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Mercy Kills Don't Work if the Enemy is CC'd

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I didn't know where to put this comment, so I decided that it would be best to put it in the Bugs section because the game wasn't like this before.

I would mortally wound a heavy unit or eximus, go in to stab them in the face with my knife on a rope, press the button, and nothing happens.

The issue I'm running into is that enemies that are under effects of crowd control don't allow you to Mercy Kill them. This list includes

-Being on Fire

-Being Zapped

- Gas Proc Stunlocks

- Staggers caused just by attacking them

- Staggers from mortally wounding Mercy Kill eligible enemies but not killing them

- Being Blinded by the parazon mod Out of Sight (and/or Being blinded period)

And many more. I really like the way parazon kills were improved, but before you can get ammo, health orbs, energy orbs, or even your companion back by stabbing a Heavy Gunner in the face, you have to wait for them to stop panicking from being set aflame.

Tldr; If the enemies aren't actively shooting at you because they are in the middle of being stunned/staggered by anything, I can't parazon Kill them.

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