanted to kill gingeer in the air with my vauban (bounce) but while doing headshot stalker came to kill me :D looted despair from him yay.





It looks like I shot him in the body but the Gingeer was camping and when I did headshot he stood up. I hope you will accept it.


Good luck to everyone!

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What's better than shooting Grineer? The answer is obvious, drinking rum while shooting sentient mobile exploding pumpkin heads and pretending to be a space pirate! Yarr!


(Warning: Drinking while playing Warframe is highly unadvised. Side effects include rage, projectile vomit, living Grineer, and in rare cases, death by the stalker. You have been warned)


IGN: TerraNovaX

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"Remember, if it took more than one shot, you weren't using a Jakobs!"


- Marcus Kincaid


IGN: Owlkin


P.S. Aiming without a hud while also jumping sideways for a headshot is kind of a headache!




I've already submitted my thing, so since I'm not sure if I'm allowed to change it, here's what I'd change my caption to:


"I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar."


- Hoban "Wash" Washburne


Also, someone else made a gif of their shot, I decided to figure out how to do that, and make one too.



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how to be a real space ninja:
1st is on a spaceship (most important part)
2nd go unexplored places (wherever necessary to hurt the physics's laws)
3rd do acrobatics (ceiling run may be a choice)
4th surprise your target
5th try giving a screenshot while doing all this
6th see your survival insignia was in a strange place (look the corner)
?th profit


Alias: Zeyez





I wish I had taken when I was in wallrun, but I had to push the screenshot button... thankfully, the animation shows the wallrun jump


anyway, the 525 bonus damage comes from piercing damage has against grinners (+50% base damage) and headshot (+100% scaled over piercing damage) together, but unmodded
if it was a normal hit, would be 262.5, and without any bonus damage, 175
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"I wanted to carve a new hole in his pumpkin head, but then he took a bullet to Hell."


IGN: Vannell


Classic snapshot, nothing more. Also who knew pumpkins bleed that much? Also, NO Lotus, I won't capture the target for you!


Note: Intentional 666 damage.

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Captain Vor Decapitated 


Captain Vor: Your VECTIS isn't nearly powerful enough to defeat me!

Me: What's that Vor? Can't hear you anymore after your head got blown off! 


I was lucky to get Captain Vor to say something like that right after I shot off one of the melee Grineer's head. I know it isn't possible to shoot Vor's head off, but they are all the same to me (an old guy who cloned himself because he thought he was handsome) lol. So technically I can say I decapitated Vor's head.


Aside from the explanation, I thought this pic was awesome, so I'm sharing it with everyone =).   


Alias: davidorviet

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