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A Suggestion On How to Make Fissure Missions Feel Choice-Oriented For Players (Forced Play-Ways Aren't Fun)

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With the way fissure missions are now, the player's experience in fissure missions is completely based on randomness. Their choice of what mission to play is not there half the time. For a whole hour, we may be forced to play defense or we may be forced to play exterminate. I know some people prefer endless over non endless missions for fissures, and the opposite is true. I think a way to give players more choice and not make them forced into playing a certain way is to make it so there is ALWAYS one endless and one non endless up PER fissure tier. There could always be one more of each endless or non endless, but this suggestion is mainly to address the player not having a choice in how they play, so the suggestion is for a minimum of one each.

With the suggestion in place, each fissure tier would have at least two mission up at all times. One would be a random endless and one would be a random non endless. Again, the goal here is to give different players different choices. It's infuriating to be forced to play X mission due to RNG. Sometimes a player wants to do an endless for long sessions of relics and for endless bonuses. Sometimes people wanna run a quick one relic and don't want those endless bonuses. The choice should be there bc we shouldn't be forced to play a certain way. I know y'all (DE) made it clear you don't like players being forced into certain play-ways, so please consider this. 

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  • (PSN)Rainbow_Neos1 changed the title to A Suggestion On How to Make Fissure Missions Feel Choice-Oriented For Players (Forced Play-Ways Aren't Fun)

A fix for reactant drops should also be addressed. Especially on the new tilesets (remasters), there is a distinct lack of reactants on endless missions (survival/defense). Notable as well is the ratio of reactant drops in exterminate vs that of capture, sabotage, mobile defense, etc. Some touching up to make the fissure experience feel more fluid would be excellent. 

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