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Mission Ending


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Everytime i host a match with my friends i crash when i am leaving the mission with the ship.

I suddenly die when the countdown from 5 to 1 ends and can't do a thing then quit the game and relog again.

I used a Rhino warframe with Paris, Orthos and Hikou if that matters. I also end the mission with Iron Skin most of the time i crash.


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really dont think your issue has anything to do with the frame/weps your using.

ill bet money either your connection cant hang or your comp cant.


try this:

turn off dx11

turn on multithreading

trun down your settings ingame

turn off 64bit (i hear this helps, not done it myself)

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I have never had this happen before until this morning. Same thing as the OP described. I can without a doubt say it has nothing to do with my system or my connection. Two of the four people said they saw no lag in game ( I saw none) but when the mission ended it said we both died, despite having watched the ship pick us up. Then after hitting revive, we both had our games just freeze up and it never went back to the game. We both had black screens.

I ran a few more missions and it was completely hit or miss. Some were perfect, some were pure S#&$.

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