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Add symmetry options

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Time and time again there is added something asymmetric, and honestly, I am already tired of it.

Latron Armor, Grineer Armors, Syrinx Armor, Mulciber Armor (6 weeks waiting only for disappointment btw) and many warframes like Banshee or Ash....and now, Yareli.

Literally has a sleeve on one of her arms, but not on the other. I would gladly pay additional 1000 nano spores to have a second sleeve on other arm.

WHAT TO DO? Its simple: Give us a TOGGLE option to turn on / off symmetry and add the armor parts respectively. I understand some things like Nidus, Saryn or Loki are not possible to make symmetric, but some things just can be and I dont see any reason why they shouldnt be. I do respect taste of people for asymmetric things, but I like them symmetric. What is fashionframe if I cant make what I want. 

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44 minutes ago, (PSN)Jmazing7 said:

I can at least let you know that Banshee's shoulder spike is considered an armor piece so you can remove it

You can't remove it. You can only replace it with different armor piece. Well, at least that is how it used to be for ages, I haven't tried, no idea if that was changed. Same with Mag Prime's shoulder armors.

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