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Ash's Blade Storm Now Requires Line-Of-Sight For Additional Targets


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Last time I played my Ash, when I targeted the first enemy with Blade Storm, every enemy within the distance limit of the first enemy would be targeted as well.


Now, however, line-of-sight from the first enemy is required for the additional enemies to be marked, so if you have two enemies with a crate in between them, Blade Storm will only hit one.


Why was this change implemented? Blade Storm's only strength as an ult was that you could cast it without taking damage and that it deals heavy damage, and its weaknesses were the extremely long cast times and limited number of targets. Now that you hit fewer targets due to obstacles and have to spend more energy to achieve the same effect as other damaging ults, it seems like another one of Ash's skills have become sub-par compared to other frames'.


Spammable 1 skill? Mag does it better.


Cloaking 2 skill? Loki does it better.


Teleporting 3 skill? Nova does it better.


Damaging ult? You can guess what I'm going to say.


Edit: fixed in a hotfix!

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To be fair Pull isn't really a comparison material, it needs a serious nerf, but yeah shuriken isn't very good.

Smokescreen lasts less than invisibility but stuns and cost less too so imo they are well balanced.

Teleport is one of the most useless skills ever.

Bladestorm is bad, we can't even increase the number of targets with duration mods and because there's a limit on targets it should at least go and attack more than once when you use it against smaller groups of enemies. 

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