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Update 30.5: Yareli & Kompressa Feedback Megathread (Read First Post!)


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Finally finished crafting Yareli yesterday.

Played her in regular star chart missions in order to get a feel of her and her play style.

Got her to MR 30, decided if I was going to forma her, decided not to and fed her to Helminth.

My first impression of the frame is not glowing.

Her passive is ok, but there are so few good secondary guns that benefit from the extra crit, also should you stop moving the buff is gone instantly, not even a couple of seconds grace such as the one you find on Wisps passive that allows that frame to remain invisible while jumping on the spot.

Her first ability needs to be able to be cast in the direction the player is looking not horizontally no matter where your camera is, apart from that it's "ok".

Her second is awful on any level that isn't open and removes so much utility from the frame that it isn't even funny.

Her third does no damage to any mob past level 20 unless your prepared to sit and let it grind away on them.

Her forth is pretty ok, but does no damage for an ultimate ability, and although it does cold damage it doesn't proc cold so it's pretty useless as a CC.

And, THAT FACE! four little beady staring eyes, a lunatic grin and huge chin. WHY DE WHY?!

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After messing around with updated Yareli, or finally getting around to, I'm going to repeat myself a lot. Since this time around I'm going to focus on changes rather than shortcomings, I'd recommend anyone interested checks out the post I made at:

Now, then, let's begin.

Sea Snares:

  • Holding the Sea Snares cast should allow you to latch multiple onto a single target. Needless to say, the DoT dealt by the Snares would stack appropriately. This should allow players to decide whether they want mass CC with lower damage output, or single target CC with higher damage output.
  • The amount of bubbles produced by Sea Snares should increase from Power Strength to a max of 10 per cast. Additionally, the max bubbles you can have active should be increased from Duration, though ideally to a cap of 20.
  • Augment: Sea Snares could be allowed to explode on a recast. The damage of the explosion, ideally, would be either based on the damage the enemies have taken from the Snares up to that point, or scaling based on the amount of Snares that detonated.


  • Upon casting Merulina, perhaps Yareli's model should be scaled down slightly to avoid the general clunkiness of its controls in the more cluttered tilesets.
  • The DR and HP of the Merulina should scale with Power Strength. Alternatively, the DR could scale with Power Strength, and the HP could scale with Power Duration.
  • Moddable Merulina would be very nice, but I understand there's some back-end limitations that don't allow for it. I have seen no confirmation of this whatsoever, so it remains here in case it's something that could be considered.
  • For the sake of adding some synergy between ANY of Yareli's abilities, perhaps she should get a flat amount of Ability Efficiency when she's on the Merulina.
  • Alternatively, casting Sea Snares in the Merulina could result in Yareli leaving a trail of the corresponding amount of Sea Snares while she moves.
  • Yareli should get a flat chance to resist knockdown to her own weaponry while she's on Merulina. Doubly so since the results of using this ability in some tilesets can easily result in something that'd knock her off it exploding right in her face, after hitting some invisible terrain geometry.
  • Merulina should allow for the usage of Primary Weapons, instead of just secondaries. This should allow the players to choose whether they want a stronger Primary off the bat, or a Secondary with a high crit boost that demands they keep moving.
  • Yareli's passive should not deactivate upon casting Merulina. Ideally, by giving it a decay time, instead of it being on-and-off.
  • Augment: Merulina could be given a front facing shield that absorbs damage dealt to it, and remains until Merulina reaches an HP threshold.


  • Activating Aquablades should give Yareli an amount of dodge chance, and the ability to push away certain projectiles, such as Bombard's rockets. This dodge chance should be static for each Aquablade active. Additionally, the damage dealt by the Aquablades should be increased to a flat amount per Aquablade.
  • Players should be able to increase the amount of active Aquablades with Power Strength to a max of 6 Aquablades. Additionally, Aquablades should be allowed to gain range with Ability Range mods. And, since I understand that Aquablades dealing damage through walls might be a concern, make it so Aquablades work in a similar way to Khora's 1, which deals damage to enemies in Khora's FoV.
  • Allow players to send out Aquablades as if they were actual glaives, in much the same fashion. On holding Yareli's 3 after the Aquablades have been cast, one of the Aquablades is charged and thrown out. Ideally, it should deal scaling damage for every enemy it hits, and it should have a decent amount of punch through. Once thrown, the Aquablade stops orbiting the player. This could be removed when infusing Aquablades into other Warframes.
  • Agument: Holding the Aquablades on cast should allow Yareli to surround an allied target (Warframes/defense targets/rescue targets/spectres) with up to 4 Aquablades. These have a reduced range, though damage, dodge chance and duration remain the same.


  • Increase the damage scaling for each enemy trapped.
  • Add a syngery with Sea Snares, where any enemy caught by a Sea Snare, as long as they are within a reasonable distance of Yareli, and within the same tile, they are automatically pulled into the Riptide.
  • Alternatively, if the Riptide is cast, and kills, an enemy trapped in a Sea Snare, it sends out 5 new Sea Snares in a circular area around it.
  • If thrown Aquablades are added: a syngergy with Aquablades, where throwing an Aquablade into a Riptide locks the Aquablade inside the Riptide until it explodes. The Aquablade would deal damage to every enemy in the Riptide, and would increase the damage of the final explosion.
  • Allow players to hold the Riptide cast to trap more enemies and extend its duration at the cost of extra Energy Drain. Alternatively, give Riptide an early collection period that scales with Ability Duration before it bursts.
  • Augment: Upon being cast, the Riptide remains active for [Duration], absorbing projectiles from enemies and the player, and adding the damage dealt by those to the final explosion, similarly to the augment for Nova's 2.

Yareli's Passive: It needs a decay time. Buff its crit bonus as much as you want, it still needs a decay time.

Edit: Quick TL;DR for those that don't wanna bother with the wall of text.

  • Yareli does need more damage, sure, but: the priority should be to give her abilities some amount of syngergy with each other, as well as more depth.


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Added a TL;DR
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I played her a bit more and It is really fun ... a bit sad, but i don't touch sea water from middle school ... so spamming her 4 with a 235 range 169 strnght 135 efficiency build is just great


Thing is ... her 3rd ability should exist!

Or better, even if it's for sure a daunting process, do at least consider making Merulina perform specific abilities with certain combos, even just a few but good ones.


You can "ground slide" if you hold crouch and move ... why not spawn at every turn a blade that circles around ? :D

Other cool stuff would be when ground slamming ( 2xcrouch) make a damaging explosion ( re-use 4th coding, make it the same event with just a lower range, lmao)


those shaders tho ... so good ... i feel i can   T O U C H   the water (lol)

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First 5 minutes... ok K-drives in mission are kinda cool. Yareli abilities? No. Its just a mess.

How I envisioned our water girl is like a mixture of 2b(Nier: Automata) and Helios' Deconstructor.

Like her 2 can summon between Merulina and her aquablades, the aquablades will then float behind her, blocking bullets and flinging themselves at enemies. They'll drain energy but if you're on Merulina, energy drain stops and drains the k-drive's hp instead.

Enemies afflicted by 1 should have damage vulnerability and aquablades should do bonus damage to them.

3 is a free ability slot.. maybe some different stances for aquablades or an active ability for Merulina.

I've read people recommending 4 being a channel ability, drawing in enemies. I would like to add aquablades attacking enemies in it turning it into a smoothie of enemies.

Its very meh and unmotivating to play her but her fashion is nice and her gun is kinda good. 

and please... Don't just number bump her, she needs more than that.

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Thinking more about aquablades, I would like it to be much more active. I was thinking evasion chance on the glaives, and you can hold the ability to throw all the glaives with a built in volatile rebound, targeting sea snared enemies first. (similar to the cedo alt fire but primarily slashed based or taking mods from your equipped melee when riding Merulina) Or an explosion that produces a cold effect with 6 stacks of cold scaling with power strength to 10. Maybe a mix of both. When the ability is already cast you tap to throw them and rebound and  hold to throw them and explode.  Regardless of how you throw the glaives, the ability has to be recast if you throw them. You could choose not to throw them at all and have increased survivability. Or you can gamble your survivability on damage or a massive crowd control. 

As far as Riptide goes it would be nice as a FOV channel ability. It’s usefulness would easily take it into end game. A synergy with sea snares seems most fitting. Maybe sea snares apply a corrosive status when pulled into riptide. 

While riding Merulina modded DR, much faster sea snares, double damage on aquablades, and a more efficient channel on riptide. 

honestly sea snares is fine for the most part. A nice feature might be propagation if an enemy dies from the sea snare damage itself. Rather than another source. 

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Merulina's top speed is much higher than going on foot; however, she needs a significant amount of space to stop, start, and turn, and colliding even obliquely with an object causes her to bounce away and lose momentum (exacerbated by her large collision box), AND she is nearly incapable of altering her momentum in midair, so navigating obstacles inevitably causes her to slow down significantly. Because of this, I wouldn't say she's appreciably faster than just walking in most scenarios, and the long animation for mounting and dismounting her makes swapping as the situation needs impractical. (Also I'm not sure if her speed scales with mods in any way?)
Being able to use a K-Drive in actual missions is very cool but I'd say Meru's physics need to be tweaked, as right now in purely utilitarian terms she is a discount Warding Halo that makes you steer like a bumper car and prevents you from using melee.

Riptide is just terrible. It looks cool. That's about the only good thing about it.
It's absurdly expensive even for what it seemingly wants to do (to wit, a "panic button" that you push when you're completely overwhelmed) and even at that it doesn't do its job very well. Its "CC" is brief and scatters affected enemies around wildly which is counterproductive (not to be an ass but why is this still happening in mid-2021?). The damage scales terribly against armoured foes, and struggles to dent even Star Chart level heavies and fails completely against level 60+ armour. Having the damage scale with enemy count is an okay mechanic but it just doesn't go hard enough. Capturing 10 enemies (a tall order in itself but I want to show some good faith) gives a base damage of 15,000, which sounds like a lot, but can still barely dent mid-high Grineer without status priming, and even then it begs the question of why would I not just shoot them all? The animation is quite long and it's very expensive for what is basically just a small AoE attack, and why go through all that when I can just fire my Prisma Angstrum a single time?

Beyond that Yareli's basically fine IMO and everything does its job. Sea Snares kills trash and disables anything it can't kill for a good long while. Aquablades (underrated IMO) provides passive defense and supplemental damage -- 1500 base Slash damage per second (note that the damage listed in the Arsenal is the DPS *per blade*, and there are 3) with guaranteed Bleed adds up surprisingly fast when combined with Viral procs from weapons, although it's still lackluster against endgame foes. Merulina keeps her alive and is fun to play with even if she's dubiously-practical as transportation. Her passive is wonderful although the implementation might need some tweaking -- you can maintain it indefinitely by just tapping forward rapidly without actually really moving, or by walking into a wall. I wouldn't object if Sea Snares and Aquablades was buffed but I also don't think they need it per se. She's not gonna break the meta in half or anything but she's enjoyable enough.

I might do a more in-depth analysis later but I haven't actually played with her that much (I literally have not even had her for 24 hours at the time of this writing lolzers) and also I just don't feel like it right now, it's hot AF and I want to nap.

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So this is my third post in this thread - sorry. The other two were bug reports, this one is just giving my thoughts. Unlike a lot of people, I really like Yareli. I think she feels super fun, and I even find her quite survivable. I play long arbitrations with her just fine (though I'm a pretty casual player). I don't think she's completely doomed like some people think, and I enjoy the movement of the K-Drive. 

do agree that some of the decisions that went into making her felt a little... rushed? Like the lack of synergy, especially with Kompressa. The fact that it's the first signature weapon in a really long time not to have any kind of benefit to the Warframe using it (or any synergy really...) feels a little... hurtful? When I looked at the wiki and saw "currently not implemented" on the synergy table my heart actually sank a bit. It feels like an indicator of the overall rushed vibes. Also - I just can't think of a reason that this weapon has such a low crit damage multiplier, either, considering Yareli's passive. I just really don't understand. 

I hope DE doesn't somehow decide to scrap the K-Drive altogether, because like I said - I really enjoy it! I think the hitbox needs tweaking for sure, but I think a lot of the issues most people have just come down to practice. I also agree somewhat with the issue of not being able to mod it or have any extra benefits to being on the K-Drive besides damage reduction - I've heard it said that as the "mother of K-Drives" shouldn't Merulina be better than a normal K-Drive, not worse?

This doesn't really factor into my musings, but I would personally love it if you could use glaives on Merulina. If you hold one, she still has it equipped and showing while on the board, and it's driving me nuts that you can't just throw it. 

Overall, I do like Yareli. I've put a lot of forma into her on faith that things are going to get better. I really want her to be my main, and I have barely played any other frame since she released. I don't care if she becomes the best frame ever, I'm not asking for all these insane buffs, yada yada yada... I just don't want people to make fun of me for playing a frame I find fun when I join a mission, you know? 

EDIT: Also please don't pixie-fy her on Merulina like a lot of people on Reddit are suggesting and upvoting. That's Titania's thing and it would feel bad to steal :(

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1 minute ago, Roamingwhirlwind said:


i'm pretty sure de could make a warframe that is literally functionally invulnerable and would still get complaints about survivability

also I wouldn't stress too much about merulina being removed; de is ??? sometimes but they're usually smart enough to just ignore completely unconstructive suggestions

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The main thing I would like to suggest is tweaking Merulina, or maybe all Kdrives, to have better in air mobility or control. This is mainly for Yareli in the smaller rooms of some tilesets being a little hard to use a Kdrive. Maybe let us have a short aim glide with Merulina? Or possibly Merulina can switch directions a bit faster than a Kdrive?

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Merulina not being moddable already shows this frame is not worth my investment. Please DE, make Merulina moddable by allowing us to slot K-Drive mods in there. Think of all the fun things players can do with modded K-drives outside of Open Worlds.

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I was really not impressed with Yareli's kit.

The 1 should at the very least have the snakes be freed up to grab someone else when the enemy they are holding is killed like Bastille does.

The Exalted K-drive is less maneuverable than the stock boards which are supposed to be copies of it.  This is compounded by the fact that it can't be modded like a K-drive.  It should be made equal to the K-drives and the combat mods for K-drives need to be reevaluated as their DPS power are severely lacking.

Water blades are her best ability but even with this the range is rather short and damage lack luster.  If the range is going to be fixed and that short it should do a lot more damage if it is locked to the reach of a short sword.

Her 4 is just a forgettable splash that doesn't compare to the damage of her 3.  Still trying to think of ways it could be made better.

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Kompressa:  It looks great and matches Yareli's aesthetic perfectly.  It's really disappointing that using it essentially nullifies her passive because it's a status-based weapon with almost no crit at all.  And it doesn't even have any unique buff from being used by Yareli to try to make up for that.  The ability tips in game even tells us to use a secondary with a high critical stat.  It's so exactly contrary in design that I have to assume that this was a deliberate choice made with a specific goal in mind that I'm not privy to.  It's a shame though, because the look and theming is otherwise so fitting that I want to use it, but it leaves this nagging feeling that I'm making life more difficult for myself for the sake of it.  It's not like I can use any of my other weapons while I'm riding to make up for any deficiencies in my secondary.

This sentiment kinda extends to Yareli herself.  She looks great, has great animations and nice water effects, but she's otherwise full of conflicting design elements.

Sea Snares:  I don't have any strong reaction to this ability, other than the fact that placing "traps" as a frame that's supposed to always be moving around feels like a bit of a conceptual conflict.  It'd probably be my first choice to replace with the Helminth.  They don't really do enough CC or damage to seem like a better option than hitting Riptide, or just shooting them.  Otherwise, it's an ability that does what it says on the tin.

Merulina:  This ability is the source of a lot of the conflict in Yareli's design.  K-Drives are fast, but not very maneuverable.  This pushes her towards being a frame best suited to open environments, which I honestly think is fine.  Warframes are allowed to have niches in my book and if that's her niche, that's her niche.  Unfortunately, the rest of her kit goes the other way.  Aquablades only works in close proximity and prolonged contact, something that makes more sense on a melee frame like Valkyr than on a fast-moving K-Drive frame who can only use ranged weapons.  Sea Snares do chase targets, but they still work on proximity and thus are best against tight groups.  Riptide's range is too limited for open world enemies, casts too slow to spam over spread out groups, and doesn't handle variations in elevation well either.

My suggestion would be to give Merulina a throttle.  Let us select between the current speed and a slower, tighter speed for close combat and maneuvering.  She particularly struggles with vertical motion.  She currently does big, parabolic jumps which drop all their momentum at the slightest bump at low speeds.  Ill suited to traversing most tiles to say the least.  That wouldn't be such a problem if hopping on and off didn't charge an energy tax.  She could really benefit from a K-Drive version of bullet jumping to give us more directional control than standard jumps.  Or have her simply do a bullet jump off her board and automatically re-summon it on landing, if that's possible with how K-Drives work under the hood.  Hell, enable aim-glide on it, that might help assuming we were given some measure of thrust while airborne.  Oh, and snag some Necramech functionality and let her head "splash" or duck through low-hanging obstacles sometimes.

Right now we sacrifice movement precision, agility, primary weapons, heavy weapons, melee weapons, and Helminth abilities all for bonus health and a higher top speed that we can't use effectively outside of open worlds.  Merulina either needs to drop some of those downsides or pick up a lot more upsides.

Aquablades:  These are in an odd place.  They don't do great damage, they don't provide protection, they don't have good range, and they don't get any synergy with her other abilities.  They're great at lower levels, don't get me wrong, but they don't compare to shooting things.  At the very least they could provide protection against getting knocked off Merulina while active.  Maybe if they did massive bonus damage against Snared enemies, or if Riptide would persist so Yareli could charge into the vortex with the blades active for massive damage... something.  Right now, charging in to use them for damage is a great way to get knocked off Merulina and lose all your damage resistance while surrounded by enemies.

Riptide:  Riptide costs a lot of energy for what it provides in terms of damage and CC.  Again, great at lower levels, aside from being picky about terrain.  For all that it draws enemies up, it's a very 2-dimensional ability when it comes to range so far as I've experienced it.  Other than that, I think it's probably just a matter of tuning on this one.  It's a big AOE blast, that's a fundamentally useful thing to have against hordes of enemies.  Or, what if we could drag Riptide along the ground to suck up other enemies?  It'd effectively give it more range, but in a more active way than bumping up numbers.  Plus it'd fit perfectly with her "flowing water" theme.  Don't make that "on hold" though, it'd be really annoying on controller.


Overall, she definitely needs some work.  Given how situational she's always going to be with K-Drive as her central gimmick, I think she can afford to be a good deal stronger without breaking the game.  I especially wouldn't be afraid to buff her signature weapon since we're already giving up all of our other weapons to ride Merulina.  I really want to like her more than I do on theme alone.


Especially since she gives me the horrible, horrible feeling that the Orokin grabbed some poor teen idol athlete and converted her with the Helminth to be a war propaganda vehicle aimed at kids.  The fact that she had comic books based on her gave me serious WW2 Captain America vibes.  It was just missing a blurb in the back telling the kids to buy war bonds or something.  That'd add a sadder note to Grandmother's involvement if they were friends before that happened and the warframe is all that's left of her.


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I've played yareli quite a bit by now.
First off she's actually really nice to play for the most part. I really want to subsume firewalker on her but I have no idea what ability of her's to get rid of, probably her 4 tbh.
secondly. She falls off merlin far too often; in arbitrations even blowing up an arbiters drone will knock her off her board which in my opinion isn't very good considering you're being punished by doing what you're supposed to be doing and killing an enemy, especially with the shorter ranged secondary weapons you're forced to use which puts you in their knock over range.
Thirdly: I'd love for her to be able to grind on cables. It's so disappointing that she can't. Though it would add another way to cheese the ropalolist fight(but people usually use titania, valkyr or zypher anyway for that.)
Also last of all I like using merulina, i'm pretty allright at doing K-drives anyway though.

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Was just a thought bouncing in my head today that I thought I'd jot down.

What if Merulina applied a lasting "waterlogged" effect on nearby enemies that multiplied damage from all of her abilities in a similar way to how garuda may mark enemies with her 4. 

might give more incentive to use merulina for short rides past enemies for those uninterested in keeping her up and provide more value to the ability in general while providing basic synergy.

that being said a status like this could be applied to any ability of choice as they are all water themed and multi target just merulina screamed out more as needing a function/reason to cast. cause currently while fun to the right people she can be an inconvenience and incentivising short rides with her that feel worth the cost may be the way to make the ability more valuable to those who have no interest in K-driving.

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I've already said my thoughts, but I just want to add a question that would it be possible to give Merulina hold-sensitive jump height? I don't know if it's possible, given the controls and scoring features of a k-drive, but it could ease some of the movement in low-ceiling tilesets. There's so many instances where a single jump is too little and a double-jump too high. Hold-sensitive height would give us more control over where we want to go when jumping. This is actually a feature I'd also wish for Necramechs, since mech mobility in Orphix missions is manageable, but could be better.

Side note, the secondary weapon Akarius keeps destroying Merulina. Akarius' old self-damage bug (hotfix 29.5.2) where the multishot projectiles explode before leaving the barrel remains (or has resurfaced), though this time generally requires forward movement to trigger.

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So after playing her for a bit here are my sugestions


Good and makes a handful of secondary weapons beastly but most good secondary weapons are status weapons maybe make it increase either status or crit depending on which is higher in stat weight. Also give a small decay timer rather than as soon as you stop to make it a bit more forgiving

Sea Snares

They are pretty good though the ones that miss and just hang out seem a bit like there could be some synergy or something added to them. Options I could think of of hand would be 

  • Slam them with Merulina to give a benefit like shields or health regen to Merulina
  • have them have them have an area where they will move again to seek out enemies who come in range 
  • Shoot them to reload your weapon or give secondary ammo


Looking at the k drive mods currently available there isnt much need to have it be modable since most will just make it faster or jump higher or do tricks which is un necessary. Though the damage dealing ones should just be baked into its functionality

  • Slay board and other dismount mods should like function should have an AOE slash + element of aqua blades on dismount 
  • Already does Quick escape 
  • Sonic Boost when sprint is active while riding for even more cc and making her a great way to speed run capture missions
  • Trail blazer like functionality would be easy to activate while moving due to copter
  • Slam should deal elemental shock wave like bomb the landing 
  • Element should be based on merulinas emissive color

Qol as already mentioned to hit box similar to how necromecs can go through hallways 


Damage needs to be higher but since they are the subsume ability the scaling should base it self on synergy as to not make it too insane on others. Maybe +X% damage on enemies caught in your sea snares.


Needs a tap/hold functionality Tap for current functionality hold for longer group that you can shoot into 

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After having a go at an arbitration that rolled 300% Yarelli strength it became clear to see that Yareli's problem clearly lays beyond just ability damage. While of course any frame at ludicrous strength is liable to become unfun due to every ability being the touch of death there is definitely an argument to be made for "ability feedback" as it were. Yareli's kit doesnt feel impactful, seasnares move so slowly with so little audio impact upon snaring that they can feel rather shallow even when deadly. Similar can be said with riptide with its lack of visual flare within its vast pull range with all aesthetics focused on the central orb, even applying an effect similar to the energy inside of merulina flowing toward the riptide onto walls and floors similar to equinox or hydroid pre cast visuals would help this abilty feel like it has more scale, maybe even an FOV zoom out on cast before rocketing back in for the explosion. A motion locked ability (allbeit only when not on merulina) opens up more avenues for flare and it feels like that hasnt been utilised, currently her 4 feels like a fire and forget but the animation lock betrays that assumption. For a passive ability aquablades is actually fine in this department though honestly, it has alot more audio to it than something like gara's 2 and so for what can evolve into just a death sphere with insane strength it actually has alright feedback and can actually feel like you're tearing through crowds rather than them all simultanously slipping on bannanas.

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Having experienced the joy of surfing on Snow Globes (don't mark this as a bug please), I have a urge/desire to surf on Riptide's danger bubble if only it is changed into a duration-based or channeled ability. Ride those waves you know?

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Last post for me in this thread.

- still don't like Yarelli (mainly used in defenses since linear movement was clunky). Basically MR fodder. 2 should be exalted gear w mods and synergise w existing kdrives - trail, trick, are damage mods *might* add something... since they're pointless on kdrive race/trick standing runs . The fix for 1 isn't what i would've done (str increasing bubbles instead of flat qty increase) but it's ok now. 3 needs something impacted by range. 4 is just messy cc spam (hydroid: high five).

- i don't see water blades going on other frames in helminth without not having to stand at point blank range and dance to keep them in the circumference.

- no kompressor, no feedback... wait there's no signature weapon bonus?????!

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Just leveled up a Yareli, after feeding the first one to the Helminth to keep my only spare slot open. Seems like good potential for fun here.


Kompressa - I love this gun. Whoever came up with this gun\s behavior? Good job, you. It's not the be-all endgame super pistol, but it's fun and I find it pretty effective. "Carpet bomb with explosive bubbles that spread viral and other statuses very nicely" ? Sold. "Sticks to nulli bubbles and wrecks them" ? Extra Sold. Has some weird behavior if you try to do punchthrough and Mag or Void status shenanigans though. Good mix with Aquablades, feels more "signature" than some others.


Yareli - mixed feelings here. Lots of interesting gameplay hooks that never quite come to fruition. I don't think she'll ever be a strong Steel Path contender, but she has the potential for lots of fun running about. I like having fun, so generally a thumbs up.

Passive - not doing much for me. I like the attachment to mobility for a mobile frame, but  pistol crit chance is only really useful in a few cases (extremely high chance/multi stat or the 200 pushes it into guaranteed crits). Actually feels like you're trying to encourage continued Kuva Nukoring there. Especially a miss with the dismal crit stats on her signature sidearm. Given that the Kompressa and Aquablades feels like a minor theme of status effects, maybe a DoT or plain pistol damage bonus (coded in the "faction hate" mod channel so it double dips on status damage) would feel more appropriate. Possibly ramp up with speed, or multiplied  (if the DoT boost, for aquablades) when boosting on Merulina so you can dash through a crowd and leave some serious unhappiness behind, also since you can't attack while boosting.

Sea Snares - Solid CC skill, does what it needs to do and does it pretty well. The VFX looks like the Lifted status effect, and I wish this (along with things like Well Of Life and Spellbind) actually counted as such. Would open up some currently hard to use combos, notably the Saxum set. Still a very good skill, and easily her best when looked at in a vacuum.

Merulina - Needs to be moddable. Period. We have a pile of interesting combat effects available for K Drives that aren't very useful because enemy density is too low in the open worlds. We finally have a hoverboard in a target rich environment, and nothing. Thrash Landing builds could be a thing, Juice offers an interesting way to regain energy, etc.
More problematic from a balance perspective, having the player mounted on Merulina counting as airborne could allow extra toughness from Aerodynamic / Aviator and maybe interesting interactions with Pax Soar or the Motus set.

Aquablades - not really enough strength to carry a full build on its back, I'm treating this as more of a supplemental skill. Really interesting in a few cases as a Helminth infusion, particularly Limbo and Rhino. No strong opinion yet, just a wait and see while fiddling with it.

Riptide - Feels like Airburst and old enemy distributing Tornado had a  slightly disappointing baby. Semi-effective as a gathering skill, the tweaked spray isn't that bad from my perspective. Tighter grouping is always appreciated, but I can work with this, and the somewhat wide attract radius helps (wouldn't mind a 12 meter one to match Nidus, tho). It would be nice to have a very short (1-2 sec) but moddable duration, however, rather than the current one touchable by only Natural Casting. With the continuous pull behavior, both very short (stagger and clump) and very long (tight group to aim this envoy at) durations could have uses. Add in a strength scaling pull force and it's tweakable enough to find use. If I come up with a good aquablades setup, this is likely to be replaced by Airburst as it will probably be more useful for gathering targets at the right height.

Overall a good runup, but you remember that time Otto beefed the landing?


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On 2021-07-14 at 5:32 PM, Perfectly_Framed_Waifu said:

Not immune to Corpus electricity doors, either.

She seems to at least resist them while Aquablades is up.

Also, it seems like her 4 gets weaker at higher levels. It'll take out level 30-40 enemies without trouble, hitting for 10k or more, but I ran a Requiem Exterminate mission and never saw it do more than 300.

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Just a few thoughts on some potential synergy that could help Yareli's kit feel a little more cohesive-

Sea Snares: If an enemy bound by Sea Snares is struck by an aqua blade, the amount of damage they take is immediately added to the scaling damage of the snares, as if they'd scaled up to that point on their own. So an enemy that just took a tick of 150 'drown' damage from a snare, who is then struck for 200 damage by an aqua blade, will take 350 damage on their next snare 'tick' and will continue scaling normally from there.

Merulina: Everyone's already said it, but let us mod this like a real K-drive, please. It needs it. Everyone's also talked about the mobility issues before so I won't mention them here - I LOVE the idea of an in-mission k-drive, but changes need to be made somewhere to facilitate that - either to the tile sets, or to kdrive movement.

Aqua Blades: Doing a trick on Merulina - any trick at all - will send the Aqua Blades flailing wildly around in a wide torus shape, smacking enemies all over the damn place in a large area, with a multiplier to their damage equal to the trick multiplier on Merulina.

Riptide: If Merulina is ridden onto Riptide during the initial collection phase, the board is launched away forward and bonus damage is dealt to enemies in the burst based on trick points or something like that - maybe base it on the multiplier, like Aqua Blades would. This would be useless in tight corridors, but every tileset has multiple tiles that are either outdoors or have large rooms that would be very handy to launch your way across very quickly

Alternately, for sea snares, you could make snared enemies create a watery chain that links them all together and serves as a grinding rail for Merulina, doing heavy impact damage to enemies when you run over them - if you jump off the end of the rail before falling, the entire chain bursts for massive mixed cold and impact damage

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