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Lotus/tutorials: Extend To Mission Type Tutorials As Well


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This idea is more for the hiatus players and new players that like a reminder of what's the sitch when blasting off to _____________ type missions so that they aren't unprepared/under-prepared. Yes, the 10sec debrief on mission's start helps, but, as you guys have said a lot, the game was grown fast... almost like wildfire fast IMHO. Now that so much new content is in the game, explanations and quick tenno exercises/what-to-dos/what-not-to-dos can be put into play and, not really hand holding, help the tenno earn their "space legs" faster (dear god that pirate pun sucks). That way, players could play even better from the start to go along with the recent livestream's notes of "helping out planet progression for new players" also.


Just something to think about from this one founder's input about an awesome game like this. b-_^

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