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Granum Void difficulty

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ik this is likely constantly complained about so far, and probably gonna be frowned on, but is it possible to decrease the difficulty of the coin to the mid one, not alot of people are gonna have builds and be able to do that difficulty constantly to get a roll on a weapon or to get one to spawn 

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Personally i agree, they should tune down the difficulty of the granum void, and that's coming from someone who does steel path often. Simply put, if your not a spam 4 to win frame, you ain't doing nothing.

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3 minutes ago, (XBOX)JB Fenix 88 said:

Plus the fact that it's still timed doesn't help. I personally have never enjoyed the vaults and now they say you have to do them and then hope it rolls the gun you are looking for.

yes, and its painful grabbed the first sister i could get my hands on because of how much time i already put into the granum void to get her to spawn


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