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[Idea] Diary Entries Left By Other Players On The Battlefield. Create Lore And Your Own Story For Others To Find.


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This idea popped up randomly during the livestream about adding in more lore, and the idea of a Time Capsule or diary logs and entries could be left behind by other players for future players to find, something like easter eggs and quite possibly create lore within Warframes universe.


Players could type in a few sentences before or during a mission and place their entries in spots throughout the map.


They could range from a diary entry of what you were sent here to do, or how you narrowly escaped death, or how you were injured or even a Japanese Death Poem depicting your last few breathes an other forms of adding bits and pieces of lore that can stay true to the main lore and creating your own very stories to share with others who might come across your diaries.


I really can't get into details since it just popped up in my head, but the idea of creating our own stories and adding to the main lore and leaving behind diary entries is there somewhere.


All I could say is that you would be limited to how many entries you could leave in each mission.

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Sadly even though this idea is awesome, too many people will use it for the wrong reasons. Just like Dark Souls.


I can't count how many after death writings in that game had absolutely nothing to do with the current enemy or even with the game itself.

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While a neat idea in itself, I bet my left hand that it would result in injurious, racist and/or &*$$phobic content overshadowing beautiful poem by a 99 to 1 ratio.

Before taking in account PS4.

Perhaps then a reddit like voting system where the horrible ones are just drowned in nopes and the best are raised up high?

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Where would be that data stored and how would be distributed across all users?.

How spot on a map can be marked when we use procedural map generation at entering mission. Every mission is different?.

I know that text is almost nothing, when we talk about size...

...however 200k messages in void loot room being sent not to 1 host and then distributed to clients [or whatever, i no expert]

but to hundreds if not thousands of cells running parallel sessions of same tileset? 

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