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I Just Thought About New Weapon


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It's called a chainsaw and I'm pretty sure they were around since before Warhammer 40k.

More or less the same idea at the end of the day, a moving blade on a melee weapon. Its not like a weapon like that would be out of place in the hands of grineer. I could see something similar coming along. Hopefully the art department makes it look unique at least.

And to above, most people aren't interested in unique they just want cool.

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why do people always want something that is "like in this game" or "like in that game"? why not ask for something that is unique?

Because unique has no shape or form until it is created. Therefore, we cannot love nor hate it.

Stuff that's already out has shape and form, has been created, and we can love or hate them.

Only natural we want to experience it in Warframe too.

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I wouldn't be surprised if that happens. And we'll be able to happily use our chain/saw/sword/axe/whatever on the same bunch of extremely stupid enemies.

I swear, if the AI was actually good in this game and they used squad-tactics properly, and the difficulty scaling would actually affect how smart they are, it would be a downright nightmare to go into high-level missions without thinking and planning. Unlike the statbattle we get today.


About the chain weapons... as long as the noise wouldn't be too horrible, or audible by the player using them only, I'd be fine with them, I guess.

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