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Update 30.5: Yareli & Kompressa Feedback Megathread (Read First Post!)


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I'm just gonna dump a bunch of suggestions cuuuuuuuz why not!

Passive: Fine, I think. I wish Primaries were usable though. She's the inspiration behind k-drives, so why shouldn't she be able to use primaries with that masterful balance she has?

Sea Snares: How about each cluster can hold like, 3 enemies per? I have an idea for how it'd synergize with riptide, but that'll come later.

Merulina: I wish this thing was moddable. I also wish Yareli couldn't be smacked off of it, but I think that's where aquablades comes in.

Aquablades: From what I understand, it only damages enemies that make contact with the ring it makes - nothing outside or inside the ring is affected. It'd be nice if the inner ring damaged / staggered enemies, in order to make it harder for them to knock her off Merulina. I heard a suggestion elsewhere that they could "spin faster" depending on how quickly Yareli moves, which is a suggestion I like. Incentivize fast movement by making her aquablades do hella damage the quicker you're going. (they could do more damage in general anyway)

Riptide: So like, what if casting riptide pulled in enemies affected by Sea Snares too (or at least just, pull snares in, since I think they might already pull enemies out of snares?). Since the snares are made of water too, maybe it'd make riptide larger and more dangerous? Like, the snares upset the current inside and make the water more damaging or something. The riptide could also stand to "persist" for a bit, letting teammates (or you!) fire upon it. Then, uh, maybe the Sea Snares entering it cut its duration short because of the destabilization it causes? So you could have Riptide as a CC ability or as a damaging ability, depending on how you use it in combination with Sea Snares.

Apologies if that's rambling, but I thought I'd throw my suggestions out!

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I don't know if this is the correct thread, but I didn't see another thread for feedback about this.

I really enjoyed the waverider quest.  I learned a lot about how the k-drive works, and it is awesome to earn a warframe with something besides more combat and loot drop tables.  I had a blast!  I hope for more quests like this in the future.

In 7 days once my clan and my foundry finish the research and crafting, I'll hopefully be able to comment on Yareli directly.

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On 2021-07-06 at 11:32 AM, s1mpletony said:

I suggest cut down some requirements in the quest as they are far too challenging for most players who don't use k-drives.

Exactly what I came here to say.  I am horrible with K-drive and am stuck on getting 1k trick combo I can't keep tricks going and until the requirements change I have given up on the mission entirely.

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29 minutes ago, ZiuNto said:

Yareli's K-Drive management looks horrible on Grineer Tilesets... her hitbox is too bulky, she needs to be resized in a similar way as Titania imho

It's also horrible on Kuva and Orokln Derelict tilesets.

For other posters, please, please, please stop saying she is a CC frame. She is an insult to CC frames. She has her one which is randomly targeted version of Nezha's Divine Spears with less synergy than it and her four which is a knockdown ability with zero duration. She has to be the worst frame at CC.  

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yeah so I'm just gonna be honest here. I WAS super excited to get yareli despite her mediocre looking kit.

THEN I found out that I had to build a new lab JUST for her. as if the tenno lab doesn't exist.

THEN I found out that the research would take not 1 but 3 days.

so If I want to build her it will literally take me 8 days. building a railjack on day 1 of empyrean took less time than this.  Is this really the direction gear acquisition method is headed? There is no novelty, no nuance. You could have made her parts drop from kdrive races or purchasable from vent kids. If yareli was a new system then you could justify the lab, but she isn't. At most she should have gone in the tenno lab. nothing about her acquisition rewards player activity at all.

I was hyped to come back from a hiatus and grind out sisters while level and testing out the new frame but since you've made it abundantly clear that you don't want me to play then I won't.

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Passive - Abilities apply a stacking debuff on enemies, slowing them and increasing elemental damage. At max stacks, the enemy freezes for a couple seconds.

Sea Snares - Same as before but killing an enemy affected by Sea Snares makes the enemy explode, dealing damage and apply her Passive.

Merulina - Make it similar to Nezha's Warding Halo. pressing this ability while on Merulina sends out a wave of water applying her Passive to enemies hit.

Aqua Blades - Deals cold damage with a chance to do a slash proc. Press this button again to send one of the blades forward, dealing increased cold damage and higher chance to a slash proc. Holding the ability charges it up, increasing size and damage.

Riptide - Doesn't explode pushing enemies, only pulls them in. Riptide applies max stacks of her Passive to enemies hit.

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Her 4 should be a one hand cast animation while riding merulina, that way she can shoot the cluster of enemies while she casts it. it plays well with her synergies being centered on a secondary weapon while riding merulina, her passive, and her signature gun having aoe. it will also help her 4 be a lot more relevant on low strength builds focused on crowd control, which is what seems to be the most useful when not doing base starchart stuff.

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1 hour ago, pantophage said:

yeah so I'm just gonna be honest here. I WAS super excited to get yareli despite her mediocre looking kit.

THEN I found out that I had to build a new lab JUST for her. as if the tenno lab doesn't exist.

THEN I found out that the research would take not 1 but 3 days.

so If I want to build her it will literally take me 8 days. building a railjack on day 1 of empyrean took less time than this.  Is this really the direction gear acquisition method is headed? There is no novelty, no nuance. You could have made her parts drop from kdrive races or purchasable from vent kids. If yareli was a new system then you could justify the lab, but she isn't. At most she should have gone in the tenno lab. nothing about her acquisition rewards player activity at all.

I was hyped to come back from a hiatus and grind out sisters while level and testing out the new frame but since you've made it abundantly clear that you don't want me to play then I won't.

Wait a new lab? how did I miss that part?  Ug this game really hates us solo clan people, I need to horde forma like a dragon, and that is just to finish the clan stuff not to mention bettering my frames and weapons and fuzzy/less pet like things...

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I'd love if Aqua Blades were more effective when zipping past enemies, at least while on Merulina. At the moment you need to stand next to enemies for a while to get good value out of this ability.

Maybe scale damage and/or proc chance with Yareli's current movement speed?

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Galvanised Crosshair "Crit chance while aiming" does not work while on Merulina.


I get consistent orange crits while Aiming off of Merulina, but almost no Orange crits the moment I get up on Merulina and aim.


Link to the proof here: 



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The new changes are welcomed, although leaning on the conservative side of changes. Game performance permitting, don't be afraid to allow more status procs on Yareli's powers outside of Aquablades. Flat ability damage that only scales with ability mods should have good reason to be included in a Warframe power in this day and age; from experience that means it should be combined with other types of effects (scaling, healing, buffing, debuffing, etc) to make the power worthwhile.

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so i'm back and this might be a bug but the kompressa doesn't seem to have multishot working properly? the kompressa with just galvanized multishot mod (fully built up) does worse dps than just lethal torrent which is not what builders outside of game say it should do.
also the lack of IPS on the weapon is kinda bizarre given it is already hindered by it's obscenely low crit stats

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This is just feedback from what's on paper, as I didn't purchase her for plat, so still waiting on the research to finish up. 

Passive: At a 1.5 second charge up time, this seems fine. Especially if any drifting on Merulina keeps it going, this should be easy enough to keep up.

Sea Snares: This ability is about CC, not damage. Rather than focusing on dealing cold damage that ramps up (a thing the last round of buffs addressed), I'd like to see the CC get more love. Maybe the enemies that get caught in bubbles could keep drifting into more enemies, trapping them too, to a certain maximum amount of enemies per bubble? In terms of raw numbers, CC'ing 5 enemies per cast, with 15 max at a time after 3 casts, isn't much. Allow bubbles to trap up to 3 enemies simultaneously, though...and maybe have the bubbles also share damage with all trapped enemies (start it at 50% shared, affected by Ability Strength). This is what could get her to dealing decent damage for Steel Path, especially with Aquablades and Riptide.

Merulina: I feel like this thing is going to die very quickly in Steel Path. And maybe there's some behind the scenes numbers we don't see, but I think, at the least, this thing should get to share all damage mitigation Yareli has. IE, this thing's damage absorption should happen as the very last step in damage mitigation (if that's not how it already works). And I think it should share healing with Yareli, too (any time Yareli is healed, it should heal Merulina for, at least, the same amount, if not an equivalent percentage of max health). 

Aquablades: Guaranteed slash procs aren't bad, but it's just not going to be the kind of damage that steel path requires. So why not make this a psuedo-exalted (that is, it uses your equipped melee weapon as a stat stick), especially because Yareli can't use her melee with Merulina, so this would make the melee weapon not feel useless? Give it a Crit Chance, a Crit Damage Multiplier, and a Status Chance, then let it use the mods on your melee weapon for buffs. Reduce it's base damage to, like 250, but the Combo Counter acts as a multiplier (at one-fourth the combo counter multiplier, like other psuedo-exalteds), and have it add 1 to the counter for each hit.

Riptide: Honestly, with the above changes, I feel like this would be a lot better. If enemies shared damage via Sea Snares, and Riptide pulling in enemies gave Sea Snares the opportunity to form groups quickly and easily, that could turn into some big damage. And if Yareli could hang out by Riptide with Aquablades going to also just cut into all the enemies stuck in there for the 1.75 seconds, that's pretty efficient damaging, too. 

  • There's also a part of me, in an effort to make Yareli care about her Primary Weapon, too, to have this ability be another psuedo-exalted, put it pulls bonuses from Primary Weapon mods. Give it a Crit Chance, a Crit Damage multiplier, and a Status chance. You could treat it like a Charged weapon, so Fire Rate shortens the cast time (in addition to Natural Talent et al?) and multishot is just a chance for additional hits.

I know it's weird to use her weapons as stat sticks for abilities like this, but with Yareli, I like it for 2 reasons: first, and foremost, it allows her to care about all 3 of her equipped weapons, despite only being able to use her Secondary most of the time due to Merulina; second, it allows her damage to scale into high level stuff, like Steel Path, without being overly busted for new players, or using damage calculations that take enemy level or hp into account.

But, in about 6 days, I should have Yareli done and can give some more concrete feedback.

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Thank you advance for anyone who reads this post in full. Posting from a mobile device is rough. I posted this in feedback warframe general by accident so I’m copy pasting it here.

Yareli is very cute, kawaii desu even, and is very good at clearing low level missions. The flat damage values on her abilities ensure that all low level enemies her abilities can reach die fairly quickly. Casting from Merulina is seamless and it’s very unique to preserve so much movement momentum during ability casts, so that feels really good. I’ve always wanted a magical girl warframe.

I’m afraid to say that’s about the extent of her power right now, even with the doubling of her flat damage values, and secondary crit for that matter.

I don’t know design intent but I test and experiment with builds constantly so I have a few suggestions that I hope sound appealing. I’ll try to provide several for each ability with a goal or intention in mind. I’ll try to label each section too. I’m posting from a mobile phone so please bear with my formatting.

Yareli As Mobile Caster DPS focus

This particular frame is held back as a surf-n-cast spell slinger. I’m assuming reasonably that the intent behind her design is use a secondary to viral or magnetic proc, to scale her abilities given she released with Kompressa and that her base energy pool is 200.

So with that in mind the biggest obstacle here is the lack of scaling in her kit beyond her 4th ability, Riptide. With only one variable scaling that, the number of enemies. So let’s start with that.


Riptide scaling only with number of enemies gives it a flaw. What if there’s only 1 heavy enemy unit.

You shoot it with your secondary taking advantage of that 200% multiplicitive crit chance passive.

Actually, if you’re building a gun to support with viral status to support Riptide and her other abilities, this might prove tricky. It’s serviceable but you can do more damage by getting off your board and using a gun or melee. Maybe that’s the intent? But anyone can do that, you don’t need Riptide for that.

The simplest solution to Riptide’s scaling problem is giving it more variables to scale off of. Here are a few:

  1. Sea Snare instances count as enemy instances: This is my favorite. If there’s only 1 heavy enemy or boss just toss 15 of them out and pour that into the Riptide by having the ability pull the ones in range. One of them will stick if they already haven’t and the rest ragdoll with more impulse to try to find more targets. This also has the ability to double the damage of the ability if all 15 targets have a snare and all of them get pulled by the Riptide.
  2. Riptide scales with missing enemy health: Sea Snares and Aquablades both deal linear ramping damage. Played straight with Sea Snares, aqua blades doesn’t ramp but Slash Status is great because it ignores armor, technically scaling as enemy armor goes up. In this regard, Yareli has two ways to tickle enemies with damage before she casts Riptide. If the base damage scales with missing health it can potentially be an execute. The more damaged enemies are the more damage they take from the tide. This would make Riptide feed into itself, dealing increasing damage the more you cast it. Expensive but the numbers can be tweaked to be reasonable and effective with only a couple casts, with saving it as a periodic execute to wash out the battlefield of heavily damaged enemies.
  3. Riptide scales with enemy level: Giving it the Smite treatment is simple and would ensure consistency at all levels. But it would be held back by enemy armor. It’d reinforce using a pistol as support rather than damage to use Aquablade slash procs while riding Merilina but this is still a potential fix. 


Merulina already serves its role as a mobility enhancement and way to cast on the move. It also gives Yareli defenses and damage reduction.

If I had to make a suggestion for the sake of it, maybe have increased cast efficiency while riding. It’s completely fine. Not completely, there’s still the whole narrow tileset issue but that can be tweaked over time I imagine. Short of letting the board fall more slowly by holding jump or turn more tightly by holding crouch, I don’t actually have any helpful suggestions. I work with build synergy and modding loadouts. Not so much k-drives.

Being able to equip certain k-drive mods might be nice but it wouldn’t be able to equip a mod like Slay Board. Merulina is not the issue with dps focus. Juice is a good mod however.


Considering this is Yareli’s subsume making this overtuned can get dangerous down the line. So my suggestions here will be considering that.

As a damage ability it’s very short ranged, but not getting less range with negative range is a boon for a helminth. Try it on Narrowminded Silence banshee to see what I mean but I digress. The range isn’t the issue I think.

Once again it’s a lack of scaling. Unlike Riptide or Sea Snares, you can mitigate this with Viral Status and it benefits a lot from Viral because slash ignores armor as a status DoT.

However I do have one thematically interesting suggestion and another I think others might like more:

  1. Aquablades scales with how fast you are moving and can crit: This I feel would work really well. There aren’t a lot of ways to increase the speed at which a Warframe moves, but a lot of warframes do have mobility bonuses. Including Yareli. Not only does Yareli have Merulina, she gets multiplicitive crit chance while moving for 1.5 seconds or longer. Give it say, 40% crit chance and a 3.0 multiplier and suddenly those slash procs will shred while her passive is up. Other frames do not have her passive but making the base damage scale with distance travelled in x amount of time and you can get meme builds like Nova Teleport Aquablades, or Speed Volt Aquablades. Merulina is not the fastest travel in narrow tilesets, so having both forms of scaling is fine I think and is relatively futureproofed to avoid being toooo broken. This might sound better as an Augment though so I have another suggestion.
  2. Make it so the blades can be launched one at a time like a glaive while the ability is up: Duration based ability with additional function when cast again during its duration. I’ve seen this suggested a lot, and people seemed to be sad that she can’t throw the blades like a glaive. However, I think it actually would work. If you can launch the blades where you aim, it can land headshots potentially, and scale its damage if you grant it crit. I think it’d be better as AoE though, rather than a glaive weapon, but hey Glaives tend to explode so why not both? In this case make range only scale the AoE. Trust me on this one, negative range viability on a short range stagger aura is cool. Really really cool and fun. But giving it a big explosion when thrown with negative range would be a Nova Antimatter drop. Maybe some would like that but it doesn’t strike me as futureproofed.
  3. Stagger counts as an impact proc stagger and becomes extra slash proc on Sea Snared or Riptided Enemies: Sorta synergy, more like turning a redundancy into an extra benefit. Not my first suggestion. It would tie into parazon, as long as the scaling is fixed another way.

Sea Snares

Sea Snares also runs into a slight scaling problem given that its scaling is flat base and linear progression. This means it can kill low level enemies really well but will only tickle high level ones, even those without armor. The change from impact to cold is good as a damage type change but it doesn’t change this high level issue. 

If this is intended, then it is a relatively great cc tool. If it is not, I have some suggestions here too:

  1. Sea Snares scaling with enemy max health %: This would work for any ability. Efficient and boring, but would be a quick fix. I don’t actually like the idea of Snares outright killing high level targets because they have a minor problem. They vanish after the target dies. Meaning if they kill enemies, it is not CCing or producing synergy after enemies are dead.
  2. Sea Snares Ability Damage AoE on Pop: This is probably the one I like most. If the target isn’t dead after their duration runs out, or you pop them by summoning more, an AoE that bursts the damage it dealt so far, along with damage dealt by Aquablades and Riptide would a neat way to solve the lack of scaling with one last attempt to kill after getting the value of a synergy fix or its cc. Bonus points if the enemies are staggered by the AoE.
  3. Sea Snare makes enemies take more damage from secondaries: This can turn a secondary that buffs Aquablades damage with viral status spread into a weapon that can kill outright by ‘marking’ enemies. I like this one too.

All these suggested changes are assuming she’s intended to be a dps caster. There is another avenue but I will have less suggestions because I am posting from phone and I’m really not getting the vibe she’s something other than DPS first and CC second. Here we go though.


Yareli as Mobile Caster Crowd Control

There are a few reasons why I do not think she was intended to be CC first, dps second. I’ll start with Riptide so you can see my reasoning.


The ability to group enemies up is a way to scale damage. It allows AoE, melee (technically aoe), and Punchthrough to maximize targets they can hit per trigger pull, or swing in case of melee. However, with Riptide you cannot fire at grouped up enemies. The only thing damaging them is Yareli’s abilities, including riptide itself. Sea Snares is single target, and Aquablades requires Yareli be next to the Riptide. So the only thing benefitting riptide’s grouping up right now in practice is Riptide itself. This is why I saw it as a nuke, rather than something like Zephyrs tornadoes or Nidus’ larva.

If the intention is for it to be cc support for her secondary gun, the most substantial change that would matter is allowing her to shoot at enemies that are in the Riptide. Nothing else will matter as much so long as Yareli cannot perform any other action during its cast. This is perhaps something I would suggest for even a dps focused Yareli, because grouping enemies tightly is a dps boost.

If this is an unfavorable solution, I can say allowing it to proc cold would lend itself to defensive support. Some of the cold status’ duration would be taken up by ragdoll however. It’s a status effect for damage mods scaling with status effects so it’s still a consideration.

Sea Snares

Sea Snares currently vanish after a target affected by one dies. Refreshed duration is normally something reserved for Augments but remaining duration isn’t always so. Look at Tesla Nervos, tornadoes, and things that aoe like thermal sunder. Sea Snares are a hybrid of AoE cc because of them lingering when they cannot find a target and damaging targets that enter their radius when they do. This is why I think they are a damage ability primarily and suggested a lot of scaling damage changes.

Persisting after a target dies is my suggestion here. This would save energy casts because you can just toss out your 15 snares and kill enemies as they are crowd controlled.

Calling back to a previous suggestion, if Riptide can pull in and disperse Sea Snares, you’d be able to run a high duration CC focused Sea Snares build.


If the intent is for Aquablades to be a cc stagger protection, not scaling the radius or number of blades with Power Range is holding it back. A CC aura whose range cannot be controlled is rough to rely on outside of disarmed enemies, because that forces them to approach your short range.

So the two suggestions I have for crowd control focused design power range scaling it or allowing it to disarm. Disarms are normally reserved for Augments, but a squishy mobile frame loves disarm. Just ask Loki players. Disarm is also technically a damage buff, since radiation and disarm makes enemies path to eachother, thus acting as grouping up.

Merulina doesn’t need a change, I know that seems like a hot take but it’s actually fulfilling a great role in her kit currently. It just has rough times on narrower tile sets but it’s a fun ability.


Yareli as Mobile Caster Cutie

If the design intent is cuteness, everything is perfect. 


I had a lot to say and couldn’t write on pc at the moment. I hope there’s at least some helpful feedback here. If there is, I’d appreciate a signal boost so that more people can see it.

Yareli is a cute warframe that feels good to play. I think she needs some small improvements but I like her all the same. New waifu for some I’m sure.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this post in its entirety. 

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Is there any way to change the LOADING SCREEN to NOT have Yareli? (It would just be nice to be able to have alternate loading screens - especially when there's a huge gap between updates)
 I don't mind the sisters of Parvos half of the image, but Yareli in her silly pose is really annoying - feels like Warframe has been invaded by Fan Service Anime stuff.

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Hi DE,


Thank you for this update and for balancing the melee with the others weapons types.

And THANK YOU for the paranzon’s mechanic!


Concernig Yareli, her powers seems to be essentially offensive, and seems to be limited by mob’s level.


-For her first power insteade dealing damages, why not implement an other mechanic like strip armor/shield over time like Vauban?


-For her third abilitie, perhaps a synergi with her 1, more ennemis are under her control and more damage are deal by her 3.

Or a scaling system like some Warframe, but instead the scaling be on melee mod, it should be on secondary mods to stay roleplay with her passive.


-For her ultime, to be usefull even with high level enemies may the damage deal should be a combinaison of enemies number and a portion of their HP pool. Like Gara’s Mass Vitrify but in a Vulcan Blitz version.



Thank you!

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CPU usage became horrific.

I usually was not paying attention to my CPU this often, but since the latest patch, you guys fcked up something.

Everytime I load into a mission, I was at max hitting 64°C. Since the patch, it is going up to 76-84°C. Latter one for sure on open world areas for quite a long time, until it cools down.

You cache processing went haywire. You should look into it.

And no, before out of a sudden some wanna be high-guru-techs appear here, my PC build has not changed, nor the drivers, neither software has changed, even the damn microbes on the keyboard are the same. So spare me with that nonsense.

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  • Passive:
    • It might be more interesting if it granted flat crit chance, to be viable with a wider range of weapons. It might be overpowered that way, though.
    • Also, it would be nice if this applied to primaries.
    • I do agree with those who say a grace period is the most important change it needs.
  • Sea Snares:
    • Please make these brighter and more energy-saturated! They're almost invisible.
    • They should have a little more lifetime and velocity to ensure they hit targets. Also, it shouldn't be possible to waste snares by having multiple snares target a single enemy.
    • I like a lot of the ideas for synergy; especially the one where they drift closer together over time. Three targets each is a bit much, though; maybe a maximum of two, drawing nearby enemies in, and applying shared damage?
    • I also like the idea that they could be True Damage. Alternatively, they could force Cold Procs per second, or Corrosive to help with armor? Azimbee's ideas are all good, too.
    • An explosion on expiry would be nice, dealing all the built up damage (times two?) in a small AOE with a double/triple stack of Cold.
    • Perhaps they could increase the damage of Yareli's other abilities. I like the idea that they could count as extra target instances for Riptide, and maybe Aquablades could do more damage to Snared enemies.
  • Merulina:
    • It plays the deflecting sound effect of melee blocks constantly if you're facing the damage instance you take, for some reason - this is pretty annoying and probably shouldn't happen.
    • I think it could use more effective health - maybe increased DR, or scaling with any health/armor/DR Yareli has added via mods or arcanes?
    • A way to heal it would be nice, like 20-50% of healing Yareli receives. Or, instead, let Yareli's abilities heal it in some way - Aquablades slowly lifestealing toward Merulina? It shouldn't necessarily be 100% of healing, though.
    • It's too easy to knock her off the board with any knockdown effect. Maybe she could have resistance in some form? Or alternatively, have Merulina do a radial CC pulse whenever it's deactivated - allowing you to, say, slow and stagger (or hard knockdown) enemies by recasting it, or punish Heavy Gunners for knocking you down.
    • It shouldn't block Vacuum the way it currently does, as Sentinels remain active with their precepts while you're on the board and that makes no sense.
    • I'd honestly just love K-Drive mods on this. The idea of an Exalted K-Drive would have been really exciting due to the existence of mods like Juiced, and in its current state, the K-Drive's natural gravity is also detrimental to combat - the board is just too floaty for cramped tilesets and combat maneuvers. Mad Stack would be an amazing mod to have on it, as would Quick Escape.
    • Update: It may be a general K-Drive gun bug, but weapon rank doesn't show when firing a gun from Merulina.
    • Also update: I think this should allow Transference while on board. Titania can do it.
  • Aquablades:
    • The hitbox is a little too small for them to be really effective. I think increasing it by 50% or doubling it outright would be a great place to start.
    • I like how they're duration based but long - please no channel. It actually improves her long term energy economy to have it as a base 30 seconds, since it doesn't block energy gain.
    • They need to be recastable. Or cancelable with some kind of big hit at the end, creating a water explosion.
    • I can see why they're not exalted due to issues with Helminth, but they really do need a way to scale in and of themselves, without needing pseudo-exalted statsticking or purely relying on synergies. Some small amount of level scaling? I like the idea of giving it good crit and movement speed scaled damage though.
  • Riptide:
    • I think Sea Snares should synergize by holding enemies in place after Riptide, bringing them into a tight cluster.
    • I'd prefer it if Riptide lasted a little longer and allowed Yareli to fire into it, especially for the purpose of status proccing enemies for its damage output.
    • Maybe the base ragdoll should be aimed downward, forcing enemies into a nice collapsed pile for, say, Jat Kittag-style AOE finishers? That would be a lot more useful than scattering enemies.
  • General: Despite the issues with her kit's effectiveness, Yareli is incredibly fun and controls very smoothly, which is great.


  • The gun is fun, but it's really held back by the crit chance and below 2.0 multiplier. I know, everyone's said it, but it really doesn't have good synergy with Yareli's passive and it doesn't have enough raw damage to warrant no crit.
  • Its splash radius (heh) is a little low for a gun that should be fired on the go with low precision. Maybe a slight bump to 2.6?
  • It seems to be bugged - the initial hit scales with multishot but as far as I can tell, the explosions do not.
  • It doesn't seem to have a passive on Yareli. Perhaps 18 shots while wielded by her would be nice? Or an increase in Projectile Speed. If it does have a passive synergy, it should be in the description.
  • If magazine size isn't the passive, then it could be a nice buff to the weapon for a nice even mag:reload ratio.
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so I just had the "luck" of getting a 300% strength arbitration for yareli..

even with that bonus and a total of 445% strengths she STILL felt lackluster.

her bubbles are the best thing here, providing some decent CC now more easily with 5 bubbles per cast, and the damage even though still low, CAN kill enemies after some time.. keep in mind.. with 445% strengths...

her blades from her 3 STILL did not manage to kill anything in any resonable amount of time.. dashing through enemies applying only 1-3 procs still do no damage, you have to stand still and wait for them to ramp up to then kill after some time... at 445% strengths..

her 4 felt "okay" grouping up some enemies at least but still failed to kill most enemies in one cast.


so overall the damage is way way way to low... even if this was her NORMAL damage output I would still feel like she would need a buff..


Other bugs:

- yareli board sometimes get randomly destroyed (when arbitration drones are killed?)

- Beeing hit while on the board emit red flashes of light in the direction you were hit from, even though you have shields. this is confusing and makes you think you took health damage.

- Akolytes treat yarelis board as a warframe. When you are on it and it is destroyed, the akolyte will go away thinking it killed you. lol


sad stuff:

- there are MANY animation glitches and bugs or just no animations at all for her when on her kdrive. especially when picking up stuff or interacting with things. things just randomly teleport into her hand.. this does not feel very polished at all

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I was so excited to get yareli and was so disappointed for my changes/improvements in my opinion 

her 1 should be able to capture 20 or 30 enemies and should do a little more damage

her 2 should just be able to be modded with k drive mods

her 3 should do way way way more damage like 10x or even 20x more damage and be able to expand the range with range mods 

mans her 4 I think should just work like vaubans vortex just put a duration behind it instead of having a quick cast the damage could even still be the same 

was so excited for yareli. Haven’t been excited about a frame this much since normal Mesa and was so upset when I tried her please improve this frame DE she really needs it 

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Yareli needs more aggressive buffs than simple number increases.


  • The buffs needs a grace period and not immediately disappear if she stops moving for a brief moment.

Sea Snares

  • The number of Snares per cast needs to be affected by something.
  • Or even better, make the seeking range be affected by Affinity range, make each Snare spread to nearby targets within a small, Range-affected AoE, then set the summon limit to 3. Basically, instead of snaring 15 individual enemies, it snares 3 groups of enemies.


  • Please just make Merulina accept K-Drive mods.
  • Make Merulina be with Yareli "in spirit", letting Yareli use the defensive buffs when not riding, then holding the ability to summon Merulina for free as needed.
  • To compensate for the relatively low and unmoddable damage reduction (compare with Iron Skin, Warding Halo, Shatter Shield, Splinter Storm, etc.), give Merulina a moddable amount of Evasion, fitting for her speedy theme. Alternatively, just make the damage reduction moddable.


  • This ability needs some interaction with Range mods, preferably expanding the ring and the blade size so it both his further away and closer to you.
  • Alternatively/additionally, a hold-to-toggle for near/midrange/far blades.
  • Synergy suggestion: Hitting a Sea Snared enemy with an Aquablade creates smaller Aquablades that circle the enemy, damaging others nearby but not itself.


  • This one should really have a Duration so you get some time to shoot at the enemies before yeeting them.
  • Synergy suggestions: Increased damage per Sea Snared enemy within. Aquablade damage to targets within increased for each enemy within.


These are the kind of changes Yareli needs to fit into modern Warframe. Not just "+X00 damage on Ability Y".

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Some suggestions, QoL, synergy, and mainly for Sea Snares + Riptide to further emphasize her 4th's nuking potential.

  • Add a globule counter next to Yareli's shield/HP bar when Sea Snares is active
    • When the battlefield is filled with water splashes and scores of bubbles, I cannot see how many snares are around.
  • Each enemy killed while Sea Snared heals Merulina by 10% of its maximum health.
    • Remounting Merulina is an option, but since both mounting and dismounting require Yareli to go through her twirling animations, sometimes it's better to just let Merulina get healed up while we're riding on it to let the player keep on gunning.
  • Riptide's burst damage scaling now accounts for the number of enemies captured by your Sea Snares anywhere, even if those enemies are not in the AoE.
    • Move fast on Merulina, capturing enemies with Sea Snares, then point at the biggest clump of enemies you can find and cast Riptide to skyrocket the damage.
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