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Sisters "Duplicate" you too often

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Hey, Thanks for forcing me to solo my sister because my friends "don't have an active sister or Lich". Its real fun not being able to kill her because she spawns like 5 copies of me before i can break her shield. All of which are tank AF and armed with my weapons, Shield buffing each other because Hildryn. So far this update has held 0 fun. Helminth was annoying and now we have helminth 2 electric bugaloo, ditto on the Parvos sisters being the same kuva lich grind. More weapons that require 5 Forma to max out for mastery, and oh yea, now some completely unbalanced boss fights. Real fun.

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I don't know what Cephalons do to calm down if they're angry, but whatever it is, you need to do it now lol.

the duplicate thing is obviously a bug and DE will likely be working on a fix for it. if you're still having trouble it might be wise to group up; thankfully Lich Confrontations can be done with randoms who also need to kill their Lich, so as long as you can stay long enough to do the railjack bit  and fight all 4 Liches back-to-back, you'll be ok.

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So on Xbox if you press the Y button while in your pause menu it will allow you to change your game session between friends only and public, that way you don't need to rely on your friends to carry you, you can rely on randoms to carry you :)

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