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Deconstructor Melee Modding Changes (Sisters of Parvos)

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3 hours ago, ABlindGuyPlays said:

Much as I'd rather the gladiator changes reverted, this at least is fair. 


The stated reason for blood rush is that it is too much power for one mod. The reconstructor use of gladiator mods requires you use one specific sentinel with one specific weapon and farm the three mods that go on a melee weapons.


I fail to see the issue here. Players are sacrificing their smeeta buffs or the vulpaphyla undying pet for a little extra melee power.

On 2021-07-05 at 11:59 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Hi Tenno,

The Sisters of Parvos update will bring three new Modular Hound Companions, each with a unique Melee weapon. While reviewing these Companion Weapons, we noticed the Helios-old problem that there’s a lot of Melee Mods that you can equip, but don’t really function on companion Melee. There’s also some ‘invisible gear hopping’ where if you put Mods on your Deconstructor (or Prime), the carry over to your Melee which is a many-year-old oversight we’ve lived with, but are approaching changes more thoroughly with this Update and as a result we’re patching up this behaviour.

if they're trying to be scummy and forcing players to use guns, could've at least be consistent and not hypocritical, right?


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On 2021-07-05 at 11:05 AM, _Wonejo_ said:

More nerfs... rolls eyes... and not any nerf, but one that'll make sentinels useless.

What about rivens as statsticks for exalted weps then? those should be nerfed too, right, DE?


Ya - We need to make 4 Warframes useless too.!!!!!!!!!!

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