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Sisters of Parvos: Hotfix 30.5.2


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Sisters of Parvos: Hotfix 30.5.2  

The Waverider’s Heart Decoration has been added to the Riptide Supporter Pack (hot-dropped server-side last night). We’re working on a script to provide the Decoration to anyone who has already bought the Riptide Pack: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1269964-psa-sisters-of-parvos-riptide-supporter-pack-waveriders-heart-decoration/ 


Yareli Changes:

Time for some Yareli Buffs! Your feedback has been heard and implemented in the way of buffs to Yarelis kit.


  • Doubled Critical Chance amount from 100% to 200%. 


Sea Snares:

  • Increased the number of Sea Snares created per ability cast to 5 (you can still have 15 maximum at once)

  • Changed Damage type to Cold.

  • Sea Snares deal damage-over-time to enemies caught within - we’ve upped the Damage Increase per second from 80 to 125.



  • Doubled the base Damage from 250 to 500. 

  • Increased Duration to 30 seconds.



  • Changed Damage type to Cold.

  • Doubled the Damage Scaling per enemy caught within Riptide from 25% to 50%. 

  • Reduced impulse on enemies after Riptide explodes so they don’t get thrown as far away.



  • The Lich screen now displays helpful text that your Kuva Lich or Sister has fled to the respective Proxima region when appropriate. 

    • This change aims to help players progress along the new Lich showdown flow when they reach this point and diminish confusion as to where their Kuva Lich/Sister has gone. 

  • The Foundry will now give you the opportunity to buy Slots when claiming a Hound when you don't have 2 available (Hounds require 2 Slots, one for Hound and one for weapon).

  • Changed the Kuva Nukor description from "hit up to four" to "hit up to two" as it now hits two additional targets.

  • Removed the outdated Parazon Finisher information from Zephyr’s Airburst description. 

  • Made placement adjustments to the Suda Armor on numerous Warframes.


Infested Salvage Fixes:

  • Fixed Sevagoth's Shadow having his own independent pool of Antiserum Charges, allowing him to use 3 of his own and 3 of Sevagoth's. Now Sevagoth’s Shadow respects the maximum of 3 Antiserums total across Warframe, Operator, and Sevagoth’s Shadow.

  • Fixed HUD not properly showing the number of Antiserum Charges you have accumulated between your Warframe, Operator, and Sevagoth’s Shadow.

  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Shadow not being able to use any Antiserum Charges if he hasn't picked up any since you've taken control of him, despite Sevagoth having Antiserum Charges available.



  • Fixed a crash that could occur when firing the Tenet Envoy and dying at the same time.

  • Fixed a variety of crashes that would occur on shutdown.

  • Fixed a softlock occuring during the Kuva Lich or Sister Vanquish/Convert choice if you had an Arch-Gun equipped or any custom animation (Mesa’s Peacemaker, etc).

  • Fixed inability to make the Vanquish/Convert choice if replaying the showdown mission.

    • This was achieved by entering the showdown mission, getting to the Vanquish/Convert choice, then backing out to the Dojo and going again.

  • Fixed not actually receiving the OULL Requiem after having your Kuva Lich/Sister flee. 

    • Accounts that did not actually receive their OULL Requiem will be fixed upon login.

  • Fixed not actually receiving the Requiem Ultimatum after Converting/Vanquishing your Kuva Lich/Sister.

    • Accounts that did not actually receive their Requiem Ultimatum will be fixed upon login.

  • Fixed not receiving a Riven when completing the Waverider Quest with Yareli already owned.

    • We’re working on a script to fix accounts that did not receive the Riven. 

  • Fixed no longer being able to click the desired Riven after Cycling it (only the arrows would work).

  • Fixed Radar effects (Enemy Radar, Loot Radar, etc) not working while you are riding a K-Drive/Merulina. 

  • Fixed Host player being able to pop Client Yareli Sea Snare bubbles and vice versa.

  • Fixed getting a Sister Transmission everytime you Mercied a Hound (will now have a 10% to play instead of 100%).

  • Fixed End of Mission screen not showing the proper amount of Boosted Credits when some are Taxed by a Sister.

  • Fixed Waverider Challenge display not closing after using certain other options in the Pause Menu.

  • Fixed missing acquisition information for the Kompressa.

  • Fixed inability to release a target from Xaku’s Gaze if you don't have Energy.

  • Fixed having bound Activate Power to another button resulting in an inability to use said bound button to cast Abilities while you’re riding Merulina as Yareli. 

  • Fixed new Syndicate Emotes looking weird on Operators.

  • Fixed a minor grammar issue in the Converted Sister Inbox message. 

  • Fixed Stalker cosplaying as Excalibur in the ‘What Stalker?’ Bundle Market Diorama. 

  • Fixed poor placements of the Asakage Blade of the Lotus Shoulder Armor on Sevagoth.

  • Fixed the Sylus Arrow Skin using the Eros Arrow Skin icon in the Market and Inventory.

  • Fixed a script error if an enemy did a ground slam (eg: Heavy Gunner) and died mid cast.

  • Fixed a script error that could potentially occur when a Hound’s Repo Audit Precept hit a player under a Radiation Status Effect.

  • Fixed a script error when your Kuva Lich uses certain abilities.

  • Fixed a script error when Fishing with a Shock Spear.

  • Fixed a script error when casting Gauss’ Mach Rush ability.

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Thank you for the hotfix. Please take a look at increasing the angression meter of Liches and increasing spawn frequency. Also, please look at Larvling cycling. Aborting missions should not be the most effective method, and the weapon frequency is very low.

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Posted (edited)

Why is kuva grattler worse than its usual version?Why do its characteristics differ in space and on the surface of planets?in space, he has cd 2.1 x and 100 hit damage and 205 projectile explosion damage, while on the surface of the planets, he has cd 2x and 50 hit damage and 155 projectile explosion damage. Please fix it.


Edited by Darren
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Please rework guns, they aren't strong enough. On-kill only works if the weapon can already kill, effectively making meta weapons even stronger and leaving non-meta weapons in the dust.

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Posted (edited)

Yareli buffs? Already?
*Sad Grendel noises*
When Grendel rework, then?
And Scatter justice still can't be on Kuva Hek, it was planned or?

Edited by -Abibas
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Yareli still needs a lot of work, such as allowing players to use their guns while on her k-drive. Dont lock us out of our weapons when giving nothing equally beneficial in return...


+ Why is her ult old Zephyr's ult? Didnt Zephyr get reworked cuz... her kit was outdated? o-o


Please consider changing her up like allowing us to use guns on her k-drive and defenietly considering changes to her 4.


Thank you~

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So they upped the damage on abilities doing way under par, anbd fixed zero of the actual issues?

Yareli will still be fanservice just to look at, then.

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The damage resistance as it scales up to Level 5 Liches/Sisters gets too excessive to the point that the fight is more of an endurance than for fun. Please readjust and make the damage resistance more consistent.

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The changes help, some. Not a whole lot, but some.

The damage increases on Sea Snares and Riptides is greatly appraciated, though there's still a good handful of issues with her kit. primarily how none of the abilities seem to tie to one another in any meaningful way.

As far as what those are, I left a comment not that long ago over on the appropriate thread.


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