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Update 30.5: Yareli & Kompressa Feedback Megathread (Read First Post!)


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3 hours ago, Perfectly_Framed_Waifu said:

Not immune to knockdowns tho.

Merulina's knockdown resistance is really inconsistent. It's immune to knockdown effects from Shockwave MOAs, Grineer Scorpions, and Infested Ancients; but it's not currently resistant to Heavy Gunners or Arson Eximus. I'm not too sure why DE made this decision. 

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1 hour ago, (NSW)Lucifer-Morningst4r said:

I really wish you guys would stop complaining about yareli not being end game viable    She’s suppose to be a new player friendly frame.  Add that to the fact that she is a cc frame  she’s not supposed to be built for end game solo play.  De has said this on multiple occasion while first showing her off that she is new player friendly and meant to be played with friend on high end content. And if we want to have a discussion on frames survivability. I ask you to name one frame that is entirely cc that is not squishy and no frames that have only 1 cc ability do not count.      I’ll be willing to bet all my plat that you can’t name 1.  So again yareli is and I quote “new player friendly”.  This means she will never be a meta frame good god

Here's the problem about "wish(ing) you guys would stop complaining"...Yareli and indeed everything in this game represents an investment by the players (you know..."us guys?") Either you did the quest, built the lab, and researched the parts and built her (all an investment in time), you paid actual cash money for one of her packages, or you bought her with plat (the acquisition of which could be an investment in both time and money.) So people have a right to voice their concerns if their investment didn't quite pan out. And I'd say 15 pages and counting of "concerns" is not insignificant.

Your wager is inconsequential and a straw-man: there are no pure CC frames in the game. There are some who do it better than others, but not one frame has a complete skillset centered around crowd control. Closest is probably Vauban, but even he has his orbital strike.

Not all frames and weapons are going to operate at peak optimum performance, I'll willingly concede that. But folks don't like feeling they're getting an incomplete or unfinished product, particularly if they invested heavily into it with either their time, their cash, or both. They'd like to walk away with that feeling that, at the very least, they broke even. And currently, Yareli is nowhere near that point. And that is why folks "complain" (and should continue to do so) to provide meaningful feedback to DE about this aspect of their game.

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29 minutes ago, (NSW)Lucifer-Morningst4r said:

I really wish you guys would stop complaining about yareli not being end game viable    She’s suppose to be a new player friendly frame.  Add that to the fact that she is a cc frame  she’s not supposed to be built for end game solo play.  De has said this on multiple occasion while first showing her off that she is new player friendly and meant to be played with friend on high end content. And if we want to have a discussion on frames survivability. I ask you to name one frame that is entirely cc that is not squishy and no frames that have only 1 cc ability do not count.      I’ll be willing to bet all my plat that you can’t name 1.  So again yareli is and I quote “new player friendly”.  This means she will never be a meta frame good god

She requires a bunch of prerequisite quests and a dojo with a brand new room built. New players can’t even easily attain her. Furthermore she was released with an update centered toward balancing end game play. 

and why would someone want a useless frame? Frames that do well in high level content out perform Yareli in low level content. So I’m losing your point. Frost does well in end game. Excalibur. Mag. Volt. Trinity. It’d be hard for me to name a frame that doesn’t work in high level content in some capacity. 

In terms of CC if you know what your doing Nyx is an absolute beast in end game, as is Banshee. Vauban can wreck.  Khora is also a CC frame. Having more CC abilities than offensive. Zephyr is also top tier without having significant offensive abilities and existing primarily through CC. So I’m thoroughly lost. 

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41 minutes ago, (NSW)Lucifer-Morningst4r said:

I really wish you guys would stop complaining about yareli not being end game viable    She’s suppose to be a new player friendly frame.  Add that to the fact that she is a cc frame  she’s not supposed to be built for end game solo play.  De has said this on multiple occasion while first showing her off that she is new player friendly and meant to be played with friend on high end content. And if we want to have a discussion on frames survivability. I ask you to name one frame that is entirely cc that is not squishy and no frames that have only 1 cc ability do not count.      I’ll be willing to bet all my plat that you can’t name 1.  So again yareli is and I quote “new player friendly”.  This means she will never be a meta frame good god

Tanky CC frame 

inaros, 1 is cc (no max target cap btw and opens to finishers), 3 is cc (invulnerability in a pinch for those without operator), 4 is cc, way more survivable than yareli, gotten entirely from a quest with no dojo access needed, quest is gotten from baro for a few ducats which only requires mars junction.

Yareli, Only just round on venus but... requires comfort with K drives to complete her quest without mods, mods that make her quest easier are locked behind what players may find difficult about her quest (not to mention small daily standing cap makes ranking vent kids hard), requires dojo access, heavy reliance on large amounts of energy to cc and maintain her tankiness when you're constantly knocked off merulina, new players wont have zenurik, energise, or resources for pads.

I main nyx and love my cc and yareli aint great at it. Its more of a chore to clean up after riptide than it is a convenience even with reduced enemy spread changes, seasnares doesnt have a moddable cap and move so slow they cant save you in a pinch from the enemies they try to reach in their insane tracking range.

meanwhile inaros presses 1 and everything in front of him is instantly interupted and his tankiness doesnt require energy. Never thought I'd be praising inaros lmao.

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Il y a 1 heure, (NSW)Lucifer-Morningst4r a dit :

 "She’s suppose to be a new player friendly frame. "

So again yareli is and I quote “new player friendly”.  


Prerequisite quests and requiring a new dojo room just to have her indicates that no. 

New player friendly frames are Rhino , Excal , Volt , Mag  and all of these are way better than Yareli 

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Yareli Consolidated Buffs

Sea Snares:

  • Globules can now bypass obstacles in the environment. 
    • Why? Currently globules will hone in on enemies regardless if there's an obstacle between it and the enemy, meaning a lot of globules end up popping when they collide with said obstacle- this leads to a lot of wasted casts as your Sea Snares struggle to path around the obstacles in the environment. Changing it so they can bypass obstacles would make Sea Snares more reliable and not wasteful. 
  • Enemies caught by Sea Snares receive 50% increased damage from all sources (moddable up to 100%).
    • Why? Gives more incentive to ensnare enemies as it will boost the damage of Yareli's (and her squad's) abilities/weaponry against ensnared enemies. 



  • Upon activation, Merulina is invulnerable for 3 seconds, during this time all incoming damage it takes is multiplied by 250% and added to its total health. 
    • Why? Merulina does not scale well into higher enemy levels, this change (that was also made to Rhino’s Iron Skin and Nezha’s Warding Halo) would make Merulina viable regardless of the content you're tackling. 
  • If Yareli receives lethal damage while riding, she is ejected from Merulina with her health points restored to 50% of maximum health capacity.
    • Why? Additional protection given by Merulina in the case that the 75% damage reduction doesn’t protect her, essentially a way to cheat death as Yareli. Very similar to Protea’s Temporal Anchor and Nidus' Undying. 
  • Merulina’s knockdown resistance is now consistent.
    • Why? Merulina makes Yareli resistant to knockdown effects from Shockwave MOAs, Grineer Scorpions, and Infested Ancients; but she is not currently resistant to Heavy Gunners or Arson Eximus. Making this resistance consistent so that it encompasses all knockdown effects would help with survivability, whilst also preventing wasted energy recasting Merulina.



  • Enemies caught by Sea Snares that are dragged into Riptide have their defences reduced by 60% (moddable up to 100%).
    • Why? A step up from the debuff given by Sea Snares if you synergise it with Riptide i.e. going from increased damage vulnerability, to increased damage vulnerability and reduction of defences- rewarding players for using these abilities in tandem. It would make Yareli more valuable as a squad mate as she could make tougher enemies easier to kill. This would also synergise with Aquablades, as enemies from this Sea Snare-Riptide synergy would have no armour or shields, leaving their flesh which is most susceptible to Slash damage.
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I hope there will be more open area maps that will allow us to use merulina more effectively,  these tight corridors and hallways of these maps do not allow the mobile freedom that ability wants. I also hope there is an ability mod that allows us to merulina more like a companion or sentinel, again because certain missions and map types don't really allow us the mobility k-drive shooting needs.

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3 hours ago, (XBOX)ActualGeist said:

Merulina's knockdown resistance is really inconsistent. It's immune to knockdown effects from Shockwave MOAs, Grineer Scorpions, and Infested Ancients; but it's not currently resistant to Heavy Gunners or Arson Eximus. I'm not too sure why DE made this decision. 

Not immune to Corpus electricity doors, either.

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Was originally going to post this feedback for Yareli as a response to someone but it's more fitting here.

I've been playing with her in Steel Path and Sister hunting, and can confidently say she's all flavor and no substance despite 3 forma and more playtime than Hildryn. I don't know how anyone can consider her even close to okay in her current state. She's fun to play when the enemies can barely penetrate your shield but there's no way I'd feel comfortable bringing her into an Arbitration.

Sea Snares is okay for stalling super bulky units but the damage (which doesn't even apply a status to help with CO or GA) is so insignificant, even with a long duration, that with so much effective HP it may as well be a pure-CC ability. I'd much rather the ramping damage mechanic be replaced with a progressive armor strip or massive vulnerability to Electric procs, just something to keep it relevant in higher levels.

Merulina is a significantly worse version of Warding Halo numbers-wise, with the added downside of being harder to control than old 8DOF archwings in Corpus ships, and it can instantly vanish with any enemy knockdown even when using maxed Prime Sure-Footed. The complete lack of scaling means that my 15k HP Merulina dies almost immediately after spawning if I'm getting hammered by gunfire. Halo can easily scale into the 200k range on longer runs, it gives 95% DR instead of 75%, and Nezha has free access to all the available methods to heal when his meager health pool takes a big hit. Since Merulina restricts you to your secondary when mounted, you're incredibly limited with your healing options. You can't:

  • take advantage of Life Strike/Healing Return (no melee)
  • use Protective Dash (no operator)
  • cast an augmented Molt (no Helminth abilities)

...and none of her abilities offer any form of health regeneration, leaving you with the Rejuvination aura, health pizza, Arcane Grace, and Arcane Victory as your only methods of post-mounted healing. It's impractical to say "weave Merulina in with regular gameplay" because she has almost no survivability on her own two feet. I tried using Gloom in place of Riptide but it's bugged while riding and only her 1 and 3 can heal at the moment. I'm not even going to touch on the fact that it's an unmoddable K-drive because the base ability needs be worth using before talking about its possible bonuses.

Aquablades is bad functionality-wise, and no amount of number inflating will save it from that. It reads and plays like an early Warframe ability, just a flat damage cast-and-forget ability with zero secondary function or synergy, useful only in early star chart missions to give new players the illusion that they're powerful as they run through level 10 lancers. It doesn't provide additional damage resistance, doesn't scatter Sea Snares when hitting an affected target, doesn't deflect incoming projectiles, isn't affected by her equipped melee in any way, it's a source of miniscule melee range slash damage and nothing else. It has the perfect aesthetic to be the conjunctive mitigation ability to Merulina for when we're made vulnerable in its absence.

Riptide has potential to be good outside of early missions, but the disruptive projectile ragdolling needs to go before anything else changes. I feel like it would fit better with Yareli's kit if it had a duration instead of pulling then dissipating at the end of the cast. Even the preview video in the abilities screen makes it look like it draws things in and keeps them there for a time before exploding. By making it duration-based instead, it opens up the possibility of creating some synergy with the kit, such as:

  • Riding Merulina into a vortex's radius heals it and Yareli by X%/s
  • Staying within the vortex's radius with Aquablades active keeps the vortex invigorated, freezing its timer
  • If an enemy affected by Sea Snares is pulled in, all enemies within get affected for the remaining duration ||OR|| Enemies affected by Sea Snares increase the vortex's damage by X%
  • Enemies within are X% more vulnerable to secondary weapon fire

It really is disappointing seeing how underwhelming she is when her direct predecessor Sevagoth had such an outstanding launch that I felt no regrets plugging 2 Umbra Forma into him in the first day. Yareli by comparison is the equivalent of a disjointed group of kids where one is reading, one is watching TV, one is playing in the pool, and the last is pulling the legs off spiders.

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I heard points need to be precise and clear, so I'll make an effort of formatting my objections. 

  • Disconnected abilities. 1 is a great cc tool, 4 is an alright damage power, 2 is a generous DR/bonus health pool. 3 does damage, but the range and damage are lacking. There's no reason to use her 3 right now.
  • Damage. As stated earlier, no reason to use her 3, since her 4 does damage more easily. Yet, her 4 does little damage to SP grineers.
  • Energy cost. 75 for the water blades is too much. 100 for her 4, which need to be spammed at requiem fissure level, is too much too. On the other hand, Merulina 28k EHP is only 25, that's super cheap. I understand it helps with often mounting and dismounting the k-drive, but still it's a bit weird, and a very easy to acquire DR.
  • The plank is useless. Tricks serve no purpose, and yet Yareli can't use 2/3 of her powers. Once on the plank, there's isn't much to do.
  • The Kompressa. It has no crit, yet Yareli passive boost crits. That's it.

To me, Yareli is a caster, who deal damage through her abilities. I have this feeling from Merulina, which blocks most weapons and prevent advanced precision aiming, so it puts an emphasis on powers (which get minor bonuses from casted on the plank). I also have this feeling from her 1, which does time scalling damage, and her 4 which scale from the number of ennemies dragged in. Yet Yareli's damage is lackluster. Weird if her damage is supposed to come from her powers

Some thoughts to make it work (I'm probably not the first one tho, so ignore this if needed) :

  • Make her 1 a set up to boost the rest of her kit, making it the cornerstone of the kit. Like "globuled ennemies count twice in the 4 formula". Increase globules speed and give them some basic pathfinding. More globule spawn for each consecutive casts. 
  • Merulina tricks heal Yareli/Merulina. I read the idea of making specifi effect for specifi tricks, such as aoe sleep on certain landings. Interesting paths, with probably lots of work.
    • Make the plank modable too, some mods may not be eligible but that's fine.
  • Make her 3 scale with range somehow, like melees (overall bigger hitboxes). Recast to launch them towards globuled ennemies and deal increased damages to them.
  • I don't have much ideas for the 4. I find its form quite fine for a damage power, it just need to be able to do somethin gat higher levels, and without going crazy with power str

I really enjoy Yareli in her current iteration. The k-drive aspect is really unique and fun. Her 4 has a nice feel to it, and both 3 and 1 are kind of set-and-forget with solid base duration. She shine best as she nuke low-medium level missions while doing tricks.

Great work on her, but the work is not finished

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I've already posted twice, but this is a new thought: I wonder how much of Yareli's problems stem from the back-end change to enemy damage attenuation. It feels like these powers were tested before that change was put in, assuming they tested her beyond functionality against low level trash mobs.

No really. Overnight I went from my Broken War (which doesn't use any of the nerfed mods) hitting a lv140 Corrupted Heavy Gunner for five figures on a basic swing to only dealing a few hundred to a few thousand. I'm curious if a lot of these changes are the result of the Anthem-ing of enemies because the Arquebex wasn't properly balance tested against liches, and it was decided that "fights shouldn't last a second." Hey, you gave me a nemesis with a million HP and a way to deal six million damage four times per second. Maybe give me a tougher nemesis, or possibly scale liches on their progenitor's MR. Off topic.

I'm curious to see what the Tennocon patch is going to bring, and if we'll see either 1) a bigger buff to Yareli, and/or 2) a change to the way damage attenuation works, if not its total removal. This is by far the least popular change to the game, and I have a feeling it's the real culprit as to why Yareli feels like she's struggling.

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After my first review prior to the buffs, I've now tested her in different scenarii after her buffs. My feelings:

The buffs in numbers helped her a bit (she can now sometimes kill enemies in Sorties), but her problems are not numbers, they are mechanics:

- lack of synergy between powers
- annoying ragdoll and very poor crowd control on the ultimate, damage based on the numbers of enemies is not the same as scaled on their levels.
- very poor range and effects of the 3d ability (comparing it to Nezha's Warding Halo is sufficient to see its lack of interest)
- forcing us to play on her unmoddable K-drive, locking us with only the secondary weapon gameplay, and no companion assistance (vacuum, radar, abilities)
- Yareli has pure reduction damage... Even if I appreciate that, I feel like her theme would particularly fit for a Queen of Evasion (like water, the conjonction of her body and movements would allow her to completely absorb and let damage go right through her without serious damage): she could easily have a very high evasion by default, becoming even almost perfect if she's in movement. It would make more sense than her current passive or being ultra tanky. But that's just a random thought, not a problem in her current kit.



I'll put this one first, suggested by other people here and there, that I find very interesting:

- untie Merulina from her 2d ability. Yareli should just summon her when we dodge.

- Merulina should still give advantages when we are riding it, but nothing that would force us to use her for the whole mission with only the secondary equiped.

- Merulina should be moddable. Or at least our pet mods should be considered all active.


Her powers:

- her 1: fine as is.

- her 2: the damage reduction is useful. Keep that part, and allow us to buff it to a maximum of 90% by doing some gameplay actions of your choice (Yareli is all about staying active and in movement: it could be something inspired by that). Or turn it into something different (if the passive of Queen of Evasion is considered).

- her 3: buffing the damage doesn't help. Several mechanics must be implemented and tweaked to make it useful/interesting for a third power. I don't know, maybe make the ring expand like ripples on water each time Yareli is attacked, sending back concentric waves of portions of the damage+statuses inflicted to Yareli? Also, the area of effect should wave up and down to affect targets that are smaller or higher than Yareli's chest.

- her 4: scaling with the numbers of enemies is not enough, especially when the damage type is unique. Even in sorties, you have to cast the power 3-5 times to kill most enemies with 214% strength. In Steel Path or long Arbitration, it's useless. If you want to make it a damage ability, it must scale with the level of enemies too (like Grendel). If you want to make it a mixed damage-control ability, the ability should linger for a bit, allowing Yareli to unleash a tsunami of bullets on the buble, before it releases the enemies. If you want to make it a pure control ability, it should follow our reticle and suck all enemies in, then release them in the place we want them to, or be castable on several places, forming traps around the map.
I also think it shouldn't inflict a single damage-type, and should proc statuses.
I also feel that this power could easily benefit from a "charged" effect (maintaining its button could make it last longer or be more and more powerful/wide).


Possible Synergies:

- Touching the Sea Snares with the Aquablades causing a radial explosion of some sort (not necessarily damage: it could spread Sea Snares around, like the Spores of Saryn when hit)?

- Using the ultimate on ensnared enemies could use their health+protection as a base for a damage scaling buff? (to make it useful & efficient even in Steel Path/Arbitrations)

- power 1 or 3 + bumping/landing on enemies with Merulina: healing Yareli? Or giving her energy?

- if any other power is active, all allies in the area of effect of the ultimate will be cleansed of status effects and immune to it for a short duration.


Just ideas thrown in the water... Thanks for reading!

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11 hours ago, (NSW)Lucifer-Morningst4r said:

I really wish you guys would stop complaining about yareli not being end game viable    She’s suppose to be a new player friendly frame.  Add that to the fact that she is a cc frame  she’s not supposed to be built for end game solo play.  De has said this on multiple occasion while first showing her off that she is new player friendly and meant to be played with friend on high end content. And if we want to have a discussion on frames survivability. I ask you to name one frame that is entirely cc that is not squishy and no frames that have only 1 cc ability do not count.      I’ll be willing to bet all my plat that you can’t name 1.  So again yareli is and I quote “new player friendly”.  This means she will never be a meta frame good god

Not to pile on you with this, but this is a really, REALLY weak argument. First off, there are no frames that do only CC. But for the sake of argument: Trinity has two direct CCs (her 1 and 2), a damage mitigation (Link), and her 4 heals the team and gives them full overshields, as well as DR. Frost is mainly CC and has paper thin defenses, but can be augmented to have ice armor, and Snow Globe is super powerful defensively. Nyx, whose entire kit is either removing enemies from the fight or removing defenses, can literally turn invincible and still shoot stuff. And... well... Inaros. Inaros is literally pure CC: conical blind (that you can use to restore health), turn invincible and (slowly) turn an enemy into a specter while healing, create a zone where enemies literally get yeeted, and hold to make yourself have massive armor at the cost of health and tap to heal your team in an area at the cost of 25% of your armor's charge. And also the largest health pool in the game, with some of the highest armor.

As the others have pointed out, there is no way Yareli is a "new player" frame. You literally need to complete the Vox Solaris quest, go through what's effectively the K-Drive tutorial, then build an entire dojo lab that ONLY has her parts. Said lab takes one day to build, then the parts take three days to research. Then you need to build those parts, which require some higher level Fortuna materials and Argon, and then spend 3 days building her. Or 375 platinum. In half that time, and for far less plat, you could either grind or buy one of the three starting frames, each who are just way better in every regard, as it currently stands. Even if you're in a clan with a Bash lab finished and the research done, you still need higher tier Fortuna bits and bobs that require you to either interact with the systems quite a bit or have a friend willing to sell them to you.

Every frame SHOULD be endgame viable. While not every frame is going to really be suited for Steel Path or Veil Proxima, you shouldn't have to struggle to stay alive in an Axi Fissure. Even worse is that her entire defense is offloaded to a slug-board that does not control well, at all. I don't know if you need to hear this, but we're not bashing the entire concept of this frame. Maybe you love the design. Maybe it speaks to you in a way beyond space and time. But we're not attacking you. We just want to justify the seven days of grind or 375 platinum we spent on her, plus the time we spend leveling her. No one is saying that she needs to be power creep incarnate. We just want a frame that doesn't have trouble killing level 30 grineer.

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I've play tested Yareli in a few Steel Path missions now and have some feedback.


Passive: Passive is fine, I don't think it needs any changes.


Sea Snares: This ability fine as-is: although the damage can fall off at higher levels or in Steel Path, it's a CC ability which it works fine at.


Merulina: Aside from some clipping issues with doorframes, I think this ability is fine as well. 


Aquablades: As a defensive ability this doesn't do enough, only staggering enemies. I'd like for some damage reduction while this ability is active, possibly reduced when subsumed via Helminth. The damage also isn't great, but I don't think that needs changing.


Riptide: The damage this deals at high levels is very low, even with high power strength and 10+ enemies sucked into it. I don't think a simple damage buff would do enough, but perhaps a change in damage type might do the trick?

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If I could use the K-drive mod Vapor Trail, that'd be a total game changer. As it is, I had to remove Aqua Blades for Dispensary, modding for Equilibrium + Synth Fiber to keep energy manageable, and afford much needed healing.
I like Sea Snares but, the fact that they don't seek after casting without a target, or how they only cast straight out horizontally and not to aim, really limits it's ability. Means many are wasted for lack of target, or hitting environment.

Merulina, I enjoy, but then again I'm a strange case for loving K-drive. My problem is with how, unless I'm mistaken, armor/DR don't effect the amount of damage it takes.

Aquablades is a slot for Helminth, and nothing more. I find it odd that it's not effected by Range.

Riptide I wish had a duration.. Also the casting seems a little finicky, and sometimes orients sideways off of textures and obstacles in the environment, which seems to really skew whether it picks up enemies. It's powerful with maximum range, but then scatters enemies.

Energy consumption required to make Sea Snares and Riptide competent in Steel Path is far more demanding than is sustainable with Dispensary or Spectrosiphon.. even then, she struggles to make it 5 minutes in Steel Path survival.

Sincerely wish that abilities Helminth'd onto her kit could be cast from on Merulina... because it makes life vastly more difficult, and energy vastly more scarce.

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Alright, so I just finished ranking up Yareli, and I have some complaints. This is not a full list, Just a list of what I wanted to add to the conversation

Passive: Definitely needs a bit of time after you've stopped moving before going away, maybe 2 to 3 seconds. Also, I think it would be good to allow it to affect all weapons, not just secondaries, or if that seems strong, maybe just primary and secondaries.

Sea Snares: They need some better scaling, the damage ramping up while attached to an enemy is a good start, but in higher levels it can barely tickle an enemy. One idea is that they could slowly strip armor. Also, if once they expired, they could explode based on the damage dealt to the trapped enemy, that could help out their usability

Merulina: needs better handling, I know this is inherent to k-drives but, this ability feels really slippery and imprecise. I think allowing aim glides while on Merulina would greatly help with precision, and then maybe just allow for the momentum to not be as strong. Also, we shouldn't be locked to just secondaries with this, and I'm no programmer nor animator, but it doesn't make sense the restrictions put onto this. Surely you could just have Yareli do only the upper body portion of animations, that's what you did with emotes played during Razorwing, so I'm not really seeing the issue with using subsumed abilities on Merulina, same with melee (though that's probably has to do with using melee to get off Merulina).

Aquablades: Why does this only hit on the perimeter? what made that seem like a good idea? Make the damage from Aquablades hit enemies within the radius, not just the those touching the perimeter! And, making this ability scale with range would be a huge help, its kind of weird that they don't. it would also be nice if Aquablades granted damage reduction, and if, on recast, the Aquablades shot out from Yareli with increased damage/crit/status.

Riptide: Don't explode the bodies out, if the enemy is still alive, it should just drop it, not fling it away. And like most people are saying, having a duration on this would be amazing, that way it could be useful as a grouping tool even after the damage becomes useless. and also some extra scaling would be nice

Synergies: Not every frame needs every ability interlinked, but synergies help provide more of a flow to the gameplay.

  Merulina and Aquablades: doubles the range of Aquablades

  Sea snares and Riptide: Sea snared enemies caught in Riptide will give Riptide an increased damage over time effect, with that increase being based on how many Sea snares are in the Riptide

  Merulina and Sea Snares: Sea snared enemies run over by Merulina get dragged behind (up to a limit of, lets say, 15 enemies), dealing damage and knocking over other enemies.

Or, if that seems like a nightmare in coding;

  Merulina and Sea Snares (option 2): Casting Sea snares while on Merulina creates a wake dealing damage scaling off of current enemy level, and knocking them down

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Yareli has lack of synergi 

it could be better if her spells work around blades imo. 

Here my ideas for a little rework ( sry for my English)

SEA SNARE : Keep the same but give slash debuff to every enemies snared

MERULINA : Replace the K-Drive by rotative damaging blade without kdrive gameplay ( he's not make for closed area)


AQUABLADE : same that original but you can also hold it to leave the blade on the floor. Blades still spining ( nice for area control ). Then you can pick it up after like volt Shield.


RIPTIDE : Same than the original BUT also drag aqua blades that has been left the floor before ( blades merging in a same point. don't work if u keep them around you ) 

With this I'm pretty sure people could more love Yareli


Thx for reading 🙂

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Yareli Happenings and Thoughts: sorry for the long post

So after my initial rework suggestion, I now had the chance to test around with Yareli myself, and I have to say, my opinion didn’t change much. Clunky 1, uncomfortable 2, useless 3, okay-but-too-expensive-for-what-it-does 4. All in all, she needs a rework.

CC alone is not enough. Every other CC frame has some bonus, but I won’t let you use what counts for “damage” on this frame as an excuse.

Also why does she not deal cold procs, and should she really stop being useful at level 30?



Thanks to then insane research time, could only start actual testing after a week of release.

Requires a dojo, and even a special room. So much for “intended for new players”.

The sound design and graphics of Yareli are naturally top notch. Her abilities feel fluid and look meaningful.

The best thing about her is her stylish Syandana.

The movement, sound and Yareli’s position while on Merulina are strictly inferior to that of normal K-Drives. The sound does not transmit the feeling of momentum properly, and neither does Yareli’s position. Both of these things combined make Merulina feel far slower than normal K-Drives, even though they are identical in speed and handling.

The effect of Yareli’s abilities is non-existent. When judging her abilities, both damage and damage reduction can be ingored, due to their being too low to matter.

Yareli’s control in decent, but aside from ease of targeting on enemies affected by Sea Snares, does not grant any benefits, even to AoE weaponry.

Yareli lacks any sort of buffing or debuffing.

She can’t cope with enemies that are immune to displacement abilities, and brings nothing to a team.

Her lack of healing or support abilities is confusing, given the story of the warframe.

Yareli seems to suffer from a lack of indentity, sporting control style abilities that seem like they should apply debuffs; abilities that actually are pure damage focused; all the while her purpose is implied as a buffer, healer, supporter type character.



Fell out the map on Jupiter while on Merulina. The reset set me back at the point I fell from, causing a loop. Unstuck command didn’t help, neither did leaving merulina, jumping, or using the operator. Fell for about 5 minutes before the mission ended.

Fell out the map: Nr2 & Nr3. This time the Unstuck command worked. It seems to be limited to the Jupiter tileset.

Report from a friend: Merulina still uses base colors in the idle animation, even after changing the colors of both Yareli and Merulina.

Report from a friend: When entering Merulina, the camera sometimes doesn’t change to gun mode and instead goes to trick mode. Can be fixed by switching back and forth.

Sea Snares Bubbles collectively homed in on allied Sister Hound.

Entering Merulina sometimes makes the ability icons disappear. This seems to be because of a bad connection to the host.


Merulina specifically:

Activation animation of Merulina does not seem to be affected by casting speed.

Merulina bounces off objects too easily, makes maneuvering difficult.

Lacking the ability to dodge roll or use aim glide makes this almost unusable, especially on Jupiter.



In infested corpus ship, all Sea Snare bubbles flew straight into the ground and disappeared. They don’t maneuver around objects.

Sea Snares home in on enemies already trapped by an instance of Sea Snares if the ability is cast repeatedly.

High sideways speed of K-Drives makes it nearly impossible to aim while moving. Thus, keeping the passive while also benefiting from it is only possible with AoE weapons.

The passive runs out way too easily.

All of Yareli’s abilities cancel reload. This is an issue on Merulina, because having access only to secondary weapons, means one is left without a weapon in case of an empty magazine. Normally, one still has melee.

Aquablades push enemies, but there don’t seem to be any regularity there. Sometimes, they are pushed inwards, where they still take damage but are not staggered. At other times, they are pushed outwards and are not affected by the ability anymore.

Sea Snares often bursts on the environment.

Riptide pull is not strong enough to pull enemies the up to the abilities range. Not affected by Strength. This gets worse when increasing casting speed. Enemies in the area of riptide take its full damage, regardless off wether they are drawn into the visible cyclon or not. Sometimes such enemies do not take the explosion damage. This appears to be based on line of sight.



Damage Report (all test done at 300% ability strength, which is franky not realistic):

Sea Snares only has effect on the weakest of targets, but seems somewhat effective up to around level 150 with moderate duration, if it is allowed to run for the full duration.

Aquablades is questionably effective against armored units, as it takes the full duration (almost a minute) of the ability to kill enemies at level 150. The damage is generally too low to effectively kill anything above level 30.

Riptide is effective against corpus up to about level 180, but fails to kill some infested due to their increased health.

Both Sea Snares and Riptide lose any damage potential as soon as level 30 against armored units.



Survivability on Merulina is questionable. Yareli dies without fail with Merulina barely losing health. The situation reverses if Adaptation is involved. (note: a mod as specific as adaptation should not be required for a warframe to survive. Any and all frames can increase their survivability in this way). With Adaptation equipped, Merulina dies quickly, even if Yareli takes little damage.

The survivability with Merulina is further called into question, because a lot of knockdown effects that exist in the game can instantly disrupt the use of Merulina, knocking Yareli of the board.

Further, the Operator is an important tool, both for interacting, such as with reviving downed team mates, but also to wait out the duration of dangerous status procs. The Operator can not be used while on Merulina.



Sea Snares bring enemies into a good position to be shot, but bring no further benefit. They are also brought out of range of some attacks and effects.

Aquablades stagger is circumstantial. It often does not prevent enemies from using melee skills, such as the heavy gunners ground slam.

Riptide has decent area disruption, but any enemies not pulled in is a threat to the then vulnerable Yareli. Because of how the enemies are scattered, this is only useful as a gathering tool on weapons with a minimum of about 5 meter blast radius, in which case the weapon alone would most often be enough to hit all enemies.

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On 2021-07-14 at 6:24 PM, Leqesai said:

Even with variable range the damage on this thing is terrible. It is serviceable against infested at steel path levels but it is absolute garbage against grineer and corpus units even in the later regular star chart difficulty. As long as this thing only damages enemies that physically touch the blades it will be garbage. It really needs a rework from the ground up IMO.

You're right. At least if it stays as a small ring around Yareli, it needs more damage and effects to be worth risking her life or getting knocked off the board when charging into enemies.

Let's build on top of what it does:

  • Add an invisible pull radius of 4 meters around the Aquablades (which is 8 meters from Yareli). Enemies in this radius are sucked in by a whirlpool effect (that they can resist slightly if moving away from you) similar to Magnetize.
  • Aquablades' ability button can be held down while ticking down its duration, and/or held down before cast to do an alt function. Yareli throws the entire ring out for 25 energy, that travels up to 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 meters (moddable with range) and returns to her just like a glaive would. Tap again while the ring is flying to recall it early.
    • When thrown, Aquablades deal both Slash and Corrosive procs on hit (can potentially damage and proc 6 times on the way out and when returning).
    • This hold-cast can be disabled for Helminth version if deemed undesirable by devs.
  • Aquablades, in its regular and thrown state, will bounce a single Aquablade out when it hits a Sea Snared enemy. This Aquablade hits the snared enemy once then bounces up to 2 more times to other enemies to inflict Slash damage, proc, and stagger, to a max of 3 targets.
  • Let Riptide's damage per tick deal Magnetic damage and procs to deal with shielded factions.

So that means Sea Snares + Riptide + throw Aquablades would be a strong combo on Yareli to cut down on armor and bleed enemies dry.

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I've just got my hands on Yareli and so far I've only got a QoL change in mind:

Make all sorts of interactions with objects (example: hacking console) and kills while riding Merulina give affinity for Vent Kids. Even small amounts would be cool and fit the Yareli lore.

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I finished testing Yareli as much as I could. She has several issues:

  • Lack of Synergies: Each ability feels standalone, there is no synergy between her abilities. Her 1 lifts targets, her 4 pull, nuke and throw up targets. Aquablades do not influence in any of them. Merulina synergizes with Aquablades but Merulina itself isn't good for the reasons below.
  • Passive: The passive benefits only critical secondary weapons. Please change it to secondary final damage instead.
  • Merulina Handling: Awful to handle and overall not worth using at all. Must be slower and less clunky to turn inside missions. Just try to complete a mission using it 100% of the time and you'll know what I mean...
  • Pushed Out of Merulina: Yareli is pushed out of Merulina in Corpus laser barriers. It feels awful. If you are that fast, you should take damage only, not be dismounted from Merulina.
  • Merulina Mods: They do not exist. Since it's an exalted K-Drive, I was expecting for us to be able to use the k-drive mods.
  • Aquablades: Ability Range should increase the chakrams' size. Also, it feels weird that you only damage when they touch the chakrams, and not between the chakrams and Yareli. Would be good if it was a circle starting from Yareli herself.


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So I finally got my Yareli , did some testing and can now give my feedback .

Before saying anything , I'll provide my build , so DE teams can have more info .


Aura : corrosive projection .

Exilus : power drift 

mods :

Vitality , redirection , over extend , continuity prime , streamline , intensify , transient fortitude and augur reach .

strength : 140%

duration : 128%

efficiency : 130%

range : 220%


Arcane : Aegis and Awakening .


I ran this build because her abilities seems to highly benefit from range . 

It maybe overkill , so I will adjust them a little bit , but I don't think it will effect my conclusion .


I'll say my conclusion first , then go into details and some suggestion :


Conclusion :

She's not in a good state right now .

Her scaling is slow and ineffective , movement is not really smooth , and lack synergies between abilities.

Right now her best damage option is her gun due to her great passive ( which is not a good sign ) , and have decent survivability provided by Merulina if one's constantly on the move .

And even she has decent CC capability , there are other frames which are superior in anyway .

Her 4 does surprising high damage in Steel Path corpus mission though , thanks to high enemy density and they don't posses much resistance .


Passive :

It's great . It's basically free crit chance since space ninjas should constantly be moving anyways .


Sea Snare

As a cheap CC , comparing it to another similar ability , Vauban's Tesla Nervos , it's a bit lacking .

While Tesla Nervos also don't require player input , did damage over time and cc enemies , it also effect a small group around it , and have way longer duration .

The only upside Sea Snare has compare to it , is it can be deployed up to 15 of them . But since Tesla Nervos can CC a small group instead of 1 , it's more effective .


Damage wise , it's very low , even with it's growing damage . That being said , I don't expect damage from a CC ability .

But that doesn't mean it can't help in that department . I will give suggestions later after all abilities have been reviewed .


(Also the description said three bubbles per cast while it's actually five? It may needs some correction)


Straight to the point , using a vehicle that's design for open space within small corridors is not a good idea .

It constantly get stuck at door frames , small obstacles , celling when it jump because it jumps to high and fall into holes because it will drift a little bit .


And even though I said Merulina gave her nice tankiness , 7500 base "shield" can be break really easily . It needs a little scaling .



It's visually stunning . But the same can't be said about damage .

As a damage ability , this ability has no scaling at all . It has high proc chance for sure , but base damage is so low it didn't matter at all .

And it has a really small range , even with my 220% range I still have to run towards my enemies to hurt them .  ( Extra Note : apparently it doesn't effect by range )


It's only function now is to stagger melee enemies , but we are a space ninja on a skate board with a passive that encourage moving , I don't think it's that helpful .


Just imagine the fun one can have while using this it's effective. Riding a giant beyblade through a hoard ? It sounds like something from Dead Rising...


This may be the only reason if someone wants to use her , mass grouping is always good in this game .

And that's it .

It did have decent damage when there are a bunch of mobs around , but is that case there are more option then this . Also armor completely negates it .

To be honest , with this low power , I think it fit better in 3rd ability then in 4th . It need serious buff .


Suggestion :

My suggestion have a few goals :

1. better scaling 

2. better synergy 

3. better QoL 


Sea Snares

I have 2 changes for this ability .

a ) apply viral / magnetic proc to enemies caught over time to soften them up for future damage .

It can just be viral , or automatically chose one base on enemy race .

b) slowly pull enemies towards effected target and snare them too . Like a mini Ensnare from Khora .


Those gave this ability a bit more power . Change A gave her scaling , while Change B improve it's CC and add synergy with AquaBlades and Riptide .  



It's hit box needs to be shrink , and adjust it's movement so it can fit smaller places . It's a big task but it must be done , lowering it's jump height will be a good start .

And gave her same property as all Iron Skin-like abilities , which soak up damage taken in first 3 second and apply to it's health .

Even better if those extra HP can be further improve by Strength like Nezha .


Further note

When player deactivated the ability , it's HP should be preserved and free to cast as long as it's still alive.

Basically only cost energy when player summoned a brand new board , so player won't be punished while trying to hack , revive , mercy kill ... Etc.

Then add a function to hold the ability to summon a brand new one with cost when they wish to .


Simply more damage and range could help .

Make Range effected by mods , and summon more blades base on extra range , Like Xaku's Grasp of Lohk .

And have it's damage scale with Enemy levels .

With these changes , and the Sea Snare change above , this ability should be able to cleave through trash mobs and heavily damage beefy ones with proper set up .



I ran out of idea . This ability needs a "Vast Untime" treatment , aka a completely new function that works with her kit , which is far above my capability .

And unlike Vast Untime , this ability's name didn't provide cool inspiration...


Here is some "thoughts" , but I'm not really sure about any of these .

a ) Keeps holding enemy in place after bursting for further cleaning .

b ) Allow one to hold the ability to keep sucking and damage enemies in it at a cost , even moveable by aiming .

c ) Weaken enemy defences . 

d? ) Being a actual riptide , by adding a second wave without Yareli's input , constantly pull enemies in it and stagger enemies around before a giant burst  ... Sorry I get carried a way , I'm trying too hard .

It's better if you get someone else on the matter . I personally think a combination of B and C will be nice .


So this is my Yareli feedback . Thanks DE team for reading this through , and hopefully she can be at a better state after few more buffs.

In many ways , Yareli current state feels a lot like what Xaku has been through  , so I have faith that she can be fun and good just like Xaku since they are quite decent now .


Also thanks for all the hardwork , I know you all are working on TennoCon . Don't have to rush those changes , and remembered to take care of yourself.

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Yareli is currently the 2nd lowest rated frame on overframe (45% of people voted her D rank, Grendel is first at 47%) and is getting more poor ratings over time. That alone says something about her general design. She won't get "good". She won't be "better". She will never be viable, or even close to it because a K-drive IS NOT SUITED for regular gameplay and 0 effort has been made to turn it into a viable option. 
To be viable she would need a more responsive vehicule, smaller size, another passive and new abilities. The frame isn't even close to fun even vs enemies lv10. You know it is over when moving is *harder* than killing stuff.

To be clear, it is a design issue. Not a weak frame with low numbers, simply not useable.

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