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Pulse - Chi/energy Based Frame


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So coming up with new ideas for frames is a lot of fun.   I was thinking that since I have seen threads for earth, fire, wind, and water that all we were missing was heart. which made me think that as funny as it sounds he can actually be a viable warframe.  Not a punk biatch like Ma-ti from captain planet.  I like support frames very much because lets face it they are always the characters that are in limited supply. 


So his name would be pulse or something else, but I think pulse seems appropriate


His powers would be as thus


Ability 1 - (Fuse) Pulse summons forth his chi into his weapons dealing additional damage which ignores armor

  - Weapons do an additional 5% / 7% / 10% / 15% damage (can be increased by power strength)

  - Blocking with melee weapon could repel attacks back at the attacker


Ability 2 - (Synapse) Due to heightened senses from meditation Pulse is able to dodge all incoming attacks

  - Lasts 5 / 7 / 10 / 15 seconds. This is affected by Power Duration

Alternate 2nd Ability - Pulse concentrates his chi into his palms and does an open palmed dash attack at target enemy.

  - Deals 30 / 50 / 90 / 125 physics impact damage (power strength gives attack ability to critically hit)

  - Range 5 / 10 / 15 / 22 in game meters (Cannot be increased by power range)

  - Enemy suffers 3 second stagger effect (Cannot be increased by power duration)


Ability 3 (Endorphines) - Sends out a energy wave that affects allies causing them to become immune to pain while doubling melee attack power

 - Allies ranged weapon damage is reduced to 50% / 45% 40% / 30% for duration of power. (can be improved by power strength)

 - Allies take increased damage 15%/ 15%/ 10% / 7% however Melee kills restore health 2% for 5 seconds at all levels (can be increased by power strength)

 - Unable to be stunned or knockdown while power is active.

 - Duration of 7 / 10 / 12 / 15 seconds. (can not be increased by Power Duration)


Ability 4 (Euphoria)  - Pulse goes into a deep meditative state becoming one with his team mates causing Health and energy regenerate at an increased rate. (power activation effect would looks like a like piercing character head, sort of like an alert state)

 - Health regenerates at 2% / 2% / 3% / 5% (can be increased by power strength)

 - Energy regenerates at 1% 1% /  2% / 3%  (can be increased by power strength)

 - Melee attack is increased 20% at all levels

 - Duration 7 seconds at all levels

 - Range of 20 / 22 / 30 / 50 in-game meters. (AoE effect, can not be increased by Power Range)


I think he may need some tweaking for his powers to ensure that he isn't OP and yes that is tweak-ing not to be confused with Twerk-ing.  So tell me what you think, all inputs are welcomed, except stupid ones and ones that make no sense, or ones that start with imo.... lol just kidding.......or am I

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attack three could stack with galatine invis loki which would be bonkers

Yes it would, I think this frame overall would be an awesome support frame which at the same time forces Tenno to be more melee focused at times and not worry about which gun holds the most ammo.

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