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Ignis Make Game Crash/fps Drop/squad Player Dc'ed


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host/client when using this it will make :

- squad team got dc'ed suddenly.

- host got fps drop, and got crash.

i have already done test it,.

if on short term mission (capture/sabotage), or use rarely ignis on missionts still safe ..

because this bug, i lost my berserker mods T__T


i have already try graphic setting :

-bloom off

-runtime tesselation off

-color correction off

-dof off

-physx off

-multi threading on/off (still got that bugs)

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i have all settings on low and the ignis does something very crazy: in one game it made the hosts pc freeze leading to host migration. in the following game it made me lag to the point the game treated me as if i was stuck to the position i had started to use the ignis - i couldn't pick up anything, did no damage but could run around, next i didn't see the enemies anymore and then died of invisible poison. after i had died near extraction (seemingly) i revived near our point of entrance.


when i had leveled it it had worked fine but now i had put a potato on it and added some mods - so the only difference is the addition of split chamber, heavy caliber and firestorm.

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