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Update 30.5: Yareli & Kompressa Feedback Megathread (Read First Post!)


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So after using two formas and two umbra formas and taking Yareli into most of the content in the game from sister hunting to void proxima railjack to long survival arbitrations (but admittedly haven't tried steel path yet) I have a new opinion on most of her abilities.

Sea Snares: Pretty good CC, but damage isn't there. If CC was the only intended point of the ability, then it's fine. If it was supposed to do damage also, then it isn't quite up to snuff. With the way the damage stacks up right now, it has the potential to be an infinitely scaling ability without being too OP but it needs a way to refresh or extend the timer. My opinion would be to have the duration refreshed when the affected enemy is hit by either Aquablades or Riptide to create synergy between abilities (I previously suggested something similar with Riptide refreshing the duration.) Besides that, I think the ability is in a pretty good place for a 1 ability with only a 25 cost.

Merulina: I was skeptical about how well Yareli would survive high level content with Merulina, but slap an adaptation mod on Yareli and she does surprisingly well. I rarely go down, and my survivability will only improve when operator mode gets hotfixed in. But it is WAY too easy to get knocked off Merulina. While other frames only have to worry about their defensive buff's duration/health and nullifiers, Yareli has to worry about those and also any fire eximus. And any regular enemy that has a knock down move. And even just getting slapped by certain infected's regular attacks. And many explosive effects, including your own explosive weaponry. As well as my friend ground slamming with his Kuva Shildeg (I filed a bug report on that one!) On top of that, Merulina has way too little control over what direction you are going once airborne, which wouldn't be too bad, except if you even brush against a wall it will send you flying in the opposite direction, making jumping in regular maps a royal pain. But more than anything, the biggest downside of this ability is how limited in weaponry you are. Not only can you only use secondaries, but if you want to play into Yareli's strengths you need a crit secondary. And since Merulina and her passive both encourage constant moving, you also don't want an extremely precise weapon, so you're left with very few options of secondary to take, even less if you only want to take a *good* secondary, which you need to since it's the only weapon you can use. So I'd recommend these changes:

1. Enemies can't knock Yareli off Merulina. Maybe they should still be able to knock her down, but they definitely shouldn't just outright end her survivability move so easily.

2. Merulina should have better control while in midair. I would also add the ability to tap your dodge roll button while in midair to get a small boost in the direction of the movement key that you are holding. These should help Merulina navigate maps a bit better, though it won't help with the other issues such as getting stuck in narrow areas or trying to fit in tight spaces like vents.

3. Let Yareli use primaries on Merulina. Yareli has too many handicaps as it is while riding Merulina, limiting her to just secondaries is a step too far. Not only would she be more useful if she could also use primaries, she would be more *fun* and I think that's important. 

Aquablades: I hate to say it, but this ability is just plain useless. At low levels it clears enemies nicely, but anything mid level or higher and it's just a waste of energy. It barely does any damage to enemies, and I hardly notice the stun effect it's supposed to have. I honestly am not even sure how to help this ability, so I don't have anything to suggest. But it seriously needs something to make it useful. If Helminth abilities could be used on Merulina, I would've subsumed over Aquablades already.

Riptide: Surprisingly decent at all levels, now that it's been hotfixed so it just drops the enemies after finishing its animation instead of tossing them away. Deals decent enough damage to corpus or infested if you get a large group, but from my experience it's near useless damage against high level grineer. But since it bunches them all up, it sets them up nicely for an AOE attack or a melee beat down. Riptide is in an okay place, but it'd be a lot better if the damage scaled with enemy levels better than it does.

So for my overall impression, Yareli is a fun frame, but she's very needy. She needs Adaptation to make Merulina survivable, she needs ability range to make Sea Snares and Riptide useful (but it doesn't help Aquablades,) she needs ability power to make Sea Snares and Riptide do anything close to okay damage, she needs duration for Sea Snares to be at max effectiveness, she needs efficiency or flow because her abilities get used a lot, especially with how often you get knocked off Merulina... there are so many mods she NEEDS to reach something close to useful it doesn't leave a lot of room for build variety. And as I mentioned at the start, I put two formas and two umbra formas in her to reach that point. There are many other frames I could have put in half the effort (or less) to get them to a point of being even better than her in most if not all situations. Nezha is the first that comes to mind, because they are quite similar.

So I'd say that Yareli is *okay* right now, but she still needs some tweaking on her abilities if we want her to be a *good* frame.

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  1. There is a BIG problem with K-Drive races now that seems to correlate with the lauch of the Sisters of Parvos update, which directly affects completing certain requirements of the Wave Rider questDuring K-Drive races now, the ONLY waypoint bubble that is visible is the one that you must pass through next, as opposed to being able to see all of the remaining waypoint bubbles on the course! 

    Prior to the Sisters of Parvos update, we could see ALL the waypoint bubbles up ahead so that we could better plot the path we should take in order to most efficiently hit them all--but NOW, until you hit that next bubble, you are completely blind as to where the next waypoint is going to be!  This is NOT a good change, and needs to be reverted to the way it was before.  It makes K-Drive races far more frustrating, and is a major detriment to the fun-factor.  Please fix this!

  2. The second major problem is that the Perfect Balance K-Drive mod seems to be broken.  It says I'm supposed to have a "66% Chance to Resist Falls" at max rank, but I'm falling (sometimes flying!) off my board at nearly every bump, nudge or hitch in the road... considering I should be falling off 2/3 of the time less, it feels FAR less effective than that!

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46 minutes ago, (PSN)Knightfyre said:
  1. There is a BIG problem with K-Drive races now that seems to correlate with the lauch of the Sisters of Parvos update, which directly affects completing certain requirements of the Wave Rider questDuring K-Drive races now, the ONLY waypoint bubble that is visible is the one that you must pass through next, as opposed to being able to see all of the remaining waypoint bubbles on the course! 

I do believe it was done to combat the exploit of Deimos races, the ones with kdrive parts as rewards because nobody cares about other ones. You pass through the first ring on k-drive, dismoiunt, call archwing and beeline to the final waypoint ignoring others.

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42 minutes ago, Wolfwaffe said:

I do believe it was done to combat the exploit of Deimos races, the ones with kdrive parts as rewards because nobody cares about other ones. You pass through the first ring on k-drive, dismoiunt, call archwing and beeline to the final waypoint ignoring others.

If that's the case, it's a horrible solution to the problem.  A better solution would be to leave them all visible--as they were previously--and then make it so each waypoint will only count when you pass through it in the correct order.  In fact, even better would be to highlight the next one you need to run through by making it a different color than all the others, so as to eliminate any confusion about which one you need to go through next.  But this current implementation where only the next waypoint in the sequence is visible?  That's no good at all. 

Edit: Heck, an even simpler implementation that would solve the Deimos race exploit problem would be to make it so that each time you pass through a waypoint during the race, you score a point, which is noted somewhere on the UI near where it shows the amount of time you have remaining (for example, if there are 10 waypoints in the race, and you run through the first waypoint, it would show something like 1/10 or 1 of 10).  When you reach the final waypoint, it will only count and complete the race if you have already scored points for all the prior waypoints in the race leading up to it. 

That said, even if this method is used, I'd still very much like it if they'd implement my suggestion that the next waypoint you need to run through is a different color / pulsating / something that otherwise differentiates it from all the other visible waypoints in the race.

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Since it seems Aquablades won't receive any range scaling from mods anytime soon (I get it, World on Fire AoE avoidance), then perhaps tie a ranged form of Aquablades into an ability synergy for Yareli herself so it doesn't dip into the other 46 frames' kits?

With Aquablades active, casting Sea Snares creates globules that have an Aquablade spinning inside them. These globules travel twice as fast, with a status chance to inflict Slash procs from the Cold damage/increase per second.

If Yareli moves over stationary Sea Snares, her Aquablades ring will pick up and carry up to 3 globules that move with Yareli. These globules become the same bladed globules mentioned above, that will now trap enemies coming too close to Yareli.

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She really is a mediocrewarframe. She lacks any kind of synergy, gets overshadowed but any other frame (included Hydroid) and provides nothing of value to the team. It's a shame bc she is (imo) very aesthetically pleasing and I do believe her kit could get better with some adjustments (mostly). Here are my two cents:

1) Her 1 is an ok-ish ability, granted it's subpar cc but it's just a first ability. However it could be much more:

   - Damage type changed to corrosive.

   - Enemies caught in the bubbles should be debuffed by suppressing their abilities (turning off their auras)/reducing their armor/stripping their shields.

   - This ability should prioritize its targets, focusing mainly on special/heavy units (ancients, heavy gunners etc).


2) I really disliske Merulina, still I believe it could be much, much better:

   - Let us mod it with k-drive mods.

   - Power strength should be able to scale up its damage resistance (capped at 90%)

   - Merulina should have at least 100 armor.

   - Being able, to at the very least use primary weapons and basic melee attacks on it.

EDIT: I saw some people suggesting for Merulina to have the option of turning it into an small centinel or pet that follows you providing the same DR and health pool but without having to ride it. I totally support this idea, it adds to her kit without substracting from it; tap to ride Merulina (provided they fix all the issues this ability has), hold to turn Merulina into a pet that you dont have to ride.

3) Her third ability was just a let down. Here's what I would like it to do:

   - Let us affect its range with range mods (cap it on Helminth infusions if you think it could become an issue on other frames).

   - If the blades hit enemies affected by Yareli's first ability, they take increased damage and the bubbles would inmediately burst out into an aoe dealing extra damage and knocking enemies around.

   - If used alongside with Merulina, it provides CC inmunity to Yareli for the duration.


4) Riptide, I kinda like the abilty but that's just my taste, however it can be better:

   - The ability no longer locks you into an animation (leaving you vulnerable).

   - Damage type changed to corrosive.

   - Enemies that survive the attack will no longer be scattered away, instead they will be slammed into the ground and be slowed down for a short amount of time.

   - Can suck in the bubbles from Yareli's 1 counting as additional enemies (in order to increase its damage).

   - Enemies that die inside of her 4 while affected by her 1 have a probability of dropping health or energy orbs on death.


Whisful thinking: just make her 3 be the DR abitlity...bc her 2 is just awful to use.

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5 hours ago, (PSN)Knightfyre said:

The second major problem is that the Perfect Balance K-Drive mod seems to be broken.  It says I'm supposed to have a "66% Chance to Resist Falls" at max rank, but I'm falling (sometimes flying!) off my board at nearly every bump, nudge or hitch in the road... considering I should be falling off 2/3 of the time less, it feels FAR less effective than that!

The mod isn't broken, it's just that it straight up lies to you. Apparently, it only gives a chance to resist falls during tricks, not in normal collisions.

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Well, i have to say i really liked her, is really fun to use. But, some things needs to be done on her skills for make her a good option.

Passive: With Zephyr having Critical Chance on the passive, i was thinking we can change this by focusing on Merulina, giving her more benefits on using this skill. Each time Yareli casts merulina, will get: 80% Status duration reduction, and Status Cleaning with a cooldown of 30 secs. Why this? Well, first because she needs to be focused on merulina and his skills for evade the danger, and the damage buff feels like doesnt have so much sense, adding that you need to use merulina all the time because of the damage reduction, and cannot use his primary weapon so critical chance will only benefit the secondary weapon. 


1) Make the Bubbles of his 1st skill being static but start to follow enemies when they comes in range. And make bubbles not to suspend enemies in the air, just make them unable to move or perform any action, this will keep the function but will not make blades of his 3 to be missed sometimes. 


2) Add a bit of more control on the Merulina, is really hard to handle it on small rooms on the no open worlds sections, meaning, the 95% of the times. And feels bad to use Yareli on the Merulina, but being unable to use the primary and melee, you depend on your secondary weapon and thats not good, because normally sec weapons has lower ammo efficiency and less ammo pool. Make her allowed to use primary weapons on merulina. 


3) Is good now that was buffed. 


4) The Crowd Control is really good, but after the explosion, the enemies are throwed away, and thats not the point of making a CC where enemies should be concentrated. Reduce the ragdolling on enemies a 50% or 70% so they will not spread on a big area. 


Thats all, thanks for read. 

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Based on the few hours I played with her, I have to say she is very fun to use as keeping movement up while gunning down enemies with my brand new pair of Diplos is definitely enjoyable in most tile sets, however her kit needs work, stat-wise, because as it stands, the only abilities I am actively using while playin her are her 2 and her passive, I subsumed her 1 and didn't touch her 3 much.

The damage reduction being tied to her 2 is understandable but considering SP content, 75% DR with her current stats is very precarious IMO. 

Her 1 and 3 have not struck me as useful, at all because the returns are just too low to bother casting them, her 4 is a decent CC and useful to disturb enemies when under fire but completely falls flat as a damage dealing ability.

I think that her kit is fine visually, but she needs to come with one of 3 things to be worth a pick her past star chart content:

-an armor strip:

Make her 4 reduce enemy armor based on strength, even if it required 300% str to strip it to 100%. That would giver her a new niche as a mobile armor stripper that everyone would welcome in a squad

-a team buff

Whether is involves sharing her passive with her teammates trough sea snares in the same fashion as Titania or holding down the cast to create a radial buff. It would be straightforward but ensure that you aren't coming "empty handed" to a defense or a survival.

-a healing ability

Make sea snares or aqua blades siphon health to Yareli and her allies so that she can sustain herself or make sea snares an overtime heal to cast on allies (it might actually make her viable to run eidolons for example, adding diversity to the meta)

Without any of those, she will simply not bring anything to the table in a team composition, making her basically irrelevant at best and unwelcomed at worst.

Finally, she should be able to cast subsumed abilities while on her 2, even it if involves swapping the original animation with one of hers.

The buffs she received are a step in the right direction, but without a clear asset to bring to a team composition, I think she will struggle to find an audience past the star chart.

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On top of the other pickup bugs I mentioned earlier (index points, wisp motes), I feel like there may be a strange issue effecting affinity gain - I'm almost certain that being on Merulina changes the way affinity is supposed to work, because even leveling her a secondary (no other skills activated) or a companion slows to a crawl while Merulina is active. I could be misunderstanding the experience break down, but I think this probably isn't how it's supposed to work?

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1 hour ago, Roamingwhirlwind said:

On top of the other pickup bugs I mentioned earlier (index points, wisp motes), I feel like there may be a strange issue effecting affinity gain - I'm almost certain that being on Merulina changes the way affinity is supposed to work, because even leveling her a secondary (no other skills activated) or a companion slows to a crawl while Merulina is active. I could be misunderstanding the experience break down, but I think this probably isn't how it's supposed to work?

I've experienced the same thing, and filed a bug report on it. From what I could see on the end of mission screen, while riding Merulina all shared affinity you get from other players goes to Yareli only, and none of her weapons or companions get any. Kills she gets herself with her equipped secondary seem to still give her secondary the proper amount of affinity. I've ended missions with my primary and melee weapons getting around 200 affinity, while my lensed Yareli got focus over 50,000.

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It's sad, because I know it's her main ability, but I ended up replacing Merulina with Firewalker. Merulina just takes too much away from me to be viable. Sentinals, primaries, melee, Helminth abilities, operator, view of my target and a lot of mobility are gone while on Merulina. I know some of those are bugs, but even still, there is just too much sacrificed and not really much to gain to justify using it.

Her 1 is still a great CC, the amount of damage it does really doesn't matter to me. It does still allow enemies to use their abilities while they're held though, not sure if that's a bug or intended. It also doesn't interrupt enemies who are capturing interception objectives.

Her 3 feels pretty good right now and doesn't really start to lose its effectiveness until around level 100 enemies.

I don't use her 4 much, but it seems to be ok. The damage buff helped, but it could probably use a little more as her 3 takes down enemies quicker most of the time. It's nice to have a panic CC to pull enemies off objectives though since her 1 doesn't interrupt.

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I don't have her and have only read feedback and saw videos. So take this with a grain of salt.  

But my suggestion for changes.

move the DR to aqua blades make it scale off of enemies touched and damage absorbed. So health to aqua blades is gained by cutting enemies near by and the damage builds based on how much is taken in for a short period.  Which will then count down itself (like 5-10 seconds here)

Have riptide hold enemies for a duration. Synergy with 1 would be enemies caught in the snares are pulled to riptide.  Once inside enemies are dealt damage shot/swung into riptide by allies upon expiration.

Make merulina an ability that now increases the strength and reduces cost of other abilities but has slow energy drain. 

What I posted in another thread as my rework idea.  I'm guessing aqua blades and merulina started in this state based on the trailer.  But then it became obvious no one wanted to k-drive.  So aqua blades was sacrificed for exalted k-drive.

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I've quite enjoyed Yareli so far, she's quite fun to play with. My main gripes however are her survivability and lack of ability synergies. Any builds I mention here have the same basis: 128% duration, 45% efficiency, 100% range and 309% power strength. I'm altering two mods in the build to try different survival methods.

Passive: Pretty solid, although slightly easy to lose. Just changing direction on Merulina from left to right risks losing it due to how sluggishly k-drives respond to directional changes. A bit of a weird choice for passive when paired with her signature weapon, but oh well, nothing to lose your head over.

Sea snares: Pretty solid ability for CC, but the damage and scaling feel rather low in high level content. Plenty of synergy potential. I've seen a lot of neat ideas suggested here, like snared enemies being dragged into Riptide. Or them adding to Riptide's damage. Etc.

Merulina: Merulina's okay-ish. It's effectively the only defensive ability Yareli has, but is not very survivable on high levels, not without certain measures. I've been using Yareli quite a bit on void storms, and she's way too easy to get killed as Merulina simply can't survive. Although it has quite the health pool, a lot of enemies can one-shot Merulina out, either with knockdown effects (like Heavy Gunner ground slam) or just sufficiently strong weapons (some level 55 Corpus snipers in void storms kept destroying the board when I tried to get my defense up again). The board needs some innate damage reduction, be it through armor, flat damage reduction, more health or having some amount of health regen. It absorbs a portion of damage Yareli takes, but doesn't reduce that damage. If an enemy can hit for 25k at high levels when armor isn't counted, Merulina's just gone.

I'd also wish Merulina responded to controls a little faster. The sluggish changes of direction and turning (especially mid-air) make riding rather annoying in indoor tilesets. Partial blame to the tiles themselves, as they're often designed to block the central path.

Then there's the bugs:

  • Wisp's reservoirs can't be picked up while on Merulina.
  • Ciphers can't be used when hacking on Merulina.
  • Yareli does Aquablades casting animations randomly when starting hacking on Merulina.
  • Sometimes the infinite ammo bonus from opening a relic persists on her secondary after the buff timer runs out if the relic was cracked while riding Merulina. Happened on void storms.
  • Yareli seems to be invisible to cameras and Oculysts while riding Merulina.
  • Vacuum mods don't work, or work haphazardly on Merulina. Not long ago I did a void storm survival. Vacuum effects worked on Merulina for a while, but then just stopped.
  • [Health Conversion] doesn't activate while riding Merulina.

The two last ones feel quite crucial in keeping her alive. I'm currently trying a [Health Conversion] build to give her some armor to keep her alive, but the two mentioned above make it very difficult to activate Health Conversion without exposing Yareli to deadly damage. Another build I tried used [Quick Thinking], [Equilibrium] and [Primed Flow] together to make energy a backup health pool (850 energy), but both Merulina and Yareli are simply too fragile on Veil Proxima void storm levels. I barely manage there. Currently working on a build to test the Strain mod set, but I'm not sure if even that helps maintaining Yareli's health.

Aquablades: I like the ability, but the damage is only tolerable at 309% power strength with an energy cost of 116,25 due to sacrificed efficiency. Either it needs some damage buff or synergy, or it could proc damage at faster intervals. For what I've seen the slashes seem to happen at intervals of maybe 0.8-1 seconds, which seems rather disconnected from how fast the blades spin around Yareli. If she's moving fast by enemies, there won't be enough slash procs to make it effective, which discourages her mobile gameplay style. You have to be in the enemies' faces, which also risks exposure to knockdown effects that knock Yareli off Merulina.

I like the suggested idea that the damage could scale with movement speed.

PS. It's pretty fun to mow down enemies with aquablades in low levels.

Riptide: Solid ability, I'm not asking too much of it. At 309% power strength it's a solid choice for killing grouped enemies in void storms in Neptune/Pluto/Veil, but I can only use it sparingly to ensure there's enough enemies caught to scale its damage sufficiently high, and because my efficiency is 45%, making it cost 155 energy per cast. Even then, many high level enemies are quite resistant to it, making it not as useful in places like Steel Path. It's the only Yareli ability where one would even consider range mods, but that's unlikely due to the other abilities not gaining any benefit from them. As such a slightly higher base range could be considered, making players choose the source of damage between ability strength (better damage) and ability range (better scaling due to more enemies sucked in).

You could also consider synergy with Sea Snares in some way to either buff damage or drag more enemies in.

Other: To recap, I like Yareli, but I'm a bit bothered by the lack of innate survival methods. Poor armor, Merulina's too weak, the starting aura polarity nudges you to use [Growing Power] or [Pistol Amp] and discourages [Rejuvenation], so there's very few ways for Yareli to maintain health and leaves her a sitting duck watching her health get lower and lower. In large enemy crowds she's easily overrun, and Merulina is no help as a safety net in those situations, even with 309% strength, or 23k board health.

Kompressa: Lovely weapon. The innate viral damage allowed me to add corrosive and heat, making it a great armor-stripper, and kills even high level enemies quite effectively. Not so effective against Sisters/Liches though due to the status limits they have. Also, the absolute bubble storm thanks to Galvanized Diffusion is... beautiful. *wipes tear*

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One more bug to the list.
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I commented earlier in this thread, but it was just a reaction to what was on paper. I've built her and now gotten a chance to play with her. I think she's a cool Warframe, and definitely higher on the "fun" factor to me. I think she could use some buffs/tinkering to keep up with her peers.

Passive: This is good. I would do no changes here.

Sea Snares: Her best ability. The CC on this is really really good. At first, I thought it should be able to CC more guys, but nah. This is good as it is. The position in which the enemies get CC'd is also prime for hitting head shots. Funny enough, the damage on this feels like a waste of "power allotment". Honestly, I would remove the damage altogether from this ability, but then maybe add in an ability synergy: Sea Snares will drag any snared enemy into a Riptide cast within Sea Snare's range. Effectively, what this does is increase the pull range of Riptide from 12 meters to 30 meters vs Sea Snare'd enemies. There's another ability synergy with Riptide I would give it, but more on that below.

Merulina: This ability is fun to use, but has issues scaling. I think there's a couple of ways to make this feel better as a defensive ability:

  • Given it's similarity to Rhino Skin or Warding Halo, you could just make it function more like those abilities. An invulnerable period where you can stack up health, immunity to cc and status effects, etc. This is the less interesting option to me, but it's tried and true.
  • Or, get rid of Merulina's health bar and the 75% damage mitigation altogether, and instead Merulina adds to ton of bonus health to Yareli (amount TBD), and heals Yareli when performing K-Drive tricks, based off the trick score. Merulina would no longer "end" from taking damage (if Yareli drops to 0 health, she dies like everyone else), though certain attacks would still have the ability to knock Yareli off Merulina (and lose the bonus health), so you gotta watch out for those mobs. We really only have 1 health tank in the game (Inaros), and his kit is sadly quite lackluster, so a 2nd one with a more interesting kit would be very welcome.

Aquablades: I have become more convinced that the absolutely correct move with this ability is to turn it into a pseudo-exalted that treats the equipped melee weapon as a stat stick (just like Whipclaw). It is a bummer with Yareli that it feels like your melee weapon doesn't matter. This would change that. Given the Aquablades fairly high attack speed, I would say drop their base damage to 50 at rank 3, with a 25% crit chance, a 2.0x crit damage multiplier, and a 20% status chance. Each hit would build the combo counter, and the combo counter boosts it's damage by 1/4th the combo multiplier. 

Riptide: Just like Aquablades, I think this should be a pseudo-exalted, but it uses your Primary Weapon as a stat stick. Same reasoning: it at least makes Yareli care about her equipped Primary Weapon. Keep the mechanics mostly the same (drags guys within range to the center, 4 ticks of damage, then a big explosive tick of damage with whatever falloff the ability has), but get rid of the 50% increase for each enemy caught. Multishot would simply give each tick a chance for extra instances of damage and status procs, and like all other pseudo-exalteds, attack speed buffs (ie Fire Rate) would have no affect on it. At rank 3, the 4 ticks could do base damage 250, with a 30% crit chance, 2.0x crit damage multiplier, and a 30% status chance, with enemies that are also affected by Sea Snares taking these hits as head shots. The explosive tick would do 1000 base damage, with the same crit and status profile, and the same head shot mechanic with Sea Snares, and whatever damage falloff the ability currently has.


I know the pseudo-exalted might seem strange, but almost every bit of feedback I see for Yareli asks for her to be able to use Primary and Melee while on K-Drive. Problem is, just like Helminth abilities, that would require a ton of animation work. So pseudo-exalted seems like a "next best thing" kind of change. Plus, it makes her damage abilities scale into end game just as well weapons do.

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there are just a few quality of life things that feel off with merulina 

feels like you should be able to use operator while on merulina similar to how you can operator in razorwing or pulverize. All companion mods that benefit you deactivate during use of merulina such as animal instinct. primed sure footed does not make yareli immune to being knocked off merulina despite all sources of knockoff being identical to sources of knowdown in typical play.

edit: also she's very 'bouncy'. I understand this is probably an artifact from the lack of typical knowdown when bumping into things but especially on corpus tiles its very easy to jump into a slanted roof and get launched onto the other side of a room at a velocity merulina cant actively counter until you hit the floor and then some.

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So after putting four forma into Yareli I have some ideas on how to improve her kit to add some synergy without changing any of the abilities functions.

Passive - Add a grace period. not much to say here but please add a grace period.

Sea Snares - Add a non modifiable 5% of the targets max health to the damage per second. If a target dies while under the effect of a sea snare, that snare will seek out a new target and will continue to do so for the remainder of the duration. The damage does not reset on kill so it can ramp up for the whole duration. The 5% is not affected by ramp up.

Merulina - Have the warframe's knock down resistance apply while riding the merulina. change the damage reduction to a higher percent( something more inline with Nezha's warding halo) and have the health scale like iron skin or other abilities. Finally add a percent chance for enemies to miss based on how fast you are currently moving.

Aquablades - the damage of the blades ramps up the further you travel. the distance you need to travel for maximum ramp-up( something like x10 base damage) scales with range, the more range you have the less distance you need to travel. ramps up faster while ridding on Merulina.

Riptide - Base energy cost is reduced to 25. Riptide become a channel that can be channeled for up to 12 seconds. each second you channel consumes additional energy (total cost of the ability remains 100 if you channel for max duration.) riptide gains range and puling power while it is channeled.(up to x2 range and pulling power) If an enemy dies wile inside of riptide add 5% of that targets maximum health(can not be modified) to the detonation damage of riptide. Riptide detonates when the button is released or the max duration is reached.(max duration can be affected by mods) Maintains the damage boost per enemy that it currently has.

It would be nice for something like this to be done to Yareli as right now she is rather weak. too many of her abilities just don't seem super well thought out and she feels barely useful at early mid game. It would be nice if there was more to her abilities then there is and I think something like this would be a real step in the right direction. 

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The Quest to get Yareli drags on and is far too repetitive.

What would have been a better idea is to have all of the challenges available from the start, and unlock pages based on number of challenges completed.

Lock further challenges until the player returns to Orbiter to view the cutscenes if you must, but this is ridiculous.

Being asked to complete a race with 2000+ points.
Completed a race with 5000+ points!
Then immediately afterwards being asked to complete a race with 2400+ points?
And then 3000 points. And so on.

What an absolute timewaste. Repetition for the sake of repetition for the sake of repetition.

Edited by CyberneticSusurrus
Yet more repetitious races repeating.
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I used 5 forma, tried different builds and these are my thoughts (Love Yareli, but wanted her to be more powerfull as the adventure says!) 

PASSIVE  It's nice to have this 200% crítical chance, but maybe you can add survavility for each enemy effected by Yareli's Skills. Adding like a Nidus/Nezha marker that indicates bubbles/water in the area... The moreeee the marrieeeer 💕

Love how it pursuits enemies, will like them to reduce armor for the ammount of bubbles on each enemy or increase of vulnerability to slash (To add a synergy between this and the third Aquablades).

Ok here is the thing, love it... But need something else, for example

  • Health conversion to Yareli: She is getting soo exposed to damage and dont have any chance to face all the enemies only with her secondary, even with adaptation; 
  • Increased cast speed & efficiency, that way makes her casting something to perform like an idol 💕
  • Can also add some buffs if Yareli performs certain tricks so it funnier to play 🌞

Love them but hate them... When we take as example Xaku and Sevagoth, they both have skills that vulnerates, slow down or shread armor. But aquablades... Just... Exists... They don't recieve any protagonism due to the fact of the range and the low damage generated. Must understand that Yareli survavility is upon Merulina, and her skills may guarante that she can keep the track of all the enemies without stressing that much about how squishy she is. 

Nothing to say, loved it.

An Idol can also set statements and be a strong woman, let her shine as she deserves 💕

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I just got Yareli, after having crafted her as fast as I could - only rushing the new dojo room with platinum and nothing else.  I'll just give my feedback on all the abilities after experimenting with them.  I'm really enjoying Yareli (fun!), but I'm worried it will be hard to get an opportunity to (successfully) use her in late-game content.

My overall feedback is simply that mods don't affect enough things, such as travel speed / number of sea snares, or range of aquablades, or duration of riptide's pull.  I feel very limited in my ability to make a Yareli that's tailored just for me.  But I have some more detailed feedback below.


I really enjoy Yareli's passive - it is my favorite part of Yareli, being incentivized to flow and move on Merulina, and getting powerful crit secondaries as reward.  I wish the Kompressa synergized with this, but it has a lowly 5% crit and 1.8x crit multiplier, so I feel incentivized to not use Yareli's signature weapon as Yareli.  Harrow's signature weapons (Scourge and Knell) are both headshot oriented, to mesh with his kit that gets additional boosts from headshots (more energy from Thurible and more powerful headshots from Covenant).  Meanwhile, Yareli gets boosts to high crit chance/crit damage pistols, but her signature weapon leans more towards status.  The passive is still good, I just need to find some other warframe like Lavos to use the Kompressa on...

Sea Snares

I think this ability would be a lot better if the sea snares would persist after kills to seek out other enemies.  Protea's Blaze Artillery and Vauban's Tesla Nervos both follow this form of being duration-focused, limited-deployment abilities, and both of them will target multiple enemies over the duration.  Blaze Artillery even builds up power (much like Sea Snares) so that any enemy killed after the first will be going down much faster.  Plus, it gets tedious to keep recasting Sea Snares if the enemies are just getting blown up by a teammate the moment they get stunned, a problem Tesla Nervos doesn't have.  Alternatively, instead of having Sea Snares retarget, simply removing the maximum capacity limit on them would help.  I don't see why we need to be limited to just 15 of them if they can only hit one enemy at a time anyway - they don't even do AoE CC like Vauban's Tesla Nervos.  I wouldn't mind the slow damage buildup if it wasn't taking up precious 15 crowd-control slots while sea snares is getting kills.

I also think their flight speed should either be increased on scale with range.  At high range, they will lock on from really far away and take a long time to get to an enemy, often long enough that someone else already blew up the enemies the sea snares were targeting.

The damage, even with high strength and duration, can't do much against high level armored enemies (roughly 20 seconds with 200+ strength to kill level 150 filler enemies like frontier troopers).  It does fine on corpus and the like, though.  Since riptide has a similar problem, having to rely exclusively on aquablades for high-level grineer is rough.  And while there are helminth abilities to strip armor, they don't work with Merulina, so they aren't great options.

EDIT: I had been refraining from casting more than 15 Sea Snares because I saw some disappearing and read that was a limit on the wiki (which there is, but that's only for Sea Snares not already attached to enemies - there doesn't seem to be a limit on the number of affected enemies, just the number of unbound sea snares).  I understand the need to prevent players from just front-loading infinite mines, but I do still think there should be a way to boost their flight speed so that you can build to avoid hitting the limit of 15 when rapidly casting at high range - I've been running into situations where I keep accidentally destroying the oldest sea snares before they arrive at the target enemy.  Furthermore, I've noticed at high range that if I triple-cast for 15 sea snares, they all target the same 5 enemies.  It would be nice if they would change trajectory to go after an unsnared enemy mid-flight.  They prioritize unsnared enemies when unmoving as-is, but once they lock on to an enemy, they chase it, even if another sea snare got there just half a second earlier.


Merulina is a fun, little thing.  Passable damage reduction, and most of your durability comes from being mobile.  My big problem is that helminth abilities don't work with it.  I'm fine being limited to pistols and having to dismount for a few odd tasks/map tiles, but needing to dismount every time I want to cast a helminth ability is rough and really limits my options.  I assume it is a technical issue with making full-body ability animations all work on K-drives or something, but I'd be fine with some inconsistency of letting only some helminth abilities (those with simpler animations) be castable from Merulina.  Even Titania gets to use helminth abilities while in razorwing, so it seems strange that Yareli can't while on Merulina.  Or maybe, if it's not too powerful, even just make Merulina have a special helminth synergy where while riding, any helminth abilities cast have no animation, instead being performed by a temporary water spectre afterimage.

EDIT: I also realized you can't use transference from Merulina.  I'd often just hop out as Titania to open doors and things with transference, and sure, Yareli can use most interactives aboard Merulina, but this makes it really awkward to make Zenurik bubbles in particular.  This feels really clunky, taking two extra steps (getting off the board and getting back on) if I want to replenish my energy.

EDIT: Also, Merulina doesn't seem to get a built-in vacuum effect like Titania's Razorwing, which also stores your companion in some extra-dimensional space.  It doesn't feel mobile to be on a k-drive the whole time if I'm constantly having to run around to pick up loot that everyone else just gets to run by and pick up.

EDIT: I've also found that Primed Sure Footed doesn't seem to work on Merulina.  I get that you should still be knocked off if you crash into a wall, but I don't like how enemy shockwave attacks just knock you off without much you can do about it.


My big problem here is that you can't mod range.  Sometimes there's enemies like demolysts I just really don't want to get close to.  If range made the glaives larger (and slightly farther away to maintain the damageless center of the ability), that would be perfect.  This really just feels like the "I'm fighting grineer, so I guess I have to use this" ability since it is the only one that seems effective on armor.  But I hate the range on it, so I don't like to rely on it.  If I'm that close to an enemy, I could be using melee attacks to a better effect.  I'd love a wider-reaching, weaker alternative via modding with something like Overextended.


Riptide costs a lot of energy and only pulls enemies for a moment.  As crowd control and grouping, it is lackluster in that a lot of enemies don't even make it into the explosion in time, and it might take a couple casts to finish grouping them.  This hurts the damage of it a lot, too, since you're not getting as good of a multiplier as you'd like.  Maybe something like a hold-to-cast to keep it pulling in enemies for another second or two - nothing crazy long like Vauban's Bastille - just enough to make sure you can pull in the enemies.  Or just have it scale with duration, since that seems to be an important stat for Sea Snares, too.  It doesn't need much more duration.  Just modding duration to 200% to double it would be plenty, I think.


Editing because I finished crafting and leveling the Kompressa.  Like I said above, I don't see myself using it as Yareli, which is sad, because I really like it with Yareli thematically.  If you don't want to change it to a crit weapon for synergy, maybe give it a special bonus on Yareli where half of crit chance bonuses are turned into status chance bonuses, so that the passive will still have an effect.  Anyway, I like the weapon thematically.  Like the stug, but good.  Can't wait to get a riven, and for dispo to go up so I can shoot for even more multishot.  I like the reload animation, but for some reason, it feels a lot like an auto-reload weapon to me, so I always forget to reload it when I have time.  But the hit area and multishot are all really good.  The weapon feels fun to use.


In conclusion, I feel limited in builds and mostly just want to see range affect sea snare travel speed, aquablade size/orbit distance, and for duration to affect Riptide's pull duration.

Using helminth abilities on Merulina would be fair to bring Yareli in line with Titania's Razorwing.  Similarly, allowing transference on Merulina would also bring Yareli in line with Titania's Razorwing.  Furthermore, Merulina doesn't seem to have an innate vacuum effect for when your companion is stored, whereas Titania's Razorwing has built-in vacuum to compensate.

Having sea snares change trajectory mid-flight if the target gets captured by another sea snare first would be a lot of quality of life.  As is, I have to wait for the first 5 to connect before I can cast the next 5, so what's the point of having a limit of 15?


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Updating with new information.
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An idea for Aquablades without making it reach too far:

Bullet Jumping while on foot, as well as Boosting aboard Merulina will expand Aquablades from 4 meters to 8 meters, lasting until the end of the maneuver.

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Yareli's Sea Snares could do with out a limit to how many enemies one cast can trap, it could get more snares with strength or perhaps function so that it can hold any amount of enemies but the duration shortens with more enemies. 

Aquablades could also be a bit better, such as having a energy drain instead of duration, and maybe the possibility for their spinning speed to increase with duration or strength mods.


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