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Upgrade System Revamp


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Okay the upgrade system is okay in the way you can set-up and customize your frame and weapons but, once you get to lvl 30 it looses interest and becomes a hassle, you can Potato( add a reactor catalyst or cell ) your to increase the total mod you can equip from 30 to 60( if frame was purchased you don't have to potato it). and you can add or change polarization to your mod slots with the use of a forma.


what I want to suggest is that if a player obtain theses requirements: A maxed skill mod, lvl 30 frame and a forma or 50K credits.

can they be "embedded" the skills  in to the frame meaning that the skill no longer require a slot in the mod tree,

 there for opening up 4 more mod slots without loosing your frame, ability, the skills will still consume the corresponding mod points as indicated  leaving the player with 41 mod points and 10 mod slots in-steed of 6, also add a 2nd aura slot if possible. 

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For your 1st post you're sure asking alot.

Not really any more than anyone else asks for. And I for one completely agree with him that more depth is needed for these warframe mods at the least. The Devs have said that they're looking into 'super-forma' to add slots to weapons or warframes, so some thought is being put into this field... but the more ideas the merrier.


I like the idea of integrating mods into the warframe, but in this case I would also suggest adding a method to add mod points to a frame. Another sort of 'mini-potato' that lets you add more points to be used amongst the frames slots, and you can 'hardwire' one mod into each slot (polarity still counts) while having another 'surface mod' that can easily be swapped around. That way we can hardwire in the abilities and mods that we use on all of our builds, and change the surface mods to fit our current utility--throw in sprint, stamina, and master thief for resource runs; slap vigor, fortitude, redirection, and vitality onto a Nova that doesn't normally have them when you need that extra longevity; add in Reflex Guard, Reflection, Parry, and Shield Flux when you want to play around with returning damage for kicks and giggles; etc. But doing anything very elaborate require you both to invest the mini-taters (probably and upper limit on them) and forma (so that even with the upper limit you can still put the double set of mods all on it)

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