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Sisters of Parvos Twitch Drop Campaign

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There has been a change in plans, Tenno. To celebrate the launch of Sisters of Parvos across all platforms, we are introducing a directory-wide Twitch Drop campaign. While this means a somewhat early end to built Forma week, we have a grab bag full of goodies coming your way. This new campaign begins on July 8th at 7 pm ET during our Home Time stream and runs until July 16th at 2 pm ET.

Tune into any stream in the  Warframe directory for 30 minutes to receive a Sisters of Parvos Grab Bag* (limit of 5 claims):

  • Vala Community Glyph

  • Gara Prime Community Glyph** (Not related to Prime Access)

  • Yareli Community Glyph

  • Yareli Community Display

  • Vala and Parvos Community Display

  • Golden Hand Decoration

  • Gara Noggle


In preparation for TennoCon, we will not be hosting our usual Community streams next week (July 12th - July 16th). Instead, we encourage you to support other Tenno by watching their streams!

Find out more about the New Sisters of Parvos Community Glyphs and Displays!

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Posted (edited)

Man, I was one forma away from getting all five for the week. The art is great, don't get me wrong, but this is still disappointing.

Edit: Watched the International Stream for drops and managed to get all five. Is there any reason this Stream isn't advertised as being part of the drop schedule?

Edit: Can we get duplicate protection in the future? I got the Gara with Lua Glyph twice

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Posted (edited)

So i wont be able to get the last two Forma that I planned to get during the next stream?  Oh well, guess I should have remembered to put today's stream on in the background while at work.

Did those glyphs get added to the market yesterday?

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Posted (edited)

I haven't really joined in on this current week of drops. But it seems people aren't happy, so how about on Thursday only


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7 minutes ago, (PSN)The_Verethragna said:

Just throwing it out there, since it seems like a lot of people don't know.

The Warframe International stream comes on in about five minutes and it counts for drops.

So if the Forma drop hasn't been disabled yet, you can still get up to two that way.

Thanks for the heads up bro, for those that dont know, its https://www.twitch.tv/warframeinternational

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For those who haven't got the 5 forma go right now to Warframe international on twitch, they also count to get the drops and the time counter still counts from where it left, so go now if you want 

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