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Welcome To Craigs House


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Welcome ye slippery slimy slugs to CRAIGS HOUSE.



What is Craigs House?


A super cool place for super cool kiddies. whether ya be old and small, or young and tall, will take you in and keep you satisfied.



Craigs House FUN FACTS:


- Research Areas are up and ready to share some of their forbidden knowledge 


- Obstacle course and dueling room are up and running


- Emblem approved


- Ya go in the basement, ya stay in the basement



 We here at Craigs House are a simple and humble folk with easy going attitudes and a dark sense of humor, just looking for others to share in the fun. Hopefully even growing Craigs House to the plump size of Shadow Clan or even more.



All this being said, i do have some warnings/rules/guidelines etc. that I'd like for you to be aware of and follow



- Please be relatively active, i would ask for min, 3 out of 7 days be on at sometime. Don't worry to much about timezone though, out of our 4 members we currently have were scattered all around so someones usually on.


- Please contribute whatever you can whenever you can in the DOJO, I'm not asking for forma (however it will be greatly appreciated) but as far a decorations and research i do expect everyone to chip in a little.


- Don't have a bad attitude, self explanatory i feel.


- Don't be a stranger, this clan is here for you and all your shopping needs, so use that clan chat to ask questions, give advice etc.


- and last but not least we only have 6 opening available a this time, so get em while their hot




If you've managed to survive the wall of text, and i have persuaded you to the Craigs House cause, please leave a comment with your IGN (in game name) and I will get back to you as soon as i can.


Alternatively, you can contact me Dragonhead or HunterOfAjax in game




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