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They Gave Away One Primed Chamber In Live Stream.


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People are making a big deal about this because of the Vectis, but really snipers aren't versitile enough in this game to matter (for me atleast). Yes, primed chamber is a huge boost to power, so much so that it would only really be needed in the top tier levels. At that point one doesn't have the time to line up headshots with 3 other players getting in the way while all the while taking a good chunk of damage. Sure, it would turn the Vectis into the highest burst DPS in the game (right?) but at that point I'd rather have a weapon that is more team friendly.

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1/6167 Chance of Getting it.(Number of users watching at the time of the roll)




And the "ramp up" with them saying "Yeah sure we could do an Alert", and then "oh wait, no that's actually impossible, it's not an aura or resource" 


Ah well :(

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