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Update 30.5: Sisters of Parvos


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29 minutes ago, master_of_destiny said:


Your mileage, and mission types may vary.


I did a Sister.  Survival, Exterminate, and Sister attempt.  First requiem unlocked.

Move to entirely new planet.  Two Survivals, and an attempted Sister kill.  Second requiem unlocked.

Survival, Exterminate, Survival, avoided kill attempt, and an Exterminate.  Final requiem unlocked.  

Got lucky.  Ordered the last two right, so I shanked the Sister.  Went to railjack mission.  Kill the crewships (2) and destroy the security nodes (2).  Completed all side objectives.  No rewards for the side objectives, Sister killed.  Dog and Weapon in foundry upon my return.  Bracket dropped as a "?" reward.  Did not get credits back.  Ran another mission.  All credits returned to me in that mission.  


The experience was about a 1:40 (100 minutes) grind.  Way better than the usual several hours of grind.  While there are way fewer spawns per mission, each spawn is worth a heck of a lot more.  Previously a survival would yield about 1/4 of the first murmur wheel.  On this run I exposed slightly less than half.



This all said, take it with a grain of salt.  What is a feature, and what is a bug, has yet to be nuked from orbit with a "fix."  Only one of those officially today.

Yes it seems that the attempt is alot better although have far less spawns of the thralls is I suppose what DE call Balancing the game again.. give more murmurs but remove thrall spawns.. I just finished the 24 mission to get the 3rd unlocked.. admittedly they are solo, but still I actually think it was quicker before.. 

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Just now, Terrorpins said:

What was the point of the kuva nukor nerf? It's similar to an aoe weapon now. What's next, ogris/tonkor/bramma explosions are capped at 3 kills per shot? Wtf. 

I'd say that would be right the way DE is going.. those AOE weapons are the best weapons now due to DE "upgrades" so expect them to get the treatment .. 

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It's a surprise to everyone (except it isn't) that :

  • Melee is still king because nothing can compete with mashing one button with no downtime to clean dozen and dozen of enemies.
  • Galvanize Mods are useless in high-level content because on-kill stacks can't keep up with the killing rate of tanky targets with ranged weapons.
  • Sister Liches are a HUGE PAIN to farm because it's locked behind a tedious game mode, which itself is locked behind a currency tedious to obtain.
  • Parazon is still underutilized because nothing prevents us from mistakenly killing the target before reaching it. Oh wait, it's not a mistake, because why spending time to kill just one target when i can kill dozen and dozen ?

And for all of this : WE TOLD YOU SO !

Seriously, I don't understand how DE got so far off target … It has always been so obvious that ranged weapons can't compete with melee weapon. Trying to do that is just a waste of time and energy. And seriously : you don't have to make ranged on par with melee (damage wise). "Space Ninja", remember ? Jumping all over the place and swiftly use your blade to kill your targets, that's the game concept you are working on since the beginning. Why are you so focused on make them compete when you can make them complement each other ?

Look at the whole meta involving Condition Overload and the Kuva Nukor ? Is that so unhealthy ? Well yes, it sure is, because it involve just one mod and one weapon in the whole collection of mods and weapons. But isn't it a really good example of how ranged and melee can complement each other ? Why not embrace this meta ? It wouldn't be the first time. Do you remember that the whole Parkour system is born in response of the zorencopter meta back in the day ? Seriously, i'm still remember all the hype and the praise surrounding the game thank to this, because the devs understood what players wanted and successfully built a gameplay around that. And it was beautiful … [insert Thanos meme here]

Here, an idea, quickly : instead of all these unviable on-kill effects, why not scale ranged weapons with the combo counter ? The primary and secondary weapons cannot increase the counter (they could even deplete it), but could benefit from it. That alone would encourage players to switch between melee and ranged : one for close combat and refresh the meter, the other for ranged combat and all the pew pew and perks/status/gimmicks/etc that these weapons can bring.

I'm sure it's not the first time someone suggest this, and i'm also sure this kind of synergies between melee and ranged would be way more enjoyable. Ok, there is obviously some problem by relying on the combo counter (like the Xoris and his infinite combo duration, the combo counter would need a proper rework to include ranged weapons), but it's certainly a way better and healthier way to imagine the game than what has been done here …

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13 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

An Alternate Helmet for Yareli!Purchase the Yareli Physalia Helmet in the in-game Market or as part of future Nightwave Cred Offering rotations.




Why is there an angry Grineer dude on a place where her head would be?




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56 minutes ago, -AncientWarrior- said:

Yes it seems that the attempt is alot better although have far less spawns of the thralls is I suppose what DE call Balancing the game again.. give more murmurs but remove thrall spawns.. I just finished the 24 mission to get the 3rd unlocked.. admittedly they are solo, but still I actually think it was quicker before.. 


Again, maybe I'm an outlier here.


If you do the quick missions, you might only get one or two spawns solo.  That sucks, hard.  I do the survivals because it's trivial to have a decent Nekos Prime build simply wade in with the Lesion, and keep swinging until everything stops moving.  I do not know if solo is slower than team, as I only do solo.


The Sisters bouncing from planet to planet once defeated is an oddity.  The fact that they only steal credits is...just mind boggling.  Hopefully one of these updates makes things better for you.


As far as the rebalance...when DE said they were streamlining them I had my doubts.  Their tactic of larger sum, lesser spawn, higher values is...a way to go with it.  Frankly, the goofiness of having to kill the Lich/Sister by luck, then having to do Railjack, so that you can do a boss battle, is just silly.  I'm frankly impressed that people there actually thought this was a great idea...when the new doggos are randomly generated and if you want to build your own will require lots of killing.  I can only tell you that I'm not building my own.  

I do like some of their powers though.  I have the melee one with the magnetic bubble which disarms.  It's unfathomable that DE packed all of that into the doggos...along with the organic health/armor/shield link mods.  These things are nutty strong against basic enemies...if you could ever get them to logically use their precepts.  Of course, instead of that they wait until you cloak, go in for the stealth kill, then Leroy Jenkins into the middle of the group and create a bubble that prevents any stealth kills.



Oh boy....they made organic pets better...  Like adding salt to sand paper.  

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17 hours ago, Celetille said:

I've already subsumed every warframe except the new one... How do I get to Rank 15 Metamorphosis within the Helminth? Do I just have to keep Infusing and Removing abilities I don't want to use now? Will there be any script run to retroactively give EXP for warframes subsumed while previously maxed?

Looks like you're screwed like the rest of us already max'd, now all those ranks.

17 hours ago, master_of_destiny said:

So.... at least there aren't a bunch of blue screens.


Let's describe the progress of this update, so people can get through the grind ASAP.

  1. Buy the Bo blue print in the market.
  2. Buy the new staff blue print in the market.
  3. Start building the Bo.
  4. Pop down to Deimos, and buy the blue print for the helminth segment.  
  5. Return to orbiter.
  6. Start building the helminth segment.
  7. Go to dojo.
  8. Start building the new lab.
  9. Return to orbiter.
  10. Go to Fortuna.
  11. Got to vent kids.  Purchase blue prints for the new gun....requiring 3 build parts.  
  12. Initiate quest.  Talk to the kids.  Go to Orb Vallis.
  13. Grind out the required 5 items.
  14. Return to Fortuna.
  15. Return to Orbiter.
  16. Start building Yaereli's signature secondary barrel and receiver.
  17. Watch painful motion comic that is blown away by free stuff on youtube.
  18. Go to Orb Vallis.
  19. Complete 5 more challenges that are largely time killers.
  20. Return to Fortuna.
  21. Return to Orbiter.
  22. Bleed slightly as you feel the bile in your body rise....because you now repeat 19-21 three more times to do this.
  23. Visit the kids again, and discover the status quo reset.
  24. Return to orbiter.
  25. Listen to Grandmother from Fortuna talk to you inexplicably...until you read "wave rider #1."
  26. Be frustrated to think there will be more of these.  Three years too late to matter....and know that fully kitting mods made some of these items much easier.
  27. Wait about 24 hours.  This is added because the dojo, weapon, helminth segment, and everything else is linked to build timers.  Hopefully it'll be worth it.


Now that everything is done that you can do, grind out the new stuff.  40 keys*4 items a week means 160 required keys.  That means 27 missions a week on maximum difficulty.  RNG runs from 26-59%...so you'll need to buy at least two of each items with a matching or preferred element.  Remember the random key rewards are at most 6 at a time.  Know you also have Liches.  You then have the Sisters.  You follow that up with an unknown grind for the robot dogs.  None of this even mentions that you'll be grinding the snot out of the granum void again to get the new dust resource.



Wow...and no idea what the Legendary MR 1 is going to give.  I'm almost scared.  Of course, what will keep me warm is the sheer pi** that is now raging through me because the only way to get parts and blue prints to a new weapon is to engage with survival railjack missions...and it's just dandy.  I like spy missions, and even then the grind for the 5 new parazon mods seems punishing.


Can we get this taken away, and put back into the oven for a few hours.  It ain't done.

Most frustratingly I gave you credit for not insulting the helminth system users for being proactive and getting all of the frames subsumed.  Well guess what skippy, it's an open palm slap to this face.  Seriously DE, WTF?

Thank you, I followed that to a tee, got it all done. Though to build a lab for three things hmmm, hope more gets added into it.

17 hours ago, OrionHardy84 said:

What no extra prestige levels for nightwave? How am I suppose to earn the new stuff being added to rotation?

We are getting screwed over, I've done 2 Nightwaves hopeing DE would extend the cap, now I'm screwed even harder by not extending the cap what the hell were DE thinking that we couldn't possibly get to prestige 60 x 2

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6 hours ago, Yamazuki said:

Are we playing the same game Warframe, or?

don't think we are, dunno how you can look at tying the sisters' spawns to granum void as if the problem with liches was that their randomized generation was not time consuming enough and be like "yes this is a developer that listens to feedback"

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15 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:
  • Fixed being unable to roll, jump, shoot, use context action, etc for an extended period of time when knocked off of K-Drive. 

  • Fixed script error with Mirage’s Prism and Eclipse. 

  • Fixed some cases of inconsistent game times between Host and Client after host migration (eg. Wisp being invisible after jumping after host migration).

Are these two script errors different?

15 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:
  • Fixed script error with Wukong’s Celestial Twin. 

  • Fixed script error with Mirage’s Eclipse. 

  • Fixed issues with white squares appearing in the UI.


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Sentinel Survivability

Sentinel Survivability Buff, please DE you keep adding new and more powerful enemies that can zap our Sentinels in one shot just about, even with Primed Regen on it, dead outright in the first few minutes into some high missions, especially horrid on high Corpus missions.

We need our Sentinel mods like our Companion mods made into Link mods so we can at least make them hopefully survive longer than 3 minutes into a 10 minute mission.

Warframe abilities and other healing methods that heal Warframes should also heal the Sentinels, it feels like you just don't care, yet you keep releasing new Sentinels that are just as bad as the old ones.

Not all of us want to run around with a Demios pet that cannot die outright and respawns over your head.

To add the new Corpus Lich Hound just fried my Sentinel in one shot, come on DE give the Sentinels some lovin please give us link mods.


Can we please have an option for our Orbiters A B C for appearance like Warframes have that way we can switch between appearances.
Kill it With Fire Challenge is still busted, DE can you look at it please, I want to complete my last Challenge and have 208/208

Soaktron Rifle Skin for all rifles please, at the moment it can only go on a select few.


Thank you for the hotfix, keep up the great job.
Thank you for the fixes, still more to go. ;)

Acolytes need fixing, when I do a Steel Path Alert I hardly see them, even after hanging around for 10 minutes or more please make them a guaranteed spawn in on the Steel Path Alerts in the Navigation menu.

Can you please fix the stats in the UI profile, mine is showing two kitguns as Primary and Secondary as the most used when this is not correct it bugged/changed about two hotfixes ago, the Soma Prime and Staticor are my most used guns please correct this error.

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Hey DE, Thanks for your creativity and your constant updates that you have been giving us, this is a small recommendations from a casual player to improve Yareli! 

First off, make sure to improve the flexibility while using her K Drive ability, that way players won't get stuck on certain maps or obstacles, for example make it almost like a fluid water where the edges can pass through objects without effecting her movements. And please increase the Damage reduction cap to 90% instead of 75 to increase her survivability. 

Moving for the other abilities, Aqua blades: Since we won't be able to use either primaries nor Melee while on the K drive mode, it would cool if we could affect the damage of this ability in a similar fashion to Khora's whipclaw or Atlas's first ability. If you decided not to go this route, then this ability needs a lot of damage to be a viable option, while also it needs more range. 

As for her forth, given how expensive for a short duration ability that barely does a good crowd control or damage, i would suggest adding this unique functionality, where this ability could strip an enemy from all defenses for a short period of time, similar to Nyx's Psychic Bullets. 

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12 hours ago, -AncientWarrior- said:

Helmith question .. is there an easy way to see what frames I havent subsumed..?  

You can see which abilities you haven't subsumed. And you can subsume only one ability from a warframe. So... It's like a list of warframes you didn't subsume yet.

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10 hours ago, 8SoMoL8 said:

Give exlated weapon an arcane slot PLZ....

Even they have no exilus adapters slot...

Exalted melee weapons also don't have a stance, which requires you to forma them more, and if you want umbra mods there - you will have to spend umbra formas on those, and umbra forma supply is very-very much limited now... you can get them only from nightwave or as an extremely rare offer from Teshin for Steel Essence, and to get enough steel essence to buy that umbra forms you need to grind steel path for like 7-8 hours or more, if you don't have resource booster and if you're not extremely lucky with smeeta buffs.

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Great, so you made another useless warframe. Yareli is just the cute warframe that has a k drive ability. You ignored the majority of the community telling you the truth, the abilities have major issues. Lets go over Yareli's stats:

  • Health - 100 Average
  • Shield - 450 Average
  • Armor - (was on the lower end 65) post hotfix 100, slightly lower than average
  • Energy - 300 Above Average

Starting Polarites: 3 including aura slot, Average.
Although her base survivability is not great. The majority of what makes of a warframe is the kit (the abilities that make the warframe) but that's where it all falls apart. Her abilities are similar to other abilities we have seen but are either worse or painfully useless. 


Sea Snares 

  • Energy Cost - Average for a spam cast
  • Damage - piss poor

This ability is just awful. It only suspends 3 enemies per cast and does no relevant damage. This is an easy fix but sadly I wont be surprised if it isn't done to the degree necessary to be worth touching. The only "okay" thing about this ability is the cost but even if this was 0 cost I still would have a hard time touching this ability. I don't understand truly what DE was going for with this warframe. I thought this warframe was supposed to be a movement based with passive + active DOT abilities. Half of the abilities do not match this idea and the other half are just painfully bad.


  • Energy cost - lower than most defensive abilities
  • Defensive stat - 75% damage reduction and damage is directed toward Merulina

With the most brutal honesty, this ability is not fun. Level geometry and pathing do not allow this K-drive movement to be useful at all. More so it is a hinderance and you will spend more time getting stuck or or flat on your face because you hit a twig. I understand why vehicles are mostly for open world but if we want more stupid ideas like this we can add necramechs to the normal levels and see how that goes. Nezha's warding halo far out performs this stupid ability (as well as Nezha also being a team player and fun). I'd rather have Merulina just orbit me and reduce damage by 75% or have the dumb aquablades do that. Watching someone use this ability is just as stupid as you think it is. 


  • Energy Cost - shockingly high
  • Damage - awful

I am not sure what DE was trying to do here with this ability. This ability is meant to defensive? But with no verticality and poor ability to stun people at the ranges that matter, this ability should not be used. 75 energy for this ability is a crime. Like Sea Snares, if this was 0 cost I wouldn't touch this ability. There is no reason to go for mercy killing which is what its good at for some reason and if an enemy is getting stunned at the range that the ability is active in, you are most likely dead or soon to be dead. There is too many things wrong with this ability for me to care about it and if you are going to replace an ability with helminth, replacing the first or third ability is trying to pick which ability you hate less. The lesser of two evils.


  • Energy cost - too high
  • Damage - doesnt exist

If you ever want to be disappointed when you press a flashy ability, this is it. If you have ever played Frost and pressed 4 in areas where enemies were levels 60 or higher, you would have stood there looking at all the frozen enemies that thaw out within 5 seconds of your cast and then die to a bombard. It's damage scaling and base damage are not significant enough. This ability seems like it was meant to be a damaging ability but falls extremely short. The cost to cast this is way too much for this ability doing nothing. 


Overall this warframe is disappointing. She needs an overhaul on his abilities. Her entire concept and kit are extremely bad and are obnoxious at best. Her best ability is her passive and... that is no reason to play a warframe. Just play any other frame. In terms of the update, she is the lowest point of the whole update which is very sad. I dont even expect a good buff/rework. Go back to the drawing board with this frame, looks arent everything. I deem her not worth anything.



so a buff came out for Yareli and outside of the buff to her passive its still bad. They converted her damage type to cold for some reason and cold is a useless element other than to make viral or blast. I am not sure why they changed the damage type of her 4th ability to cold but that just seems worse than blast for some reason. I could be wrong about that doesnt sound right to me. I'll need to play around with it to get more of a feeling if it actually matters. Either way the ability still doesnt do enough damage. Sea snares... I don't know how else to say this but to compete with other cc abilities, a max of 15 sea snares is simple not enough and the damage for the ability is still too low for my liking. Changing the damage type to cold is just redundant, they arent moving so just go back to slash or what ever it was (I think it was all physical? Someone please correct me on that) Aquablades still a useless skill. Duration was piss poor to begin with and now its sort better for duration. Damage still sucks on it and having no verticality will lead to its instant replacement. Funny note for aquablades, when they first showed off Yareli and they cast aquablades while on Muralina, the aquablades missed most of the targets that were standing up while on Muralina. there is many enemies who are hunched over or shorter or whose hitboxes are weird at the top (stupid moas) so this is really stupid. If they wanted to actually fix this (which i know they wont for years to come) just make it a bubble around her and the blades make contact with everything in that bubble. I don't know what tot say anymore. This warframe is the warframe you play for the passive, not a single part of her kit is good or useful or fun. This is too stupid for me to be playing right now.

Edited by KankeiKen
patch came out
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12 hours ago, Phrash said:

The damage attenuation changes for Kuva Liches are TERRIBLE. The encounters with liches takes FOREVER.

After shooting the lich for 5 seconds my damage goes down to 11. And it doesn't go back up for A LONG TIME. Literally have to wait 5 minutes while the lich beats the snot out of me until it lets me damage it again.

It feels AWFUL to have a "hidden" in game mechanic (damage attenuation) reduce my damage to piddly squat and turn Kuva Liches into juggernaut bullet sponges just because "DE thinks I'm doing too much damage, so no more fun!"

These changes are supposed to streamline Kuva Lich hunts and make the process go faster? It feels way worse now.

This, this, all this. Damage in two and three digits for builds I use to easily one and two shot acolytes, Wolf, old rank 5 Liches.

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On 2021-07-06 at 5:02 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:


The Sisters of Parvos update will bring three new Modular Hound Companions, each with a unique Melee weapon. While reviewing these Companion Weapons, we noticed the Helios-old problem that there’s a lot of Melee Mods that you can equip, but don’t really function on companion Melee. There’s also some ‘invisible gear hopping’ where if you put Mods on your Deconstructor (or Prime), they carry over to your Melee which is a many-year-old oversight we’ve lived with, but are approaching changes more thoroughly with this Update and as a result we’re patching up this behaviour. 

These are mostly Mods that deal with combos or heavy attacks, since Companions do not have these features as well as other certain outliers. As a result the following Mods will be incompatible with the upcoming three Hound weapons and retroactively will no longer work with the Deconstructor and Deconstructor Prime:

Amalgam Organ Shatter
Corrupt Charge
Enduring Strike
Body Count
Blood Rush
Dispatch Overdrive
Drifting Contact
Energy Channel
Finishing Touch
Focus Energy
Focused Defense
Guardian Derision
Killing Blow
Life Strike
Maiming Strike
Reflex Coil
Relentless Combination
Seismic Wave
True Punishment
Weeping Wounds
Gladiator Might
Gladiator Rush
Gladiator Vice
Carnis Mandible
Jugulus Barbs
Saxum Thorax
Motus Impact
Proton Snap
Tek Gravity
Strain Infection

"I tried so hard and got so far.... But in the end it doesn't even matter... ~"

Goodbye Gladiator Set Hyper Charge. You were truly an amazing friend.


Jokes apart, ty for the update, it's  massive, gonna take a while to do all the new content. 

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