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Halo And Warframe Fanfic


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I've never actually done something like this before, but there was another thread that had Chief and Tenno fighting eachother that inspired me to do this. I just wanted to throw in a fun idea, a universe where Warframe and Halo is spliced together. You might have to have a little knowledge on Halo lore however, but I put in a few links that can help ease the story along.




Picture Dark Sectors time setting being thrown out. Meanwhile in the Halo universe, after the Didact's defeat, humans start to research the Composer, and they continue to fight the flood. It's a losing war for them however. The flood keeps becoming smarter as it spreads to all races with the intention of wiping all of them out.


Eventually, humanity in a last ditch effort produces the Technocyte Virus to combat the flood. The research goes awry and the virus fuses with the flood, and it turns against its creators. This is followed by the events of Dark Sector. http://darksector.wikia.com/wiki/Hayden_Tenno


Afterwards, Hayden Tenno would try to unify mankind against the flood threat. He offered his virus to any who wished to join him, creating the Tenno faction. Many of mankinds' greatest minds joined his cause, but a stout portion chose against the option, choosing to remain "pure" humans. Both sides continued their fight against the flood.


Consequently, The Tenno, following their strict honor code and rigorous training proved a lot more successful compared to the Humans. The Flood, fused with the Technocyte Virus and deemed the Infested, continue to fight humanity and the other alien races from the Halo universe. The war was still being lost for all the races opposing the Infested, due to the factions ability to assimilate every other factions numbers and minds.


Over time, the original Composer technology was developed to the point of becoming practically an alternate dimension renamed the Void by some. The Void proved to be a powerful tool for the Tenno, but the Infested was still stronger. http://www.halopedia.org/Composer


Eventually the Infested absorbed enough minds to regain knowledge of its original intentions for humanity. http://www.halopedia.org/Flood

The Infested pushed every race into our current solar system. Then, they came to mankind with an ultimatum. They offered humanity a chance to live as long as they did not interfere with the Infesteds' purge of the covenant races who worshipped the Forerunners. http://www.halopedia.org/Precursor


Before long, humanity agreed. The Tenno proceeded to migrate to the Void and their cryopods, and they entered their deep sleep. The "pure" humans stayed on Earth. The Infested would then go on to extinguish any remaining Covenant life, leaving only humanity and less developed life forms alive. (skates :D)


Afterwards, the Infested receded into the outskirts of the galaxy and became dormant. The "pure" humans would live on for millenia until knowledge of their history is lost or altered through conflicts among them.


Assuredly, the conflicts between the "pure" humans resulted in a split. One side was a militaristic society which valued power. The other side promoted ingenuity and discovery.


The militaristic side followed the legends of elite spartan warriors. They developed super soldiers, and cloned these soldiers to fight to stake their claim of earth over the other faction. The conflict would endure for years until most of the population had some clone DNA within them. Their government would also follow the Spartan legends. It became matriarchal, parallel to the legend that the Spartans followed a "mother" named Halsey. Eventually, they would become the Grineer.


The opposing side lost the war for Earth, so they took to the skies. They would re-explore planets and discover lost Covenant technology. This resulted in many scientific achievements for them and their plasma weaponry. Life in space would change their features slightly from their original human forms. Almost instinctively, they donned large block shaped helmets to provide oxygen, but also as if they would need to defend their heads from some unknown threat. Eventually, they would become the Corpus.


The relationship within the two factions would be strenuous because the Grineer decided they also want to expand into the solar system. The resulting conflicts would awaken the dormant Infested. The Infested, angered by the failure of responsibility of humanity set out to assimilate it.


Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the solar system, a mysterious figure named Lotus awakens the Tenno from their sleep to restore balance.

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